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    Default Bleach General Information

    Alright, I started doing this general imformation of bleach cause I was damn boored..
    Anyway, it took a while to do this, so forgive me for possible typos and missinformation.
    If you notice something missing, typo or something that is just wrong.

    Feel free to PM me!

    I will correct possible errors and add missing stuff. <_<;;

    (Thanks a lot Jenova, I realy did not notice that I was missing the links from where I taken some info, I though I added them in the start, :thumbsup
    (Sites from where I collected most of the info,,,, ********.com)


    Bleach follows the life of Ichigo Kurosaki, a 15 year old high school student with the ability to see ghosts; and a shinigami (lit. god of death), or Soul Reaper in the English manga, named Rukia Kuchiki, who runs into him one day while searching for a hollow (an evil spirit). During the ensuing confrontation with the spirit, she is wounded and forced to transfer all of her powers into Ichigo. Thus the adventures of Ichigo and Rukia begin. Together they search for hollows and perform soul burials on wayward souls, cleansing the spirits and sending them to Soul Society.

    Ghost types:

    This is an earthbound spirit that is decending into being a Hollow. This process usually takes more than a month to complete, unless it is forced by opening the hole located in the spirits chest.

    Earthbound spirits:
    These are ghosts that wander a specific territory of land that had some importance to them in their life. Since they are assimilated with the ground they haunt, Soul Society devices rarely pick up on them.

    Spirits that are evil. There are several ways one can become a hollow. If you die and are damned to walk the ground that you died or somewhere that is important to you, over time the hole where your heart was will grow and you will eventually be turned into a hollow (the hole can be forcefully opened and turn you into a hollow instantly as well). You can also become a hollow by being eaten by a hollow. Once you are a hollow - you first seek out the souls of loved ones in your human life. This is to help ease the pain and suffering. After that, you begin toseek out to eat souls of high spiritual concentration. The main way to defeat a hollow is by cutting off it's head.

    This is a gigantic hollow formed by many small hollows combining.

    - Gillian - Gigantic hollow that is born from hundreds of hollows that pile and mix

    - Ajuukaru - Much smarter and stronger than a gillian, like a vice-captain compaired to a seated officer. Not many of them exist or so it is thought!.

    - Vastoorode - Looks like a shinigami and is much stronger than your average captain. Not many are known to exist the few that do exist are only seen in Hueco Mundo. It is said that 10 of them would bring destruction to the Soul Society.

    Modified Soul

    These are artificial spirits that were created to be inserted into dead humans, thus giving them a body and use it to fight off hollows. These mod-souls are gifted with strength that no normal human would be able to have.

    These are the good spirits! These spirits are ghosts that die but do not become hollows, and are not very harmful to anyone. These pluses are sent to soul society by the shinigami - where they can eternally rest.

    Target leeches:

    These are leeches spit out by ghosts that are able to explode with a mere thought of the ghost.

    Character Biography:

    Abarai Renji: (6th division vice captain)

    Renji is a very competitive and very powerful shinigami who's very loyal to his friends and always seeks justice. Though he is Lueitenant he acts very immature at some points, especially when he was a child. Renji grew up in outer Rukongai with Rukia, and they entered the Shinigami Academy together.
    Aizen Sousuke: (former captain of 5th division)
    Aizen is a soft-spoken man and apparently an intellectual. He appears to be very kind to his subordinates, but in truth cares very little for them. According to Aizen himself, he is not bound by morals and will therefore stop at nothing to achieve his goals. In addition to that, he manipulates many, including his enemies, into helping him achieve these goals.

    Aramaki Makizou: is one of the underling shinigami of the Eleventh Division. However, he is well known enough by his vice captain Kusajika Yachiru to have been given a nickname “Makimaki”.

    Arisawa Tatsuki:
    This girl has known Ichigo for quite long. They first met when they were 4, at the karate dojo. That time, Tatsuki beat Ichigo up so hard she was the first one to make him cry. But that incident only help Ichigo to grew stronger. When Orihime was bullied at the school by the seniors, she stand up for her and beat up every single one that harm Orihime. Since that day she had been some sort of bodyguard for Orihime.

    Asano Keigo:
    This 15 year old guy is Mizuiro and Ichigo friends all though I don't think they like him much he annoys them alot. They are often seen hanging out together,but they seem a little loose when Ichigo returned from Soul Society and hang around with Uryuu, Orihime and Sado.

    Ayasegawa Yumichika:
    Yumichika is one of the 11th division Squad members, so, like the other member of this squad, he loves fighting. He also showed great respect to his captain, Zaraki Kenpachi and to his buddy, Ikkaku. He is the 5th seat of his squad, not because of his ability, but because the number 5 look the most like 3. (weird?)

    Danzou-Maru was one of the three gate guardians under Aizen’s control. He has dark skin and white eyebrows. He was the first one that Jidanbou knocked out. Beyond that, nothing is known about this character.

    Don Kanonji:
    Don Kanonji is a self-proclaimed spirit medium who, for some reason, has gained enough popularity and credibility to have one of the top rated shows in Japan. According to Ichigo, one in every four people in Japan watch his show, and since most older people don’t watch the show, that means that the majority of the viewers are in his age group. Of the Kurosaki family, Isshin and Yuzu are big fans of the show.

    D-Roy is one of the least developed Arrancar we’ve seen yet. He still possessed a lot of his mask in the form of a helmet that covered most of his head. He also had very block-like teeth – another thing that separated him aesthetically from the other Arrancar. He wore what appeared to be the Arrancar uniform, a variation on the shinigami robes with reversed colors. He wore his top open to show his hollow hole in his chest.

    Eilforte was one of the stronger and more aloof Arrancar who accompanied Grimmjaw to the material world. Eilforte sought out Renji when they scattered, and was beating Renji without releasing his zanpakutou, while Renji was fighting with his bankai

    The Elder of Nishirukongai leads the people of one of the most well-off parts of Rukongai. It’s right outside the gates to Seireitei, and is one of the most peaceful areas outside Seireitei.

    Ganju Shiba:
    Ganju is a childish character who despises shinigami! He isn't a fighter per say, but he manages, with all of his tricks and stunts. He helps out his sister making fireworks at their interesting house. Though he refrains from an in depth role in the anime he does provide comic relief, and dies get “Team Ichigo” get out of some sticky situations.
    Ganju has a low combat ability, with no real weapon. But does have a relatively good spirit power in his “Turn to sand” incantation.
    Ganju's brother was the lieutenant of the 13th squad before his death related to a man-made hollow/shinigami.

    He leads a group of Arrancar to the material world and instructs them to destroy anyone with the smallest amount of reiatsu. After D-Roy is destroyed by Rukia, Grimmjaw surprises Ichigo and Rukia with his appearance. Grimmjaw asks which of them is stronger, and after tearing a hole in Rukia he decides to fight Ichigo.

    Haachi appears to be the vaizard group’s (Vaizard is a shinigami who gained powers of a hollow through experimentation.) kidou master, with a specialty in barriers. It was recently revealed that his power is similar to Orihime’s, which raises questions about how much hollow power has become a part of Haachi’s pre-existant shinigami powers, and where Orihime’s power finds its origins. Beyond that, however, nothing is known about Haachi.

    Hanakari Jinta:
    Hanakari Jinta is a spunky, red-headed little boy who works at the Urahara Shouten with Tsukabishi Tessai and Tsumugiya Ururu. He lives in the Shouten, and shares a room with Ururu. Though he is three years younger than Ururu, he dominates her. He takes charge in every situation, whether she likes it or not. When Ururu points out that he might be wrong, he generally hits her, and is, in turn, punished by Tessai.

    Hiko Nyuudou:
    Little is known about the south gate guard. He wears the standard shinigami robes and a white robe over his right shoulder. He also wears a cloth on his head. He was one of the three gate guards under Aizen’s control, and was the first gate guard to fall and Shiba Kuukaku defeated him by using Hadou 63, Raikouhou.

    Hinamori Momo:
    Hinamori Momo was the utterly devoted vice captain of Aizen Sousuke of the Fifth Division. Aizen’s betrayal to the Soul Society essentially broke Hinamori, and his attempt on her life has had thus far unknown effects on her psyche. Last time she was seen, she was still bedridden in the Fourth Division headquarters. Because of the massive amounts of physical and psychological damage done to Hinamori, it should not be assumed that Hinamori is acting captain of the Fifth Division.

    Hirako Shingi:
    Hirako Shinji is the first known Vaizard to be introduced. After Ichigo and the others returned from Soul Society and school begins again, Shinji appears in Ichigo’s class as an exchange student. Just before that he is seen hanging upside down in the air as Ichigo defeats a hollow. Less than a day after Shinji becomes a member of the class, he attacks Ichigo when he’s out taking care of a hollow. He tells Ichigo that he is a Vaizard, and briefly explains what that means. He then asks Ichigo to join the Vaizards, saying that he is wasting his time with the shinigami.

