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    Post Bleach Chapter 239 {Winged Eagles}

    Quote Originally Posted by Nes Miken

    Mashiro: Shiiiiiinnnjiiiiii
    Mashiro: I found this outside!

    Shinji: What is it?
    Mashiro: I don't know!
    Shinji: Don't pick up stuff you don't know!

    Mashiro: (in background) But, but, if it's right in front of our house then I just had to-
    Mashiro: Right-!!
    Shinji: ...Inside is some washed bandages...? Is it Ichigo? Why would he do something so troublesome like...

    Text written on the bandage: Thanks.

    Shinji: .........
    Shinji: That idiot.


    Bleach 239, Winged Eagles
    Colored Title page


    Ochi: Kuuuuuu Roooooo Saaaaaaa Kiiiiiiiii

    Ochi: Why, it's been a while
    Ochi: Hmmm?

    Ochi: I thought you weren't planning to advance so I was lonley?
    Ochi: (whacks Ichigo's head with clipboard)
    Ochi: You're lying when you're saying that you were in an accident and was hospitalized, right? Hmm?
    Ochi: Come on, say something.

    Ichigo: ...You changed your glasses.
    Ochi: Oh why, thanks for noticing.
    Ochi: I changed it three weeks ago you doofus!
    Ochi: (whacks Ichigo harder)
    Ichigo: Oof!


    Keigo: Ichigo Ichigo Ichigo

    Keigo: Ichi

    Keigo: Goooooooo!

    Keigo: It's been a whi-

    Keigo: le-ouch!
    Mizuiro: (steps on Keigo's head)

    Mizuiro: It has been a while! What were you doing taking a whole month off? I was worried! I couldn't even connect to you on your cell.

    Ichigo: Yeah. ...Sorry, was kinda busy.


    Mizuiro: .............

    Mizuiro: Oh yeah, that's right.
    Mizuiro: I managed to get us tickets to that premier screening of 'Bad Shield 2' I was talking about the other day.

    Mizuiro: Here you go.

    Ichigo: ....When was the premier screening?
    Mizuiro: Hm? It's at December 5th.

    Ichigo: ....All right.
    Ichigo: I'll be back by then.

    Ichigo: Thanks Mizuiro.

    Mizuiro: Ichi...
    Tatsuki: Ichigo!!!


    Ichigo: ...What is it Tatsuki.

    Tatsuki: (panting)


    Tatsuki: ...Orihime's gone...!
    Tatsuki: ...Not in her house... not anywhere...

    Tatsuki: ...Yesterday, I felt her presence vanish... and after that I was looking all over for her, but... I can't find her...
    Tatsuki: ...Ichigo.

    Tatsuki: Shouldn't you know
    Tatsuki: Where Orihime has gone?

    Ichigo: ...What, why would I know such a thing?
    Ichigo: Besides, is she really gone? Why wouldn't you try looking for her again...

    Tatsuki: (grabs Ichigo's collar)


    Tatsuki: Don't give me that crap!!!

    Tatsuki: The presence of hers that I've been sensing all along just vanished!
    Tatsuki: That presence I felt that told me that she was still near!

    Tatsuki: Sure, for a few days her presence diminished to a point where I could only feel her around as if she was behind a wall or something, but it just dissapeared altogether just yesterday!
    Tatsuki: You must know something about it! Ichigo!

    Ichigo: You're so persistant! I told you I don't know!!
    Ichigo: You sure you're okay!? What the hell are you talking about anyway?

    Tatsuki: ...You...
    Tatsuki: You think I don't know anything...?


    Tatsuki: I can see you... you with that black kimino...
    Tatsuki: You, while wearing that, fighting some strange guys...!

    Tatsuki: ...Ichigo...

    Tatsuki: ...You held back long enough...
    Tatsuki: Just tell me everything... you're hiding from me.

    Ichigo: ...It has
    Ichigo: ...Nothing to do with you


    Tatsuki: (smashes Ichigo through the window)

    Random girl: Kyaa!
    Random guy: Whoa!
    Keigo: Arisawa!!!


