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Thread: chapter 242

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    Default chapter 242

    Here's a translation of the summary. Enjoy!

    Title: Two Men are Burning

    *Cover is Chad and Ishida

    Sidetext: If they swing their swords because of their "mission/orders", then I punch for my "bonds"!! And I shoot my arrows in order to "protect"!!

    Ichigo and company are running down the long passageway. Per Ishida's guesswork, they must be in an underground tunnel because there are no windows despite the passageway being so long. Apparently if the building were destroyed they'd be trapped alive down there.
    Ichigo and company then come to an open area where there's a staircase. Ishida goes to check it out but another arrancar (one who sort of resembles the one who fixed up GF in volume 3) appears. The hollow chasing behind them catches up to them as well (it seems to have dreadlocks or some other reggae-style hair).
    Ichigo tries to fight them by himself but Ishida and Chad stop him.
    Ishida says that according to what he learned from Urahara, the arrancar squad that Grimmjow brought with him to the real world was a mixture of gillian and adjucas. Apparently when menos are turned into arrancar, the only ones that have a 100% guarantee of having a human form are the Vastroode (as he's explaining this, pictures of Ulquiorra, Yammy and Edorado show up).
    Out of the other two types of menos, most of them end up not resembling humans and instead keep their low intelligence and near hollow appearance.
    The two in front of Ichigo and company are likely ones that are still close to being hollows so Ishida and Chad should be able to take them out.
    The one with the dreadlocks is named Demoura. The one with tentacles is names IceRinger.
    The initial match-ups just don't seem to be working well as Ishida and Chad can't seem to beat their opponents, but thanks to Ishida's quick wit he has Chad punch Demoura (who Ishida was likely fighting originally). We don't know if Demoura was defeated or not.
    Ishida then takes out his Quincy pendant and creates his bow (the bow resembles the pendant).
    The chapter then ends with Ishida saying, "...Well then, let's start our counterattack."

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    nice. thanks for the translation bro.

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    Default early release..thanx man...
    I'm working but I still love to read mangas...Is it weird????

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    Interesting, we'll get to see the new powers tested out on some grunts.

    I guess that explains why one of the Espada looked like an alien, then, if they won't necessarily assume a human form.

    Uryuu freaky, pale and geeky,
    how do your powers grow?
    "With gloves and scars and silver stars
    and swords that I shoot from a bow,
    yes, swords that I shoot from a bow."

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    Hope a raw and a MQ version comes out pretty soon, xD

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    the place between heaven and hell


    Didn't they run into something in the ending of the last chapter?

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    Somehow, it doesn't sound true. Aizen stated himself that the arrancar that went with Grimjow were gillians.

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    thanks for ur kindness na kah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DivineVTDragon
    Somehow, it doesn't sound true. Aizen stated himself that the arrancar that went with Grimjow were gillians.
    Gillians...? Isn't it the lowest class of arrancar... I mean menos lower class... The big/huge one...

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    Raw is out at mangahelpers:
    and a translation:
    Quote Originally Posted by pocketmofo
    Here's a real quick translation of the chapter!! There shouldn't be any translation errors, but some things might flow a bit weird. Otherwise, enjoy!!

    Page 1:

    Sidetext: Battle in Las Noches!!

    Ichigo: Wh…why the hell are we running?!

    Ishida: Are you dumb or something? If we fight in this narrow space and this building collapses, then what will we do!!

    Page 2:

    Ichigo: Nothing is gonna happen. Who cares about a little building collapse!

    Ishida: You are really an idiot! Look around you! In this whole long hallway there’s not a single window!

    Ichigo: …so?

    Ishida: We’re underground!! Could there be any other reason why there are no windows?!

    Ishida: For now it is not in our best interest to fight here!! We have to keep going until we manage to find a more open area-----

    Chad: We’re about to leave the tunnel, Ishida!

    Page 3:

    Chad: A chamber….