    Hisagi Shuuhei:
    Hisagi Shuuhei served as vice captain to Tousen Kaname in the Ninth Division. Since Tousen’s betrayal with Aizen, the current status of the Ninth Division’s captainship is unknown, so it could be assumed that Shuuhei is acting captain until a new captain is chosen.

    Hitsugaya Toushirou:
    Hitsugaya Toushirou is the 10th Squad Captain with Matsumoto Rangiku, one of the eight major female shinigami, as his Vice Captain. Hitsugaya and Hinamori Momo, Vice Captain of 5th Squad, have a history together, Hinamori endearingly refers to him as Whitey-chan. At that moment in time as Hinamori was working to become a shinigami, Hitsugaya thought nothing of it because all he wanted was to eat watermelon and for Hinamori to stop calling him Whitey-chan. She told him that if he could be at the same level as she was then she would stop calling him Whitey-chan. Presently he is now seen as a shinigami prodigy because of his achievement of a high rank at such a young age.

    Honshou Chizuru:
    Honshou Chizuru is also one of Ichigo’s classmate at Karakura High. She has the normal girl look, but actually she is a lesbian. She's always admiring Orihime for her boobs and sometimes even grasp them. But her lesbian plan always is stopped by Tatsuki’s heavy punch to the face or mighty kick.

    Horuichi Hironari:
    Horuichi Hironari is one of the millions of souls living in Rukongai, and was lucky enough to be sorted into Nishirukongai, one of the best districts of Rukongai. He is part of Shibata Yuuichi’s adoptive family. He also explains to Chad how Rukongai works, and that the likelihood of finding your real family in Rukongai is very slim. He has no special powers, and died at the age of twenty-two in Yamanashi.

    Iba Tetsuzaemon:
    Iba is the vice captain of the Seventh Division. His captain is Komamura Sajin, who until recently wore a mask to hide his identity as a giant fox. Iba is very loyal to his captain, though in the week after Tousen Kaname’s betrayal he spent a lot of time at the Eleventh Division headquarters in order to give his captain some space. Preceding their fight, Ikkaku mentions that Iba has become cockier since he left the Eleventh Division to become a vice captain.

    Ichimaru Gin:
    Ichimaru Gin , ex-3rd squad captain. We meet him for first time when Ichigo and the rest of his friends comes to Soul Society and tries to get through one of the main gates. He proves to be one of the most controversial captains because of his strike towards gate keeper (fortunately, thanks to Ichigo reflexes nobody get killed...).

    Ikkanzaka Jiroubo:
    Jiroubo is very aloof and lords his title and position over people. He is the brother of Jidanbou, the West Rukongai gate guardian, but he is as arrogant as his brother is kind. However, his arrogance was his downfall in that battle, though it’s doubtful that he learned anything from the experience.

    Orihime Inoue:
    Inoue Orihime is introduced as a quirky, large breasted classmate of Kurosaki Ichigo. She has long reddish-brown hair held back from her face with two flower clips. We first see her in chapter two, when she notices that Ichigo isn’t in school. It is quickly discovered that Orihime has a serious crush on Ichigo, and her best friend Arisawa Tatsuki encourages her to pursue him, despite the fact that it is suspected that Tatsuki has feelings for Ichigo as well.

    Ise Nanao:
    She first appears in the Fukutaicho meeting, but does not make an actual appearance till Sado Yasutora (Chad) makes his way to the 8th Squad’s offices. She is seen in a conversation with her Taicho, who delights in teasing her, often calling her “Nanao-chan!” much to her dislike.

    Ishida Ryuuken:
    Ishida Ryuuken is the father of Ishida Uryuu. He certainly was a rich and successful man. He dislike his son to meet his sensei or even about becoming a Quincy. He said that Uryuu was not talented enough to be a Quincy. Later, he appear when Uryuu was attacked by Hollow. He showed an enormous skill and power and obviously he is a Quincy. He said that he was The Last Quincy and had mastered all of Quincy techniques. He also offered Uryuu the chance to gain his power back, if only he agree to have no relationship with the Shinigami again.

    Ishida Souken:
    Ishida Souken is the grandfather of Uryuu, and also his sensei. He had teach Uryuu how to be a Quincy and most of the techniques. He also had given Uryuu a special glove that had become very useful to him.He also had try a good relationship with the Shinigami but it ended horrible. He was killed by hollows because of the shinigami late arrival. He was later brought to the 12th squad research lab and became a research sample. His tragic end is what triggered Uryuu's great spiritual power.

    Ishida Uryuu:
    Ishida Uryuu is a Quincy, a clan that was supposed to kill Hollow. But the difference between them and Shinigami are that they kill Hollow, not send them to Soul Society. That had created imbalance,which led to the destruction of the Quincy several 200 years ago by the Shinigami. There are only a few survivors left in this world. Uryuu grandfather, who was also his sensei, Ishida Souken, was among them. But he decided to co-operate with the Shinigami, instead of becoming their enemy. But his good intention had a bad end, where he was killed when he had to fight a number of large Hollows on his own and the late arrival of the Shinigami. This incident had made Ishida hatred towards the Shinigami grew.

    Kira Izuru:
    Vice-Captain Kira Izuru served under Ichimaru Gin in the Third Division. To the best of our knowledge, the Third Division is still without a captain, so it could be assumed that Kira is acting captain of the Third until there is a replacement.

    Kojima Mizuiro:
    Kojima Mizuiro is also one of Ichigo’s classmates at Karakura High. He is one of Ichigo’s closest friend, and they always hang out together with Kiego. These are real buddies, even though Kiego and Mizuiro always annoy Ichigo. They even do the Don Kanonji pose specially to annoy Ichigo, and find it meaningless without him.

    Komamura Sajin :
    Komamura Sajin first appears in the emergency Taicho meeting that questioned Ichimaru Gin’s apparent slip of duty in letting the ryoka go. Standing next to Tousen Kaname and Aizen Sousuke his relatively bigger size was readily apparent, but beyond that little is known of him except that he wears a sort of helmet. (ahaha, there is a fox person under it! >)

    Kon is a mod soul. Mod souls were originally created to control dead bodies and fight hollows, however the project was canceled after some shinigami felt this was unsightly. Mod souls were ordered to be destroyed, but one survived in the form of a small pill-sized ball. Mod souls can enhance an aspect of whatever body they possess, and Kon is no exception. He is a mod soul who has enhance leg strength.

    Koutetsu Isane:
    Isane is very devoted to her captain, and appears to be somewhat insecure about herself. She seems to be very empathetic to others feelings. For instance, when Yamamoto tells Rukia that he will grant her request to return Ichigo, Orihime, Ishida, and Chad to the real world safely, Isane feels that it’s cruel to lie to her outright like that.

    Kuchiki Byakuya:
    Kuchiki Byakuya first arrived in Bleach as the silent yet powerful Shinigami sent to Kuraku town alongside Renji to find and bring Rukia back to Soul-Society. His power is immediately made evident when he steps in to aid Renji in his fight with Ichigo ending things in a matter of seconds leaving Ichigo bladeless and lying face down on the ground with what he thought was little hope for survival; and this proves to be only the beginning of his power. Descending from the Kuchiki clan one of the four noble houses of soul society captain of the 6th division Kuchiki Byakuya is also Rukias older brother though they are not related by blood rather, Rukia was adopted in to the Kuchiki family.

    Kuchiki Rukia:
    Rukia is a shinigami who is posted at the Karakura City, the city where the whole story begins. Her first appearance is when she busted into Ichigo’s room while chasing a Hollow. After several unfortunate incidents, she ended up with no other choice than giving Ichigo the power of Shinigami. In order to remain in the world and recover her power, she was forced to use a ‘gigai’ and became Ichigo’s classmate at Karakura High School. She stays in Ichigo’s room while in the living world.

    Kuneida Ryou :
    A student at Kuraku High, Kuneida is a member of the same class as Ichigo and one of the girls in Tatsuki and Orihimes circle of friends. Kuneida is an extremely bright pupil scoring joint highest in her mid-term exams out of all students in the same grade not only this but she is a member of the Kuraku high track team and can run the 100 metres in 12 seconds flat! bringing up the rumors between Ichigo and Rukia. Mizuiro also had a girlfriend named Mari-san.
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    Kurosaki Ichigo:
    To most Kurosaki Ichigo is a normal young man, while they are almost right except for the fact that he can see ghosts. Ichigo lives with his father( Kurosaki isshin) and his 2 younger sisters (Kurosaki Karin and Kurosaki Yuzu), his mother(Masaki Kurosaki) died when he was 9, Ichigo had blamed himself for her death when it was actually a hallow. Ichigo’s younger sisters can also see ghosts but their father cannot. One day Ichigo ran into Rukia (a death-god) who ended up saving his life and his sisters, by giving him her power, but because of his enormous power he had taken all of her power instead of only the half she had meant to give him. Ichigo quickly destroyed the hallow, and saved his sister.

