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Thread: Honorifics

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    doesnt she call him Sado-kun... i distinctly remember her calling him that in the show and in the manga...

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    That's what I meant... It's not consistent, because when I was re-reading, she just called him Chad...

    But that could be a translator quirk...

    I dunno.. the whole topic is kinda superfluous...

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    So like, isn't the topic-question already asked? o_0

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    Basically, she calls him Sado-kun. There are some translators that don't put this in because it's just a waste. It's evident she calls him -kun because we hear her say this in the Anime.

    Like I said, she calls all her classmates -kun ('cept maybe Tatsuki...).

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    Tatsuki rates a chan if I recall. Also, nicknames are rare in Japanese, and are usually a sign of close friendship, intimate relationships like no honorifics. (ex. Ichigo calling Sado Chad)

    the -san honorific is mostly used with new acquaintances, or by people who are a bit formal in their speech. It is fairly normal to use -kun for normal friends, classmates, coworkers...etc, as long as they are of the same general age category as you. A Japanese person in their twenties talking to someone in their 40's, 50's, is not going to use -kun or -chan, and will probably refer to them with -san, -sensei, or -sempai depending on the relationship. -sama and -dono are reserved for formal speech, and indicate a higher level of respect and deference to the subject...gah rambling. :P

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    you would only use senpai if the person that you are talking to has more experience in whatever you're talking about. Age dosen't neccesarily matter with senpai.

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    Here is the way I understand it.

    -san is pretty much the same as Mr, Mrs, or Ms.

    -kun is something your elder would call you, it denotes a bit of seniority on the side of the speaker, or in can be a friendly way to address someone who you are close too. While it can be used as a term of endearment with or without seniority, it can also be used to be a slight depending on who is using it.

    Chad might say Ichigo-kun and it would probably be ok, but if Renji said it, then there might be a problem because they are so competitive.
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