    Keigo: Stop it Arisawa!! What are you doing!!
    Mizuiro: You alright!? Ichigo!

    Tatsuki: ...What am I...
    Tatsuki: What am I to you!!! Are we not buds!!

    Tatsuki: Are we not friends!!!


    Tatsuki: Many times, I saw you in trouble! many times... I've helped you out !!

    Tatsuki: So don't...

    Tatsuki: Don't... hide things...
    Tatsuki: From me...

    Tatsuki: ...Damn idiot...

    Mizuiro: ...Ichigo...

    Ichigo: ...Sorry. Keigo. Mizuiro. Take care of Tatsuki.
    Ichigo: And...


    Ichigo: ...Don't get involved with me.


    Urahara: ...Welcome.
    Urahara: I thought you'd show up.

    Urahara: Kurosaki-san.

    Ichigo: ...Why did you think so?

    Urahara: You thought I knew it, didn't you?
    Urahara: 'The way to go to Hueco Mundo'

    Urahara: And you're right. ...The preperations...
    Urahara: ...are ready.


    Urahara: ...I have...
    Urahara: Thought that Inoue-san's powers might be targeted by Aizen, so I had her leave from the front lines in the upcoming battle.

    Urahara: But it was too late.

    Urahara: I had tried to consider her feelings, but in the end my intentions had backfired and as a result caused this mistake.

    Urahara: ...So that is why, I'll do everything in my power.
    Urahara: To help you out.

    Ichigo: ...You sure?
    Ichigo: You'll be going against the decisions of Soul Society.

    Urahara: ...I, from the beginning.
    Urahara: Am here in the real world because I went against the decisions.


    Ishida: Why you look so down
    Ichigo: !
    Ishida: Kurosaki!

    Ichigo: Ishida...!
    Ichigo: You... why are you here...

    Chad: ...It's obvious.
    Chad: So we can go to Hueco Mundo. Ichigo.


    Ichigo: Chad...!

    Chad: ...I heard the story from Urahara-san.
    Chad: ...We're going too.

    Ichigo: ...No.
    Ichigo: I appreciate the guesture, but Chad, Ishida, with your strength...

    Chad: ......Ichigo.


    Chad: (punches Ichigo with his new arm)


    Chad: ...You still... think this isn't enough strength...?
    Chad: ...Ichigo...

    Ichigo: Chad...
    Chad: ...Believe in us.

    Chad: Don't carry on the burden by yourself.

    Chad: That's what
    Chad: Friends are for...!


    Urahara: Alrighty then~!
    Urahara: Are you all ready~?

    Urahara: Finally...
    Urahara: You look like you're all prepared.

    Looks like the Spoiler was real. Can't believe Urahara is sending them to their deaths. DId chad put a hole in Zangetsu?? must be my mind playing tricks on me.
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    nice! thanks for posting it here..

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    perfect man,awesome.....

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    now that the cats out of the bag i can finally ask...


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    Most probable is that Vaizards will join them. It's time we get to see more of them in action. Vaizards and Ichigo will deal with Hueco Mundo. SS captains will remain in SS and protect both Earth and Sereiti against any eventual arrancar intrusion to activate the key.

    Urahara won't join them methinks. He'll be in action on Earth itself.

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    isshin maybe. he needs more action.

    i'm more interested in ryuuken but he wouldn't budge. he's an old fashioned quincy, and one of the best in quincy history. something tells me he won't deal in hueco mundo affairs, even if it means the life of his own son.

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    ı hope ichigo kill the inogue,:P okey ıt s a joke,go ichigo save the girl,and get a new knife(sorry sword:P,but it seems a knife to me),damn also ı also will see ultra-giga moves

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    looks like ichigo's frens are getting useful

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    Interesting... So at first sight its only Chad, Ishida & Ichigo going to Hueco Mundo, yes?

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    probably Urahara aswell


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