    Kurosaki Isshin:
    The father of the Kurosaki family, he is a widower, who is the neighborhood doctor, and the only one in their family who can't see ghosts at all. He is very overprotective of Ichigo (As he makes him come in every night by 7:00 pm) and is very strict on the rules. He uses physical violence to tend to matters that he is not very good at talking about, and wishes his son would communicate more with him.

    Kurosaki Karin:
    Ichigo's little sister who, although she can see ghosts (in a blurred way), claims she doesnt believe in them - but if the opprotunity presents itself, she will try to make money off of her ability.

    Kurosaki Masaki:
    This is Ichigo's mother who died 6 years ago. She was the most wonderful beautiful woman Ichigo has ever seen and he loved her very much. She died trying to protect him from getting killed - thus proving her love for him. She is near to the hearts of the whole Kurosaki family, and they visit her grave on the day she died every year in her memory.

    Kurosaki Yuzu:
    Ichigo's other younger sister who looks up to him and envies that he can see ghosts so well. She wants to some day be able to see ghosts as well as he can. She feels like its her responsibility to help maintain the family since their mother died.

    Kurotshuchi Mayuri:
    12th division captain Kurotshuchi Majuri. One of the wierdest captains in Gotei 13 since his psycholigical and physical appearances are pretty odd. We meet him for the first time on Captains Special Meeting. He proves to be cruel and not very well behaved back then since he’s still in conflicts with other captains (especially with Kenpachi). Majuri is nowadays the President of the research institute of technology (he took this job after Urahara btw...). He’s tall, suspiciously looking guy with chains in his ears (sick!) and posionous, green blood (propably it is a part of his experiments).

    Kurotsuchi Nemu:
    Nemu was created by Mayuri, from his own blood and other sources. Thus she is intensely loyal to him and feels only respect and affection for him even though he does not treat her as a person, or even his daughter, but more a slave. Despite her suffering she appears to be highly adept at demon arts, and is also immune to his poison created by his Zanpakutou, Ashisogi Jizou.

    Kusajika Yachiru:
    Eleventh Division Vice-Captain Kusajika Yachiru is very tiny, and very adorable with her bubblegum pink hair. She wears the normal shinigami robes, and thus far we have only seen her with the vice-captain insignia on her arm. She appears to be the youngest, as well as the smallest, among the captains and vice-captains, but she is respected throughout her division. Generally she’s seen hanging on to Zaraki Kenpachi’s shoulder. Yachiru makes up nicknames for the people she knows, including “Ichi” for Ichigo, “Big Boobies” for Orihime, and “Ken-chan” for Kenpachi.

    Kyouraku Shunsui:
    Kyouraku is the 8th division captain, Kyouraku is among the first Taicho to encounter the “ryoka”. He meets up with Sado Yasutora, or Chad, in his squad compound. There, he gently drifts down from a second level to the ground amidst falling petals, then rises to announce his name to Chad.

    Matsumoto Rangiku:
    Making her first appearance as a very bothered Vice-Captain in the meeting called for all Vice-Captains, Rangiku may strike many males as one of the better looking females of Soul Society’s top echelons, even if the major reason being her cleavage.

    Mit-bro - One of the three guys that we see introduced in chapter 1. They were skateboarding and knocked over a vase that was placed in memory of a child who died. Ichigo and the Ghost of the girl who died teach them a valuable lesson.

    Oomaeda Marechiyo:
    The only time Marechiyo has been seen in battle is in the brief moment that Soi Fon ordered all remaining vice captains (Marechiyo, Koutetsu Isane, and Sasakibe Choujirou) to recapture Rukia after Soukyoku was destroyed. However, that instance can not be used to efficiently gauge his strength, because Ichigo was underestimated and beat all three of vice captains in less than a minute without using Zangetsu.

    A school yard bully who has orange hair and threatens to beat up Ichigo unless he Dies his hair. When Ichigo hears this he tells him that it is his natural color and calls him names - to which Ooshima is going to beat him up. Just before the fight begins Chad comes in and knocks him out of the park.

    Sado Yasutora(Chad):
    Chad is one of Kurosaki Ichigo’s best friends. They first met in junior high, when Chad came to Ichigo’s rescue when some upperclassmen were trying to beat him up because he was different. Ichigo gave him the nickname “Chad,” and even though Chad tried to correct him at first, he eventually gave up and allowed Ichigo and their other friends to call him Chad.

    Shibata Yuuichi:
    This boy's soul was trapped in a parakeet by the hollow that murdered his mother. This hollow told him that if he could elude him for 3 months then the hollow could bring his mother back - this of course was a lie. He became the "pet" of Chad who protected him and helped fight against the hollow, and in the end was sent to soul society by Ichigo to be reuninted with his mother whom he so dearly missed.

    Shihouin Yoruichi:
    A rough and tough woman who has seen much throughout her lifetime describes Yoruichi best. She has no qualms about even revealing herself, as is shown by the hilarious scene where she first reveals her true form to Ichigo.

    Soi Fong :
    Trained by Shihouin Yoruichi when she was younger, she has great passion for fighting and is very dedicated to training.
    She is also in control of the military, a good leader with great skill.

    Tousen Kaname:
    Tousen Kaname, the 9th division captain stands tall in the name of justice. Alluding to the blind strength of justice, Tousen believes that whatever path he takes shall be the best in the long run for everyone.

    He is a middle aged man who works for the Uraha shop. He is under the manager but still tends to take control of the two children working there. The children - although they would not admit it - seem to be somewhat afraid of him.

    This is a young girl who works at the Uraha shop with Jinta. She is 3 years older than Jinta, she provides the voice of reason in telling him that they should be working instead of playing.

    Ukitake Jyuushiro:
    A very strong Captain, who is respect by all and has a reputation for his kindness. Unfortunately Ukitake is very ill and his illness kicks in at the worst of times.
    When this Captain is at good health he is quite the impressive fighter.

    Ulquoirra is one of the first Arrancar we are officially introduced to as such. Though others had made brief appearances in the shadows from very early chapters, Ulquiorra is the first to be labeled specifically as an Arrancar.

    Unohana Retsu:
    Known for her ability to heal, perfect for her squad.
    She is a kind-hearted medic, dedicated to Soul Society and the injured.

    Urahara Kisuke:
    This is the manager of the Uraha shop, who has an unshaven face and wears a beach hat most of the time. He cares alot about the reputation of the shop and tries his best to provide his costomers with the products that they want. When he realizes the mistake he made in giving Rukia a mod soul, he descides he will fix the problem himself. He seems to have some abilities, but at this point he mostly remains a mystery.

    Yamamoto Genryuusai:
    Don't let Yamato's looks fool you he is the founder of the Gotei 13 and easily the strongest Shinigami in Soul Society. He is a fire type fighter, whose reiatsu can barely be handeld when even a glimpse of it is experienced.

    He is one of the three friends that Ichigo finds desacrating a girl ghosts grave. He is severly beaten by Ichigo and appologizes for what he has done.

    Zaraki Kenpachi:
    One of the strongest Shinigami's, he is the only Shinigami in Gotei 13 who can't call upon his
    zanpakuto. He isn't in for the kill but for the joy of the ride, Zaraki's only joy is fighting.
    He especially hate's "pansys" and people who hold back in fights.
    Has disregard for most rules, though he is a demonic fighter he is not evil at all.

    Gotei 13:

    The Gotei 13 is the name given to the 13 Divisions of the Shinigami in Soul Society. Anyone classified as a Shinigami is put into 1 of the 13 Divisions, whether they are a Captain or Vice-Captain, hold a Seat, or are just a member, they are still an important part of the Division.

    Each Division of the Gotei 13 has a Captain and a Vice Captain, they are generally the strongest of the whole Division. To become a Captain, a Shinigami must first have achived Ban-Kai as one of the prerequisites. The Captain and Vice Captain usually travel together and get along well.

    A Shinigami cannot be seen in the human world, they leave Soul Society when they are going on missions to balance the Spirits in the World. Those that can see Ghosts can generally not see Shinigami, but there are exceptions and it is a very rare gift.

    Each Shinigami wears black robes with white trimming and a white cloth belt. On special occassions they wear a arm band to signify thier rank in their specific Division. The Captain of a Division wears a White Robe with the Number of their Division in Kanji on the back.

    * The Shinigami have three duties:
    - To preform the 'Soul Burial' and send ghosts to Soul Society or Hell.
    - To track down and 'clense' hollows from the human world.
    - To regulate and balance the souls in each world.


