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    Arrow Bleach.chapter.234.Not Negotiation

    Quote Originally Posted by pocketmofo
    Here is the hopefully real script for the chapter this week. There are a few weird places, but hopefully it should flow alright. Enjoy! Corrections are also appreciated!

    Sidetext: The darkness is not wild. It is not haughty. It merely stretches its arms out steadily between the light…

    ウルキオラ:・・・護衛が2人というのは拍子抜けだが・・・煩わしい拘流動きが固定されていたのは都合が良 かった。話をするのに、時間を急ぐのは性に合わんからな。
    Ulquiorra: …Two escorts seems a bit anti-climatic…but having these dangerous walls strengthened was fortunate. Having to hurry a conversation isn’t really in my nature.

    Sidetext: Hence we announce---and throw away all of our hopes.

    Bleach c234 - Not Negotiation

    Inoue: The one from that time…!!

    Shinigami A: Wh…what are you!! An arrancar!?

    *Ulquiorra raises his left hand.

    Inoue: Wait! You have something to say, right!?

    *As she says this, Shinigami A’s right arm goes flying off.

    Inoue: !

    Ulquiorra: …Yes woman, I have something to talk to you about.

    Inoue: Souten Kishun!


    Inoue: Run! Please run!!

    Shinigami B: Bu…but…

    Inoue: It’s fine so run!! Please!!

    *However, before he can do that Shinigami B is thrown away violently.

    Inoue: Ayame!!

    Ulquiorra: Oh, you can heal them even when they’re that damaged? Quite the ability you have there.

    *Ulquiorra stares at Inoue.

    Ulquiorra: Come with me, woman.

    Inoue: !? Wha…

    ウルキオラ:喋るな。言葉は「はい」だ。それ以外を喋れば殺す。「お前を」じゃない、「おまえの仲間を」だ 。
    Ulquiorra: No talk. You say, “yes.” If you say anything else then I’ll kill. Not kill “you” though. I’ll kill “your friends.”

    Inoue: !!

    ウルキオラ:何も問うな、何も語るな、あらゆる権利はお前に無い。お前がその手に握っているのは、仲間の首 が据えられたギロチンの紐、それだけだ。
            理解しろ女、これは交渉じゃない。命令だ。藍染様はお前のその能力をお望みだ。俺にはお前 を無傷で連れ帰る使命がある。もう一度だけ言う、俺と来い、女。
    Ulquiorra: Do not ask questions, do not say anything. You do not have the right to do so. What you hold in your hand is the cord to the guillotine above your friends’ necks. That is all. Understand. This is not a negotiation. It’s an order. Aizen-sama wants your power. I have orders to bring you back unharmed. I will say it one more time. Come with me, woman.

    *Scene change, Urahara.

    Urahara: Phooooo~~~

    Wanderweiss: maaaaa..

    浦原:いやァ、ビックリしたっスねえ・・・何スか今の技?見たことない技だ━━・・・!・・・ッ・・・か・ ・・
    Urahara: Oh what at surprise…What was that technique you just used? I’ve never seen it before….!!

    *Urahara then gets hit by a sneak attack from Yammy (from behind)

    ヤミー:ぐはははははははは!!!教えてやろうか!!今のは「虚弾(バラ)」って言ってよ!自分の霊圧を固 めて敵にぶつける技だ!!威力は虚閃にゃ及ばねえが・・・スピードは虚閃の二十倍だ!
    Yammy: Ha ha ha ha!!! Then shall I teach you! That was an attack called “Bala”! It’s where you harden your own reiatsu and fire it at your opponent!! In terms or destructive power it’s not as strong as Cero…but it’s speed is 20 times as fast as Cero!

    *Urahara is knocked to the ground by Yammy’s “Bala” attack.

    ヤミー:ぐははははははははは!!!どうだコラ、避けられるかコラ!?避けらんねーだろ!!死ねッ!死ねコ ラゲタ野郎!!ぐははははは!!
    Yammy: Ha ha ha ha ha!! How do you like that? You think you can dodge that? I bet you can’t!! Die!! Die you geta-wearing asshole!! Ha ha ha!!

    *Wanderweiss is once again just staring like an idiot.

    ルピ:・・・やれやれ・・・ボクの邪魔してくれた奴だから、ボクが殺してやろうと思ったのに。ヤミーの奴・ ・・あれじゃどのみち生きちゃいないな・・・まっ、しょーがない!こっちはこっちで続きしよっか(はぁと) おねーさん達!
        ホント話んなんないよね、せっかくあのゲタ男が助けてくれてもスーグ捕まっちゃうんだもんね。ま、 しょーがないか、8対3じゃ逃げ場ないしね~。
    Luppi: …I swear…He’s the one who interfered in my fun so I thought I would kill him. That Yammy…there’s no fun in that at all…Oh well! I guess we’ll just have to keep going over here. Hey ladies! You all really are no fun. That geta-guy came all this way to save you and you’ve gotten yourselves caught again. Oh well, there’s no place to run when it’s 8-on-3 I guess.