    Ichigo: Hey Ishida, no complaints if we fight here, right!?

    Ishida: Stairs! They might connect to the outside somehow!

    Ichigo: Hey! HEY~!!

    Ishida: I’m going to check it out!

    Page 4:

    Arrancar (the one who fixed up GF): Where are you going, intruder.

    Ishida (mental): A new opponent…it’s not like there’d only be one opponent in such a huge place afterall….

    Page 5:
    Ishida: Seems as though we’ve been caught in a pincer movement…

    Ichigo: Oh shut up, idiot! (*as in, you’re the one who got us into this mess so shut up!)

    Page 6 (Cover):

    Sidetext: If they swing their swords because of their “orders” then I will unleash my punches for the sake of my “bonds.” And I will shoot my arrows in order to “protect.”


    Page 7:

    Ichigo: Are these guys Arrancar too…? They seem way more like hollows than the ones that came to Earth before…

    Ichigo: Oh well…Chad, Ishida…you guys just…

    Page 8:

    Ichigo: …hang bac……..

    Ichigo: What the hell are you doing, Chad!!!

    Chad: You’re the one who needs to hang back.

    Ishida & Chad: We’ll take care of….this here.

    Page 9:

    Ichigo: What are you talki….

    Ishida: I/We’ve heard all about the Arrancar from Urahara.

    Ishida: It seems as though the squad that Grimmjow brought with him to Earth was made up of Gillians and Adjucas.

    Ishida: Generally Menos Grande take on human form when they become Arrancar…

    Ishida: However, apparently the only type that has a 100% chance of taking on a human form is the Vastroode.

    Ishida: For the other two classes of Menos, there are many who do not take on a fully human shape even after becoming Arrancar…

    Ishida: Also, the lower level of intelligence they have…the more hollow-like they stay.
    Page 10:

    Chad: Ishida!!

    IceRinger (GF’s repairman): I can’t just let that comment slide.

    Page 11:

    IceRinger: I can see you saying that about Demoura, but about me, IceRinger, as well having “low intelligence”?

    IceRinger: I cannot let that slide.

    Demoura: HEEEEY!!! Stop talking like I’m the dumb one!

    Page 12:

    Demoura: Stop running away!!

    Ishida: Shit….

    Page 13:

    IceRinger: “Unable to take on human form,” huh!?

    IceRinger: We threw away those human forms in order to gain a great power!!

    IceRinger: So don’t underestimate us, humans.

    Ichigo: Chad! Ishida!!

    Page 14:

    Ishida: Shut up! Just shut up and watch, Kurosaki!

    Ishida (mental): This guy...I thought he was just using the flat of his hand…but he seems to be pulling the energy around it onto his hand and attacking with it…

    Ishida (mental): It’s a way more dangerous attack than it looks…because of that it’s messing up the energy around him and making it impossible for me to set up my Reishi Heisou (his energy weapons)…

    Ishida (mental): If I could just get a bit more distance between him and me…

    Page 15:

    Ishida: Sado-kun!!

    IceRinger (mental): What slow attacks…he can’t even keep up with the speed of my “sonido”…

    IceRinger: …What? What is that guy just standing around for?

    IceRinger: Wait, Demoura!!

    Page 16 (no text, just punching)

    Page 17:

    Ishida: Well well…I guess chemistry is important afterall.

    Ryuuken: You’ve been fighting nothing but the same opponents since you’ve been here…it seems as though you’ve forgotten the basics.

    Ishida: Since we’re fighting 2 on 2…if it becomes difficult to fight…then all you need to do is find an easier way to fight by trading opponents.

    Ishida: Well then…

    Page 18 & 19:

    Ishida: Shall we start our counter-offensive…

    Sidetext: His/Their power has returned!!

    Sidetext: They’ve gotten back to that place…The reborn Ishida & Chad’s power explodes!!
    Seems like the spoiler was right.
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