    Captains are the most revered of shinigami (with the Central 46, Demon Art Corps, and Covert Ops Corps leaders possibly being on equal status). Captains are indisputably the most prominent shinigami. Every captain in Gotei 13 history has known bankai, except Kenpachi Zaraki, who won his status through sheer strength. Knowing bankai gives captains a default strength advantage of 5 to 10 times over shinigami who are not able to perform bankai. However, knowing bankai is only a fraction (although a large one) of a captain's power. They have also trained extensively, if they have not mastered, their bankai which allows them to actually use the enormous power and size of their bankai in battle. Captains are also skilled in the use of shunpo, kidou, and generally have excellent knowledge of shinigami history and battle tactics. All of these factors create a huge power-gap between captains and the next highest level; a captain can generally defeat several lieutenants at once without even needing to release his bankai. There are three ways to become a Gotei 13 captain:

    - To take the captaincy proficiency test, this requires the knowledge of the final release (bankai). This is probably the most popular way for new captains to be made. The test has to be witnessed by at least three existing captains, including the Commander-General.

    - To be personally recommended by at least 6 captains and approved by at least 3 of the remaining 7.

    - To defeat the previous captain one-on-one with at least 200 witnesses from the division. Kenpachi Zaraki is thought to be the only captain who achieved his rank using this method, although this is unclear.

    Vice-captains function as executive officers for their division and take care of day-to-day operations as well as supervise them. They (along with their captain) are not assigned to one specific squad. They generally only know shikai, but are the second strongest in their division. Some have gained bankai; this is natural seeing as they would be the most seasoned and skilled shikai users.

    Seated officers:
    All Gotei 13 officers who hold lower ranks than the above, are referred to seated officers. Captains have the rank of 1st Seat and lieutenants are 2nd Seat. Next to that, there are 18 more seats (3rd to 20th). 3rd seat officers are ranked higher than 4th seat, etc. There seems to be a distinction between senior and junior seated officers, just like in real-life armies. In Gotei 13, only one person can hold a senior officer rank (such as 3rd or 5th seat), but there are several holders of junior officer ranks (e.g. 20th seat). This may vary from division to division however, as there are two 3rd Seats in the 13th Division. The seated officers of 3rd seat and below may be best compared to junior officers, especially non-commissioned ones. Each seated officer apparently leads a squad, although this is not certain.

    1st Division Captain:
    Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni
    1st Division Vice Captain:

    2nd Division Captain:
    Soi Fong

    -2nd Division Vice Captain:
    Ohmaeda Marechiyo

    3rd Division Captain:
    Ichimaru Gin
    -3rd Division Vice Captain:
    Kira Izuru

    4th Division Captain:
    Unohana Retsu
    -4th Division Vice Captain:
    Kotetsu Isane

    5th Division Captain:
    Aizen Sousuke
    -5th Division Vice Captain:
    Hinamori Momo

    6th Division Captain:
    Kuchiki Byakuya
    -6th Division Vice Captain:
    Abarai Renji

    7th Division Captain:
    Komamura Sajin
    -7th Division Vice Captain:
    Iba Tetsuzaemo

    8th Division Captain:
    Kyouraku Shunsui
    -8th Division Vice Captain:
    Ise Nanao

    9th Division Captain:
    Tousen Kaname
    -9th Division Vice Captain:
    Hisagi Shuuhei

    10th Division Captain:
    Hitsugaya Toushiro
    -10th Division Vice Captain:
    Matsumoto Rangiku

    11th Division Captain:
    Zaraki Kenpachi
    -11th Division Vice Captain:
    Kusajishi Yachiru

    12th Division Captain:
    Kurotsuchi Mayuri
    -12th Division Vice Captain:
    Kurotsuchi Nemu

    13th Division Captain:
    Ukitake Juushiro
    -13th Division Vice Captain:
    Shiba Kaien (deceased)

    Former 2nd Divison Captain:
    Shihouin Yoruichi

    Former 12th Divison Captain
    Urahara Kisuke

    Current 13th Division, 3rd Seat
    Kotsubaki Sentaro & Kotetsu Kiyone

    Item List

    Bird Whistle:
    This is a whistle that Isshen uses to gather his family when they are separated or far off. It seems to be a bit of a pest to others.

    A normal looking cellphone that is used to receive orders from Soul Society and to pinpoint the location of hollows.

    Mod Soul:
    Artificial souls created to fight hollows. These mod-souls would use the bodies of diseased humans. Mod-souls each had improved powers such as arm strength, leg strength, etc. Mod-souls were destroyed because a council of shinigami ruled them as immoral. Kon was one of the very few mod-souls to survive.

    The Gigai is a temporary body that is used by shinigami who are either living in the real world or those who are staying in the living world because their powers have been taken away, ie. Rukia.

    Chain of fate:
    This chain ties the soul to something in the world that keeps them there. In the case of a human soul removed from their body that isn't dead, this chain is tied to their body, and if it breaks in this state, they die. If the chain of a spirit tied to an object is broken, the chain begins to corrode. If the corrosion is completed before a shinigami can perform a soul burial on the soul, the plus descends into a hollow, unless they have shinigami powers and are able to call them forth.

    A zanpakuto (soul cutting sword or soul slayer), is a sword used by the shinigami in the manga/anime Bleach. The art of using a zanpakuto is called zanjutsu (swordsmanship).
    Most soul cutters in their sealed form look like katanas, but the shape and form varies for each user, there seems to be no limit to what they could appear as. Zanpakuto are not just weapons, but also living beings. They are a shinigami's partner in battle and while they can regenerate if broken, they cannot be replaced. As a shinigami gains power, the zanpakuto can change form by the inner being manifesting itself to a greater degree in the outside world. Zanpakuto are used to fight hollows and other shinigami as well as to liberate or help pluses ascend to Soul Society, rather than destroy them.


    A doll which forces the materialization of a soul slayer which strikes it into the real world (as opposed to the slayer's world).

    Soul Candy:

    Invented by Urahara this is a Candy that forces the soul out of the body when eaten and replaces it with an artificial soul. Originally called Gikongan, its name was changed to 'Soul Candy' later because the Shinigami Women Organization complained that the name gikongan wasn't 'cute'.


    This is an item that wipes a person's recent memory and replaces it with randomness. These are found at Urahara Shoten, aka Urahara’s shop.


    This is used to regrow any body part that may have been lost or injured in battle.

    Memory Chikan:

    This is a tool from soul society that, when used, allows the user to erase someone's memory.

    Safety Charm:

    This is a small charm on a string that was owned by Ichigo’s Mother. His father gave it to Ichigo before he went to Soul Society.


    These are items that helps synchronize the soul with a Gigai.

    Sekkiseki Walls:

    These are walls that block out spiritual pressure and Spiritrons. These and are commonly found in Soul Society prisons.

    Energy Pill:

    A pill designed to reenergize 4th Division members. There is another version pill that Hanatarou received as a prank. This is a different pill than the ones others get. The main ingredient in this pill is flower.

    Eye Patch:

    The eye patch used by Zaraki Kenpachi is used to suppress his enormous Spiritual Pressure. He used it to weaken himself in order to make his fights more of a challenge for him, along with bells attached to him.

    Magical Girl Megaron:

    This figurine is a gift that was given from a ghost to Ichigo for saving his life (Even though, Ichigo wasn’t the one who did this.)

    Gates Of Hell:

    Two huge double doors that have a skeleton on each side and three chains latching them together that bridge the doors. Only hollows who have committed terrible crimes in life go there.

    Ishida's silver pipes ?
    Apparently pipes that contains reiatsu that can be released at will? I dont know @_@
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    In your pants. OO BOY


    Demon arts (Kidou)

    Bakudou 1: First Restraint Obstruction
    binding technique that makes it so you are unable to move or difficult to move.

    Bakudou 58: Kakushitsuijyaku - Invocation of the tracking birds
    This technique allows the user to contact with anyone and can be used to contact more than one person.

    bakudou 61: Rukujyoukourou - Luminous Prison of 6 Bars
    Kidou used to bind strong opponents much stronger than First Restraint Obstruction

    Hadou 4: White Lightning
    A powerful attack that uses Kidou in the form of lighting.

    Hadou 31: Shakkahou - Artiller&#237;a Carmes&#237;
    Kidou comes out of users hands like a strong ball or blast of power

    Hadou 33: Soukatsui - Way of Destruction
    Kidou comes out of users hand like a big blue ball of spiritual pressure

    Hadou 54: Waste Flame
    Generates a fire is able to completely burn and incinerate a target of a low reiatsu. Can be used to burn lost limbs and on funeral pyres.

    Hadou 63: Raikouhou - Lighting Tiger Canon
    Kidou is gathered in hands and then shot off in a destructive blast

    Bakudou 75: Gochuu Tekan
    A strong Technique used to bind the opponents limbs

    Bakudou 77: Tenteikuura - Heavenly Rickshaws of Silken Air
    Incantation: Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly through the heavens Effect: Transmits messages to anyone within Soul Society, works better is used in conjunction with Bakudou #58.

    Hadou 90: Kurohitsugi - Black coffin
    Very powerful technique and is very difficult to use (Hadous over 90 are classified as Enternal Destruction)

    Bakudou 99: Bankin
    Huge box appears then drops from sky to crush opponent

    Menos Grandes use this to save there own kind. Light comes from the sky and bring injured comrand back to hollow world.