    Matsumoto: …You know, I’ve been thinking this for a while but you seem to be quite the talker.

    Luppi: …So? Your point?

    松本:あたしお喋りな男ってキライなのよね。自分を語るものが言葉しかナイみたいで、なーんか気の毒に見え ちゃってさ。
    Matsumoto: I don’t like men who talk too much. Seeing someone who seems like they can only talk about themselves just seems so pathetic.

    ルピ:・・・おねーさんさ、キミ今ボクに捕まってるってコト忘れてるでしょ?キミが今生きてるのはボクの気 まぐれ・・・ボクの機嫌を損ねたら、すぐに串刺しに━━
    Luppi: ….Look lady, you’re forgetting that I have you caught right now, right? The fact that you’re still living is all up to my whims…if I get in a bad mood I will skewer you...

    *Luppi’s tentacles stop moving. As Luppi looks back, his tentacles are all frozen.

    Luppi: Wha…What is this!?

    ?:・・・一度攻撃を加えた相手に対して気を抜きすぎなんだよお前は。「残心」って言葉知らね えのか?
    Hitsugaya: …You’re being way to lenient on an opponent that you’ve only hit once. Don’t you know a little word called “Zanshin (preparedness)”?
    (**zanshin is a phrase that means that you stay focused on your opponent despite him/her being seemingly beaten)

    *Hitsugaya is there

    Luppi: You…you were still alive…?

    Hitsugaya: Hyourinmaru is the strongest among the ice and snow type (Zanpakutou). Even if it is shattered, as long as there is water it will reform.

    Luppi: Damn…!

    日番谷:止せ、もうお前に勝ち目は無え。仕込む時間は山程あった。お前は俺に時間を与え過ぎたんだ。お前の 武器が8本の腕なら、俺の武器は、この大気に在る、全ての水だ。
    Hitsugaya: Stop, you have no chance of winning now. I’ve had more than enough time to prepare. You gave me way too much time. If your weapon is 8 tentacles, then mine is all the water in the atmosphere.

    *As he says this, many ice pillars encircle Luppi.

    Luppi: …wha…

    Hitsugaya: Thousand-year Ice Prison.

    *The many ice pillars crush Luppi in an instant

    Hitsugaya: …Sorry, seems like 8 tentacles was not quite enough.

    Sidetext: The blade of ice does not break!!
    do you guys think ulquiorra will capture Inoue? Remember, aizen sent so i doubt he'd fail and i don't think other shinigamis will come to help since SS doesn't monitor the passage.

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    If Aizen wants Inoue, he gets Inoue... remember, hes a master at plotting, so getting that little girl when he send one of his strongest men, I dont really see what can go wrong...

    But more importantly, what is this? Hitsugaya acctually beat somone? I cant belive it...

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    Oh wow. Guess Hitsugaya wasn't so useless. Knowing his luck next chapter Luppi breaks free and owns him again.

    Can't wait for Urahara to come back up and kick Yami's ass.

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    yourici (i cant spell bleach names) will save her

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    exactly how do you figger Yoruichi is gonna get to Orihime before Ulquiolla walks off with her.

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    I think ichigo's new buddies will help her...or shes powerful enough to flee from him. I would be very dissappointed if she listens to his threats...she would be underestimating her friend's powers would sound like a Robin move. If that happens any villain can control another weak character into submission just by saying their friends are weak and will soon die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StealDragon
    exactly how do you figger Yoruichi is gonna get to Orihime before Ulquiolla walks off with her.
    I don't think Soul society can monitor the passage, it's not under their control, that is why they are most vulnerable while travelling like Ulquiorra said. So how would Yoruichi knows? Also what points that Kubo is intending for Orihime to get captured is because In the chapter where Rukia and Inoue were training, He had Rukia leave for the human world 1st. If he intended her not to get captured he would have made them leave for the human world at the same time.

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    Well, Inoue's screwed, unless Ukitake shows up and goes all deus ex machina on the plot. But Hitsugaya actually won!

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    Good, now people can stop complaining about Hitsugaya sucking, losing, etc.

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    in the bushes behind you!!!!!!!!!


    I think that she will just lets her self get kidnaped not wanting to cause her friends any pain thinking that will save them. Only way i could possible see her fighting back is if Ulquiorra just kills them anyway and she just gets pissed


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