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    bt mayb they will use the same theory...they must use sumthing that is similar to the cant b really sure of what they are thinking...
    I'm working but I still love to read mangas...Is it weird????

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    The story isn't dragged. Since the SS arc we learned about the vaizards, arrancar and espada. Several new characters got introduced and a lot of other stuff.

    And since the good guys know that a fight is to come and that they are to weak they have to train.
    What would you do, have fun until it starts and get your ass kicked?
    Or would you like to skip training and let the next chapter begin with the fighting? In my opinion that would suck. Why not show some badass training like the time Ichigo regained his Shinigami powers. It features on of the best pictures in the whole series (When he appears from the hole with his mask on).
    We all thought Chad had to get stronger. I'd like it better to see some of his training to understand how he did it, instead of just seeing he got stronger in his next fight.

    For character development. Sometimes there isn't much. Ichigo for one will stay pretty much the same. His attitude to fight to protect the ones around him wont change a bit.

    Also, it's a shounen manga. So it's only natural that the characters spend much time with fighting or training . Just like in Naruto, One Piece (there isn't much character development there either) or dbz (oh my god, he said it ).

    If there is a long period in which the mangaka develops the characters (not even sure how he could do that), people grow bored pretty fast because there is no action.
    Which is natural since it's a action manga.
    And nobody would like to read all the threads with all the crying over these "filler" chapters.
    And i guess most of the character development is done before the character is introduced.
    An author has to do most of it to know how a character fits in the story and to know how he/she would react to certain situations.
    For most of the characters at least.

    See Orohime. From the start she didn't want to get in the way of the others, because she knew she was to weak. She worried someone could get hurt because she was in the way or because someone had to protect her.
    Now she goes to Aizen, for the same reasons.
    No development there.

    But if she does something unexpected like going there to scout out the situation or to try and stop Aizen, it would be a development.

    If it happens, mostly you don't need much time for it. It just happens. While training, in a fight, i a live-death situation, i the grocery store.
    And often you don't even realize it.

    Of course there are always exceptions.
    And none of this has to be true since it's just what i think.

    Sorry it got so extensiv
    "For Feanor was made the mightiest in all parts of body and mind, in valour, in endurance, in beauty, in understanding, in skill, in strength and subtlety alike, of all the Children of Illuvatar, and a bright flame was in him"

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    Quote Originally Posted by magictos
    really? i think the bit with Ichigo's dad is kinda interesting..

    but i kinda agree though about Tatsuki, and that crazy Ichigo friend whatever his name is.. i dun think KT just gonna leave them alone with them can only see ghosts and all..

    i kinda dun like the idea of them can see ghosts and stuff, cus i dun want them to have superpower.. what's next? they're gonna train them to control their power? haven't we got enough character with all the training and stuff?
    oh yeaaaaa ur right having more people like tatsuki and crazy dude would be dumb cause i mean the little war thing thats they dont need anymore help wait.....naaaaaaah

    i want them to gain powers, and why shouldnt they, the others got their power from ichigo, why cant those two

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocklee87
    oh yeaaaaa ur right having more people like tatsuki and crazy dude would be dumb cause i mean the little war thing thats they dont need anymore help wait.....naaaaaaah

    i want them to gain powers, and why shouldnt they, the others got their power from ichigo, why cant those two
    i just dun want to.. i guess i kinda have a feeling if they got any power it would be something dumb..

    the team has already got enough variety:
    Inoue: the healer, can put up shield, can also attack, but IMO it's crap..
    Ishida: can aim from faraway
    Chad: enourmous strength
    Ichigo: huge reiatsu and the strongest of the team

    and i dun wanna have to read more chapters about Tatsuki and Ichigo's friend training.. XD

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    Unless Tatsuki and the others are geniuses, they will be too far behind in their training to keep up. If they started training NOW and HARD, they would be able to tackle your average neighborhood hollow but not the kind of shit that's coming down on their heads.

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    What do you guys make of this, it's the about the new chapter:
    Quote Originally Posted by ibra87
    Simplicity having a nightmare, one protection where declining fortune awakens from bet. The scar healing, the [ru]. You think in doubt and inspect spirit pressure. To there day turn valley. “It is woven Princess Inoue, that perhaps” and so on, you call, inform emergency to one protection. The dead God which gets together before the enormous television of the room of woven princess. The float bamboo appeared in the picture and that Inoue was kidnapped or was murdered and it conveys. One protection as for woven princess refuted, that we wound was cured, when inquiring about that and the entire captain coming out of the rear of the float bamboo, woven princess went to the origin of the fracture with intention of the self, it concludes. In order to make the love next and of woven princess wake up hold down one protection which gets angry you say that it faces to [uekomundo], but. The entire captain it does not permit. The entire captain orders abandoning woven princess, that it is attached to the protection of the society. Unless it attends, [rukia]. But the entire captain “was good taking the move after all.” And so on with it is good. Byakuya and sword eight doing in the room of woven princess, it regains one's strength being, tangling, that you say e.g., it returns. Because one protection, as for help of the society you do not borrow to the entire captain, method of going to [uekomundo] is taught. With you say, but that as for the entire captain not answering. Until there is a life, it conveys to waiting and one protection. Other than of one protection returns to everyone society and one protection one person remains in the room and finishes


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