    Soul Burial:
    This is preformed by all shinigami's, its how they send souls to the Soul-Society.


    Shinigami's that are not accepted into 1 of the 13 divisions are given this sword it has no name and is practically useless.

    The true form of the spearhead of the Soukyoku and as the executioner which looks like a phoenix.

    Kuukaku Canyon:
    Canyon is suppose to be used to shoot of giant fireworks...but it was used to shoot Ichigo, Ganju, Yoruichi, Chad, Orihime and Ishida into the Soul-Society.

    From an operation called 'Spearhead', artificial battle-type souls were created, which when used can strengthens one part of the body to a higher level. This is called Mod-Soul. When the Spearhead operation is cancelled, the mod-souls that have been created are ordered to be destroyed, but some managed to escape.

    Spirit core that resembles like a crystal ball. By providing spiritual energy to the core, the user can create a strong cannonball.

    Sanrei Glove:
    Glove with a powerful ward that deflects spiritual energy.

    Skull Glove:
    This is the glove that has a picture of a skull on, its much like Urahara's cane, it possess's the power to seperate souls from there body. It is used by Rukia before Kon is introduced into the anime or anytime Kon is hesitant about leaving his body. It will not put a replacement soul into the body it is only used to extract a soul from; The body will just lay limp until the soul returns to it.

    Shun Shun Rikka 'Shield of Six Dancing Flowers':
    The Shun Shun Rikka are Orihime's own powers born to protect her, they are housed inside of the hairpins her older brother gave to her. They have the power to build a 'sheild' and 'repel it'. When first awakend Orihime must shout the Shun Shun Rikka's names and an incantation. Through training Orihime no longer has to call out their names or the incantations.

    Hinagiku 'Flame-less Chrysanthemum'
    Baigon 'Solemn Plum'
    - Santen Kesshun: 'Combined Sheild of the Heavenly Trio'
    'I repel thee'
    Their ability is to repel the "Outer Sheild" A sheild is raised between Orihime and her enemy and they repel the attack she recieves.

    Shonou 'Cherry Blossom'
    Ayame 'Iris'
    - Souten Kishun: 'Return Shield of the Heavenly Duo'
    'I repel thee'
    Their abilities are to repel the "Inner Sheild". A shield placed inside that repels damage within a limited area. Returns the subject covered by sheild to the same way they were before taking damage.

    Tsubaki 'Camellia Demon'
    - Koten Zanshun: 'Cutting Sheild of the Heavenly One'
    'I repel thee'
    Repels both sides of the sheild. Breaks through the enemy and puts up a sheild inside them and repels the combined substance. Splits the enemy in two.

    Shinigami that has commited a serious offense will be executed using the Soukyoku.

    Special Kuukaku Smoke Bomb:
    Bomb used by Ganju he added pepper to it so the enemy wouldn't be able to see.

    Target Leeches:
    Some Hollows use them; There kinda like claymore mines they explode when ever they are detonated.

    Quincy Bow:
    This is the bow created by low level Quincy's by collecting spiritons around them they form a bow. They're able to shoot arrows that are not very strong there only good against low-level hollows.

    Quincy Glove:
    This glove give's tremendous power to a Quincy if he can hold a quincy bow open for 7 days. If the glove is removed the power will grow even greater but the quincy will lose all its powers so its wisely used.

    Urahara's Cane:
    When first introduced to Urahara he was seen as a mysterious character and still is well into the manga; He is never without his cane which may seem strange but this cane is actually his soul slayer. It posseses the ability to seperate souls from there body. The blade slides out of the canes staff which is actually the shealth and may look useless but when released it has tremendous power!

    A Shinigami gains their Zanpakutou when they graduate from the academy (central institute of spiritual art). Each Shinigami has their own unique zanpakutou, and it reflects the owner's personality and power. The Zanpakutou has two levels of release - Shi-kai (Initial Release) and Ban-kai (Ban release) which will increase the user's attack power. But in order to do so, they must learn the Zanpakutou's name and gain its cooperation.

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    errors: -forgot to mention that isshin is also a shinigami.

    info to add:
    -info about the government, rukongai, the other two parts of the SS world beside sereitei
    -army is divided in three: gotei 13, demon arts corps and covert ops corps
    -more detailed info about vizards
    -name of each zampaktou, shi and ban releases, abilities.
    -The shinigami have four forms of combat: zanjutsu (swordsmanship), hakuda (hand-to-hand), hohō (foot combat) and kidō (demon arts).
    -insignia of each division
    -more detailed info about the menos and their abilities.

    *all in all in think this was a good idea to put this info in the Bleach forum, it's a pain to be going to other webpages to read info about bleach. this should be made a sticky thread.

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    info on Zampaktous,forms, releases, Arrancar releases.
    There are three levels of zanpakutō manifestation. The first is the sealed form, followed by two levels of seal release: shikai (始解, lit. initial release), and bankai (卍解, lit. complete release). In the sealed form, most zanpakutō resemble katanas, and do not exhibit any special abilities. The greater a shinigami's spiritual power, the larger the sword appears. As such, Isshin Kurosaki notes that high level shinigami must be capable of maintaining and suppressing the size of their sword, otherwise shinigami like the captains of the Gotei 13 would end up swinging around swords the size of skyscrapers.

    A properly-trained shinigami can make his or her zanpakutō smaller if they wish, or radically change its appearance (Kisuke Urahara's Benihime is, in sealed form, a cane, while Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai's Ryūjin Jakka is usually in the form of a gnarled walking stick). Shinigami usually carry their zanpakutō in the sealed state, releasing them only when necessary, while there are shinigami, notably Ichigo Kurosaki and possibly Kenpachi Zaraki who have their zanpakutō continuously in shikai form. Soul Society law prohibits the release of zanpakutō within the walled city of Seireitei in times of peace.

    It should be noted that both vizards and arrancar, being part shinigami, also use zanpakutō. It has been revealed that the release of an arrancar's zanpakutō differs from that of a shinigami. Whether a vizard's release is any different than that of a normal shinigami has not yet been revealed.

    Initial release
    The first level of seal release, shikai, is achieved by learning the sword's name. By speaking a command phrase to the sword (unique to each shinigami), the zanpakutō will assume its shikai form. In shikai form, most zanpakutō have a different physical appearance, as well as one or more special abilities, often reflecting a strength or the personality of the wielder. Achievement of shikai is a mark of expert control of a zanpakutō, and it appears to be a requirement for advancement within the shinigami ranks (most seated officers and presumably all lieutenants are capable of shikai).

    It is speculated that it is possible to release a zanpakutō without learning its name, since Kenpachi Zaraki states that his sword is always in its released state.[1] This claim, however, could be due to Zaraki's lack of understanding of his zanpakutō.

    Final release
    The second and final level of seal release, bankai, sometimes also called full release, is a rare capability usually limited to captain and sometimes captain-level shinigami. Those who attain this power are remembered throughout shinigami history.

    To become capable of the final release, a shinigami must materialize the sword's personification and subjugate it. In the final form, the zanpakutō assumes a third physical appearance, and can fully manifest itself in the outside world, increasing its power by five to ten times. All zanpakutō in the final form possess some type of powerful ability. Most skilled users also have several special attacks while using bankai that require them to say a special command, similar to the initial release. Maintaining full release is taxing for the wielder, and cannot be held for exceedingly long periods of time.

    The final release (bankai) generally requires years of training to acquire, and another ten years to master. However, there have been two exceptions to this: Ichigo Kurosaki and Kisuke Urahara. They acquired their final releases within three days of training, using a method pioneered by Urahara. Normally, a shinigami must have the strength and ability to manifest the sword's spirit into the real world before he can even begin his final release training; Urahara's method involves forcibly calling the spirit of the zanpakutō into the user's world through the use of a special doll. Thus, the years of training to acquire the knowledge and strength to begin the final release training can be bypassed.

    There are two types of final release ability - one creates an ability or enhances the shikai ability - for instance, Byakuya Kuchiki's Senbonzakura Kageyoshi or Mayuri Kurotsuchi's Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō. The other type enhances the natural abilities of the wielder such as Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu. It is speculated that Ichigo is the only shinigami to have an enhancing release (which is usually the trait of arrancar), due to him having a hollow side.

    Arrancar release
    As noted above, the arrancar zanpakutō release differs greatly from that of a shinigami. Arrancar have only one revealed form of release, as opposed to shikai and bankai. Once an arrancar releases their zanpakutō, it turns into an outer shell/armor, which works to protect the arrancar and increase its attack power. It also gives the arrancar a certain natural ability, e.g. Edorad Leones's Volcanica enables Edorad to shoot fire.

    There are several types of zanpakutō. While this subject is barely covered in the series, it is known that melee and kidō-type zanpakutō exist. They are also classified by elemental attributes.

    For example, Ikkaku Madarame's Hōzukimaru and Renji Abarai's Zabimaru are melee weapons, while Yumichika Ayasegawa's Fujikujaku and Momo Hinamori's Tobiume are kidō-type.

    Zampaktous by characters:
    Ichigo Kurosaki
    Shikai: Zangetsu - 斬月 (Moon Cutter)[2]
    Ichigo's zanpakutō is permanently in shikai form because he cannot seal it.
    Note: Zangetsu was translated as Kitsuki in the first scanlations of the manga (斬 - ki; 月 - tsuki).
    Ability: Getsuga tenshō (Moon Fangs Slice Heaven) - fires a mass of spiritual energy at the enemy in the shape of a blue crescent moon.[3]
    Bankai: Tensa Zangetsu - 天鎖斬月 (Heavenly Chain Cutting the Moon) - changes the zanpakutō's form to a long, thin, completely black sword with a manji crossguard. Concentrates spiritual energy and increases the user's speed drastically.[4] Getsuga tenshō can be used in this form, except it is black.
    Spirit: An older man in a black cape or cloak with wrap-around glasses. Ichigo calls him Old Man or Uncle (ossan).[5] The hollow form of Ichigo also reveals itself to be the alter-ego of Zangetsu in a sense. It claims to be the dominant persona of Ichigo's zanpakutō and Ichigo has subdued him, though the hollow forms promises to seize any chance to become the one that controls Ichigo's physical body.[6]

    Kisuke Urahara
    Shikai: Benihime - 紅姫 (Crimson Princess)
    When sealed, it takes the form of a cane.
    Note: Benihime was translated as Kurenaihime in the first scanlations of the manga (紅 - kurenai).
    Command: Okiro (Awake!), Nake (Sing!)
    Ability: Allows Urahara to manipulate blood. Can fire energy blasts of considerable strength [8] and create a blood-mist shield to protect Urahara.

    Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai - 1st Division captain
    Shikai: Ryūjin Jakka - 流刃若火 (Flowing Blade like Flame)
    Command: Banshō Issai Kaijin to Nase (Disintegrate all existence to ashes!)
    Ability: Unknown, but the sheer power of its aura alone can disintegrate anything that Yamamoto waves the sword over into ash and engulf the area in flames. Even in its initial release, its power is strong enough for the owner to fight against two other captains simultaneously. This is the strongest of all fire-element swords. When sealed, Yamamoto's sword is disguised in the form of a heavy staff.

    Chōjirō Sasakibe - 1st Division lieutenant
    Shikai: Gonryōmaru - 厳霊丸 (Stern Spirit)[10]
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    Command: Ugate (Pierce!)
    Ability: Unknown, but it tranforms into a blade resembling a rapier used in western fencing.

    Soi Fong - 2nd Division captain
    Shikai: Suzumebachi - 雀蜂 (Hornet)
    Command: Jinteki Syakusetsu (Sting all enemies to death!)
    Ability: Two hits in the same place leads to immediate death. The first hit marks Soi Fong's opponent with a butterfly signature called the hornet's crest; a second hit on the crest will cause instant death. Soi Fong has mastered this ability to such an extent that it will not fade unless she wills it.

    Marechiyo Ōmaeda - 2nd Division lieutenant
    Shikai: Gegetsuburi - 五形頭 (Five-form Head)
    Command: Buttsubuse (Smash!)
    Ability: Unknown, but it will transform into a flail-like weapon, with a spiked ball that is attached to the zanpakutō's hilt by a chain.

    Gin Ichimaru - 3rd Division captain
    Shikai: Shinsō - 神鎗 (Divine Spear)
    When sealed, it takes the form of a wakizashi.
    Command: Ikorose (Shoot to kill!)
    Ability: The blade elongates and shoots out at a bullet's speed, impaling its target even over a great distance.

    Izuru Kira - 3rd Division lieutenant
    Shikai: Wabisuke - 侘助 (Apology)
    Command: Omote wo Agero (Show Your Face!)
    Ability: The blade bends into a hook with two right angles. It can double the weight of anything it hits and generally causes an opponent's weapon to become too heavy to wield. And because the katana would be too heavy for the wielder to support, he will bend down, so that he bows his head, as if in apology - hence the name.

    Retsu Unohana- 4th Division captain
    Shikai: Minazuki - 肉雫唼
    Ability: Evaporates into a green mist and reforms into a giant ray-like creature capable of flight. People swallowed by the fish are healed while in its stomach.

    Isane Kotetsu - 4th Division lieutenant
    Shikai: Itegumo - 凍雲 (Frozen Cloud)
    Command: Hashire (Dash!)
    Ability: Unknown, but it splits into three blades resembling an open scissor katar with a normal katana hilt.

    Hanatarō Yamada - 4th Division 7th Seat
    Shikai: Hisagomaru - 瓢丸 (Gourd) [mentioned in the Bleach Character Book]
    Command: (Fufill!) [mentioned in volume 22 chapter sketches]
    Ability: Soaks up and heals the wounds of the opponents it cuts [mentioned in volume 21 chapter sketches]. There is a red gauge on the sword that measures the amount of wounds absorbed. When the gauge is full, it automatically releases into the form Akeiro Hisagomaru (Crimson-coloured Gourd) and all the wounds absorbed into one massive attack. In this form, the sword can attack opponents without healing them. Hisagomaru is incredibly weak when the red gauge is not full. [mentioned in volume 22 chapter sketches]

    Sōsuke Aizen - 5th Division captain
    Shikai: Kyōka Suigetsu - 鏡花水月 (Mirror Flower, Water Moon)
    Command: Kudakero (Shatter!)
    Ability: It is able to put anyone who sees it into a "complete hypnosis". Any time thereafter, Aizen can use this ability to create elaborate illusions that fool all five senses of anyone who has seen Kyōka Suigetu's activation in the past. Due to the fact its release has to be seen, this power has no effect on the blind. Initially Aizen lied and said it has the ability to create a mist that could be used to create illusions in battle.

    Momo Hinamori - 5th Division lieutenant
    Shikai: Tobiume - 飛梅 (Flying ume tree)
    Command: Hajike (Snap!)
    Ability: The blade straightens and produces several, Jitte-like prongs along its length. In this form, Tobiume can fire pink-coloured energy bursts capable of cratering floors and holing walls or channel the energy into one fire ball.

    Byakuya Kuchiki - 6th Division captain
    Shikai: Senbonzakura - 千本桜 (One Thousand Cherry Blossoms)
    Command: Chire (Scatter!)
    Ability: The blade dissolves into a thousand razor-sharp blades, which swarm around the target and attack, appearing to be sakura petals in how the light reflects off of them. Their numbers and speed make them nearly impossible to parry.
    Bankai: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi - 千本桜景厳 (One Thousand Cherry Blossoms Brutal Shadows)
    --> Senkei Senbonzakura Kageyoshi --> Senbonzakura Kageyoshi Shūkei, also called Hakuteiken (White Imperial Sword)
    Ability: Byakuya drops the blade into the ground and causes two rows of huge katana blades to rise from the ground and scatter into petals, forming a large scale version of the shikai ability. The petals can also compress into a large number a swords to strike the opponent (Senkei Senbonzakura Kageyoshi) or be arranged around Byakuya in a winglike form and allow him to perform one overwhelmingly powerful strike upon the opponent (Senbonzakura Shūkei: Hakuteiken, 'Final Scene: White Imperial Sword').

    Renji Abarai - 6th Division lieutenant
    Shikai: Zabimaru - 蛇尾丸 (Serpent Tail)
    Command: Hoero (Howl!)
    Ability: The blade produces seven outward-jutting blades along its length and can be extended to great length and swung as a daggertail-like weapon. Each section is connected to the next by an elastic substance that allows the weapons elongation. It shouldn't be confused with his bankai that is held together by his spiritual power. However, if Zabimaru is broken, Renji can use his spirtual power to levitate the individual segments of the blade to strike the opponent. The move is called Higa Zekkou, it hurts Zabimaru as this isn't how the weapon is supposed to be used. This is a one shot attack as Renji doesn't have the spiritual power to do it a second time.
    Bankai: Hihiō Zabimaru - 狒狒王蛇尾丸 (Baboon King Zabimaru)
    Ability: The blade appears as a giant snake skeleton and can fully function as long as Renji has power left. All the sections of the skeleton are connected by his spiritual power, allowing him to connect and disconnect the sections of bone at will. That ability allows Zabimaru to continue fighting even if some sections are destroyed. Its attacks are a more powerful, larger-scale versions of Zabimaru's. It is however difficult to control its movement, due to its enormous size.
    Spirit: Baboon-like creature with a tail, similar to a Nue

    Sajin Komamura - 7th Division captain
    Shikai: Tenken - 天譴 (Heaven's Punishment)
    Command: Todoroke (Roar!)
    Ability: Creates a giant version of itself wielded by a disembodied hand.
    Bankai: Kokujyō Tengen Myōō - 黒縄天譴明王 (Black Cord Heaven's Punishment Buddhist)
    Ability: Unknown, but body of the hand that held the sword in shikai form appears, in the form of a gigantic, black-armoured warrior.

    Jirōbō Ikkanzaka - 7th Division 4th seat
    Shikai: Tsunzakigarasu - 劈烏 (Splitting Crow)
    Command: Habatakinasai (Flap away)
    Ability: Can transform into a number of double edged shuriken that dance around Jirōbō. If destroyed, he can sheath the sword again to summon more.

    Shunsui Kyōraku - 8th Division captain
    Shikai: Katenkyōkotsu - 花天狂骨 (Flower Heaven, Crazy Bone)
    Command: Hana Kaze Midarete Kashin Naki Tenpū Midarete Tenma Warau (Flowers are disturbed, God of Flowers weeps, Winds of Heaven blow, Demon of Heaven laughs)
    Ability: Unknown, turns into two identical, broad, curved scimitars. There are only two zanpakutō which are in a pair when in shikai mode.

    Tatsufusa Enjōji - 8th Division 3rd seat
    Shikai: Hōzan - 崩山 (Avalanche)
    Command: Ranbushiro (Dance madly!)
    Ability: Unknown

    Kaname Tōsen - 9th Division captain
    Shikai: Suzumushi - 清虫 (Pure Insects) --> Benihikō - 紅飛蝗 (Soaring Red Locust)
    Command: Nake (Sing!)
    Ability: The standard ability is to render Tōsen's opponents stunned with a ringing sound.
    Additional abilities: The second form (Benihikō) allows Tōsen to summon a barrage of slender blades that rain down on his opponent.
    Bankai: Enmakōroki - 閻魔蟋蟀 (Cricket Demon Of Darkness)
    Ability: Creates a dark space in battlefield that deprives the sight, smell, hearing, and spiritual sense of anyone enclosed in it, except for the wielder of the zanpakutō. It can be disrupted only when another person touches the hilt of this zanpakutō.

    Tōshirō Hitsugaya - 10th Division captain
    Shikai: Hyōrinmaru - 氷輪丸 (Ice Ring)
    Command: Sōten ni Zase (Sit in the frozen heavens!)
    Ability: Enables Tōshirō to exercise control over the weather, specifically wind and ice. It is noted to be the most powerful of all ice-based swords. The sword creates a Chinese style dragon of ice from the overflow of reiatsu. The only physical change in the sword is the addition of a chain with a crescent moon on the end.
    Bankai: Daiguren Hyōrinmaru - 大紅蓮氷輪丸 (Ice Ring of the Great Frozen Hell)
    Ability: Summons individually mobile ice "flowers", and creates a dragon of ice around Hitsugaya's arm, the mouth of which holds the handle of the sword (the fact it is a dragon is hard to notice until seen from a side view), and clawed, dragon-like feet of ice around Hitsugaya's own feet. The dragon also has wings of ice and a long tail he can use to hit and freeze an enemy with. It encompasses the battlefield with ice, presumably controllable by Hitsugaya. Anyone cut by it is encased in a block of ice. It is theorized that the bankai disappears after all the floating "flowers" of ice melt, since Hitsugaya is likely too young to have enough power control to hold Hyōrinmaru at its bankai form. It should be noted that the theory is orginated by Shawlong, a gillian-level arrancar, the ability of whom to accurately understand the nature of a shinigami's weapon being questionable.

    Rangiku Matsumoto - 10th Division lieutenant
    Shikai: Haineko - 灰猫 (Ash Cat)
    Command: Unare (Growl!)
    Ability: Unknown, but it will first turn itself into a cloud of ash.

    Maki Ichinose - former 11th Division member (anime only)
    Shikai: Nijigasumi (Rainbow Mist)
    Command: translated as Shimmering Light
    Ability: The blade generates a blinding light which cuts whatever it comes into contact with. The manipulation of light also serves to confuse the enemy of the actual direction Ichinose will swing Nijigasumi.

    Ikkaku Madarame - 11th Division 3rd seat
    Shikai: Hōzukimaru - 鬼灯丸 (Ghost Lamp) (translated as "Winter Cherry" by Viz in reference to the Chinese lantern plant) Commands: Nobiro (Grow!), Sakero (Split!)
    Ability: It takes on the appearance of a spear which leads many to believe that it is just that - a spear. It can then become a three-part staff and thus surprise opponents.
    Bankai: Ryūmon Hōzukimaru - 龍紋鬼灯丸 (Dragon Crest Ghost Lamp)
    Ability: It becomes a trio of huge axe-like blades connected by a chain with dragon design on them which begins to fill with crimson dye. When the design is completely filled, the full destructive force of Ikkaku's bankai surfaces. However, the force of unleashing so much power can leave his zanpakutō's edge brittle.

    Yumichika Ayasegawa - 11th Division 5th seat
    Shikai: Fujikujaku - 藤孔雀 (Wisteria Peacock)
    Commands: Sake! (Bloom!), Sakikurue
    Ability: Transforms into a fan of four scythe-like blades. Yumichika pretends this is his sword's only ability. Its true power is that it can absorb an opponent's spiritual energy. This is a kidō (demon arts) type ability, so Yumichika does not reveal it except to his enemies, for fear of being despised for it.

    Mayuri Kurotsuchi - 12th Division captain
    Shikai: Ashisogijizō - 疋殺地蔵 (Beast Killing Jizō)
    Command: Kakimushire (Tear off!/Pillage!)
    Ability: Paralyzes Kurotsuchi's opponents when it hits, but allows them to feel more pain than normal. If Kurotsuchi stabs himself with it, he turns into liquid and cannot be attacked (but cannot attack either). He will require a few days to return back to normal form.
    Bankai: Konjiki Ashisogijizō - 金色疋殺地蔵 (Golden Beast Killing Jizō)
    Ability: Becomes a large slug-like creature with a grotesque infant's head, armed with blades in its stomach. It emits a toxic gaseous poison over a large radius that will kill whomever inhales it. The chest can also reveal a cache of spike-like weapons which this monster can charge at it's opponent with.

    Jūshirō Ukitake - 13th Division captain
    Shikai: Sōgyo no Kotowari - 双魚の理 (Truth of Pisces)
    Command: Namie Kotogotoku, waga tate to nare. Ikazuchi kotogotoku, waga yaiba to nare (Every wave be my shield, every thunder become my blade!)
    Ability: Unknown, but it is one of the two known zanpakutō that exists as a pair when released. Each of the resulting swords has an additional, reverse blade projecting from the opposite edge. A length of ribbon with five rectangular pieces of metal connects the two ends of the hilts. The true ability of the zanpakutō is still unknown.

    Kaien Shiba(deceased)
    Shikai: Nejibana - 捩花 (Screw Flower)
    Command: Suiten Sakamake (Uncoil the liquid heavens!)
    Ability: Unknown, because it exploded on its only initial release in Bleach. In the new video game for the Gamecube, Bleach GC: Tasogare Ni Mamieru Shinigami, Kaien's shikai is revealed to be some sort of trident.

    Rukia Kuchiki
    Shikai: Sode no Shirayuki - 袖の白雪 (Sleeve's White Snow)
    Command: Mae (Dance!)
    Ability: Upon the initial release, the blade, crossguard, and hilt all turn white, and a white ribbon is created from the sword's hilt. The command First Dance, White Moon allows Rukia to create a circle around her intended target; everything in Sode no Shirayuki's circle of influence (and upwards, until it reaches the sky) is frozen. Sode no Shirayuki is considered to be one of the most beautiful zanpakutō in all of Soul Society.

    Zennosuke Kurumatani
    Shikai: Tsuchinamazu - 土鯰 (Soil Catfish)
    Command: Ohayo (Good Morning!)
    Ability: Unknown

    Arrancar are Hollow/Shinigami hybrids and appear humanoid. Their zanpakutō are radically different from a normal shinigami's; the main difference is that arrancar zanpakutō are not living beings. Arrancar in their true form are unhuman--some transform into huge sizes, while others remain humanoid but transform some other aspect of their body. Arrancar seal this power into their zanpakutō for two purposes: to remain humanoid and maintain a reasonable size, as well as to conserve power (in this respect, it is similar to a shinigami release). Arrancar are believed to only have one release, since their standard form rivals that of a shinigami using his shikai.

    Edorad Leones
    Shikai: Volcanica - 火山獣
    Note: The kanji compound literally means "volcanic beast", but is pronounced 'volcanica' (borukanika), and does not use its Japanese or Chinese readings.
    Command: Okiro (Awake!)
    Ability: Generates armour on both arms, similar to Chad's right arm. Also allows for Edorad to attack with massive torrents of fire from his arms to engulf his opposition.

    Il Forte Grantz
    Shikai: Del Toro - 蒼角王子
    Note: The kanji literally mean "blue/pale horn prince", but does not take on the Japanese or Chinese readings. It is read in katakana and means "of the bull" in Spanish.
    Command: Tsukikudake (Charge and Crush/Skewer!)
    Ability: Generates an armour around Il Forte such that he resembles a long-horned bull; in this form, he also walks on four legs. He uses his huge horns to as a primary means of attack.

    Shawlong Qu Fong
    Shikai: Tijereta - 五鋏蟲
    Note: The kanji literally means "five scissor insect", but does not take on the Japanese or Chinese readings. It is read in katakana and means earwig, a type of insect, in Spanish. The similar word "Tijera" means "scissors".
    Command: Tate (Sever!/Cut!)
    Ability: Scissor-like claws appear on Shawlong's hands as well as a tail. He uses his hands in melee combat.

    Soul Society
    Soul Society is ruled by a royal family. Farther down, the Royal Guard and the shinigami enforce order in Soul Society, whereas the Central 46 Chambers serves as the judiciary. All the above, except the royal family, reside in the Seireitei (see below).
    The king and the royal family reside in a separate dimension in the very core of Soul Society, which can only be opened with a key, fittingly named the Royal Key (王鍵 ōken).[1] The king's practical role is unknown. The king seems to have no interest in politics and leaves the Central 46 Chambers to such affairs. According to Rangiku Matsumoto, no shinigami in the Gotei 13 has ever seen the king.

    Rukongai (流魂街 lit. wandering soul city) is divided into 320 districts (80 in North Rukongai, 80 in West Rukongai, etc.), each numbered in descending order on how far they are from the center; this results in the higher-numerated (and farther) districts decaying into slums. Thus, while District 1 is peaceful and lawful (and in many cases resembles the antiseptic lifestyle of early-Edo era Kyoto), District 80 is a hardscrabble, violent, crime-infested area that more depicts Heian era Kyoto. There is no indication that the shinigami or any other agencies patrol the streets of rukongai, and as a result, the citizenry are mainly responsible for their day-to-day welfare.

    So far, only four names of Rukongai districts are known:

    1 - Junrinan (潤林安), part of West Rukongai
    Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Momo Hinamori, and Jidanbō, the West Gate Keeper, came from here. When he comes to Soul Society, the spirit of Yūichi Shibata, the boy who inhabited Chad's parakeet, also comes to reside here. According to Sōsuke Aizen, West Rukongai is also the "headquarters" of Kisuke Urahara.
    78 - Inuzuri, the South Alley of Flowing Spirits
    Both Rukia Kuchiki and Renji Abarai grew up here.
    79 - Kusajishi (草鹿), the North Alley of Loitering Spirits
    Yachiru Kusajishi was found here by Kenpachi Zaraki.
    80 - Zaraki (更木), the North Alley of Loitering Spirits
    Kenpachi Zaraki came from here.

    Seireitei (瀞霊廷, lit. court of pure souls) is in the center of Soul Society, a circular shirō with four main entrances, each guarded by a Gate Guardian. The walls are made of deathstone, a material known to sap all spiritual and psychic energy when one portion is faced in a particular direction, similar to magnetic lodestones.

    The majority of the residents of Seireitei, nobility and shinigami alike, do not interact with the citizens of Rukongai. However, residents of Rukongai are allowed to apply for the shinigami academy, which is often the only escape from the poorest conditions of Rukongai. Some Seireitei residents, such as shinigami Yoruichi Shihouin and the Shiba clan, do maintain residences outside the castle.
    The shinigami army is arranged into three corps: Gotei 13 (Thirteen Court Divisions), Demon Arts corps, and the Onmitsukidō (Covert/Special Ops corps).

    Demon Arts Corps
    Nothing is known about the demon arts corps (鬼道衆 kidōshū), except that it takes students from the Shinigami Academy who excel in demon arts and that its operations are absolute secrecy.
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    Covert Ops Corps
    The Covert Ops (隠密機動 onmitsukidō), also called Special Ops and Secret Mobile Unit/Corps (the latter being the more accurate translation), has five divisions, the top-ranked one being the Executive Militia (刑軍 keigun). The fifth division is called the Reversal Counter Force, or Correctional Force (裏挺隊 riteitai).[1] Other division names or functions are unknown.

    Formerly headed by Yoruichi Shihouin, the current leader of the Covert Ops is Captain Soi Fong of the Gotei 13's 2nd Division. Little else is known about the Covert Ops' operations.

    The Covert Ops Corps is headed by a corps commander (軍団長 gundanchō), the real-life equivalent being Lieutenant General.

    It is unknown how other ranks work in the corps, but like in Gotei 13, the leader of the corps generally also commands its top division, the Executive Militia. Unlike in the Gotei 13 however, the corps commander has several bodyguards.


    The Executive Militia uniform, as seen in the manga and anime respectively.The general Covert Ops corps uniform appears to be the standard shinigami uniform.

    However, the Executive Militia uniform is different from the Gotei 13; overall it resembles a ninja uniform. It has no visible white undergarments and the sash is dark as opposed to white. There is a headpiece that covers the bottom part of the face and sometimes the top, but not the eyes. There are also no sandals like on the standard shinigami uniform, but only socks. Presumably this is for silence of movement. Tight bands are worn on the legs and arms to keep the clothes from moving too much, presumably for the same purpose.

    Note: In the anime, members of the Executive Militia also wear their head covering on the top, not just the bottom (see image). Also, the sash is black.

    The leader of the militia wears the same uniform, except that the back and shoulders are exposed. This is because they use an advanced technique, which combines hand to hand combat and demon arts, called shunkō (瞬閧). When activated, the high spiritual pressure accumulated at the shoulders and back will blast away clothes at these parts and so the uniform was made without them.[4]

    The Correctional Force uniform is radically different - soldiers wear a white uniform, long piece of headgear, and a backpack.[1]
    insignia for each division respectively

    Four forms of combat used by shinigamis. and their training at academy
    The shinigami have four forms of combat: zanjutsu (swordsmanship), hakuda (hand-to-hand), hohō (foot combat) and kidō (demon arts).

    One of the four forms of shinigami combat, and probably the most common, is zanjutsu (斬術, lit. cutting technique; translated as swordsmanship). In this form of combat, a shinigami fights with his zanpakutō. A zanpakutō (lit. soul cutting sword; translated to soul cutter in the American version) is a shinigami's weapon, and a measure of his/her power and ability. Initially similar to a katana, it is a living spirit, tied in to the shinigami that carries it. In addition to its basic form, each zanpakutō has two enhanced forms: shikai ("initial release"), and bankai ("full release"), in which the shape of the sword varies radically to suit additional needs. Senior shinigami must master the initial release, and only the strongest of the shinigami – usually captains and above – are able to use bankai.

    Not much is known about hakuda (白打, lit. white hits, refers to hand-to-hand combat), though the shinigami who mentions it is presumably a master of this form since he displays the ability to block sword attacks with his bare hands.

    Covert Ops corps troops, especially those of higher ranks such as Soi Fong, are known to be well-trained in hand-to-hand combat.

    Not much is known about hohō (歩法, foot combat). Flash Steps (shunpo), essentially moving faster than normal eyes can follow (so that one appears to teleport), is the only technique that has thus far been implied (in the anime) to belong to this type of combat.

    Main article: Demon arts
    The demon arts (鬼道 kidō) are a type of combat or healing sorcery used by shinigami. Demon arts spells are divided into two major groups: blast spells (破道 hadō), used for direct attack, and binding spells (縛道 bakudō), which are spells that restrain or involves restraining someone. To perform a demon arts spell, one must call out the incantation for the spell, similar to releasing a zanpakutō. It is also possible to bypass the incantation for spells, as with the shikai release, however, each level gets successively harder to cast with success or full effectiveness. Even experienced captains cannot bypass a level 90 spell while maintaining its full power.

    The majority of training for individuals wanting to become shinigami is done through the Shinigami Academy. This is a 6-year academy, training its students to fight hollows (see Combat) and do soul burial duties.

    While it is not clear, this academy seems to have been founded by Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai about 2000 years before the main Bleach storyline.
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    Here is all I can come up with, can anyone else fill in the blanks?

    Division #1 General/ Leadership
    Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai

    Division #2 Covert Ops (aks Special Ops and Secret Mobile Unit/Corps)
    Soi Fong

    Division #3

    Division #4 Medical and Supply
    Retsu Unohana

    Division #5

    Division #6
    Byakuya Kuchiki

    Division #7
    Sajin Komamura

    Division #8
    Shunsui Kyōraku

    Division #9

    Division #10
    Tōshirō Hitsugaya

    Division #11 Battle Division (specialization in swordsmanship)
    Kenpachi Zaraki

    Division #12 Research/Scientific
    Mayuri Kurotsuchi

    Division #13
    Jūshirō Ukitake
    101 Rx = + /_\

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    Quote Originally Posted by IT0
    Division #11 Battle Division (specialization in swordsmanship)
    Kenpachi Zaraki
    11th squad is not a battle division specialized in swordmanship. 11th squad is characterized by the attitudes of the members who always seek and enjoy battles. They have a thirst for fights which others necessarily haven't.

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    Hey thanx alot man
    the info was great
    learned alot
    always held questions
    they were now all answered


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