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    Default ch227. The Swordless Soldier

    The Japanese script for this chapter is out, also some translations for it and some pics... head over at to take a look at them...

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    Thanks for the news. :d Aizen looks so evil in that last picture.

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    Hmm... I wonder if Inoue will join Aizen (it'll give her a chance to improve her skills and get repect from the others), then eventually betry him and rejoin Ichigo.

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    I'm really starting to wonder why Orihime's abilities are so special. Then again, Aizen also considers Ichigo special too.

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    Fanning: Is that... chuckling piercing the night!?

    Yumichika: Oh my------- so adorable!!! Hahahaha!! What an enchanting glamourous tastes she has!

    (Ikkaku headbutts Yumichika; it appears he's got some freaky threads on.)

    Ikkaku: ...Stuff it! All you do is ramble on and on...

    Matsumoto: HAAAHAAA!!

    Ikkaku: Ma-Ma-Ma-Matsumoto!? How-where-wha?

    Matsumoto: No one locked the front, so I let myself in. I suppose it's not exactly the wisest choice to stay at strategically. Guessin' that this place warped your tastes as well?

    Translation Notes: Matsumoto's ragging on the place because it seems like it'd be a hard place to defend in an emergency.

    Ikkaku: All of these are just hand-me-downs from the owner!!

    Matsumoto: Sooo you're just going to take 'em and leave it like that!?

    Ikkaku: Of course!! If they're putting me up for free room and board, I have no choice!!

    Matsumoto: That so? I always rail on about that sort of stuff.

    Ikkaku: Hey, so who's the unlucky soul who has to be haunted by you...?

    Yumichika: Hm, it's that girl, Orihime-chan. My guess is she saw you and took pity--

    (The door opens again and in comes Keigo.)

    Keigo: I'm baaaaaaaack... Ikkaku-san, Yumichika-san... anything new?

    (Keigo zeroes in on Matsumoto's rack.)

    Keigo: YAUS!!! Be it a sweet vision or sweeter reality, the second advent of the divine cleavage is upon me!! Though constricted with fabric, I can easily spy those ridiculously vuluptuous breasts!

    Translation Notes: As you can see, Aki's definitely got no problem translating Keigo's inane crap-rambles that spout out of his mouth.

    (Keigo gets a kick thrown at him. Though this time he raises his block and stands his ground.)

    Matsumoto: !

    Keigo: Heh heh... looks like I'm being... looked down upon. You won't be able to beat Asano Keigo twi--

    (Matsumoto lands a second kick to the head.)

    Ikkaku: ...Yo, just because he's a little clingy doesn't warrant all of that you just did.

    Matsumoto: You're right, I lost myself there.

    Mizuhu: Yoohoo, honey, I'm hooooome! Oh, have you been good while I was away--

    Mizuho: !?

    (Mizuho sees Matsumoto and immediately separates her from Ikkaku's side.)

    Mizuho: ...Sorry... I think I've got the wrong room... WAIT!!! No, this has gotta be some kind of sick prank. Who the hell are you!!?

    Matsumoto: ...Is everyone here this batty?

    Ikkaku: Get used to it, it's a downward spiral from here on out. So, why did you drop by anyway?

    Bleach c227 - The Swordless Soldier
    Cover: The Asano siblings; Mizuho takes center stage, Keigo behind her

    Fanning: Rally under our flag!!

    (Scene changes to the Urahara Shoten.)

    Urahara: Oh, hey there Inoue-san, long time no see~

    Orihime: ...haaah...

    Urahara: It's been nothing but hairy men around this joint recently... It'd be lovely to finally have a feminine air about the place! Here, please sit!

    Orihime: Sado-kun... Renji-kun... Mmm... Urahara-san.

    Chad: Ugh!!

    Renji: Urahara-san! He's finally emptied the tank. We're done for now!

    Orihime: Sado-kun!

    Urahara: Tessai! Ururu! Please bring Sado-san back to his senses!

    Orihime: !

    Chad: ...Ho... Hold on... I've still got... a bit left...!

    Renji: ...Drop the machismo man, it's getting old.

    Orihime: ...Urahara-san... I was told that... you wanted to speak with me?

    Urahara: ...Ah, the 10th Division's Matsumoto-san visited a short time back.

    Orihime: !

    Urahara: I take it you've already heard about the Ouken? She's probably filled in Madarame-san by now. By all means, it was a bit unsettling to be talking about such matters, but nevertheless we've begun preparations for war along with Soul Society. It'll likely that a lot of blood will be spilt in this decsive battle royale. And, if that wasn't enough, it's been decided that our allied forces will need even greater power than what we've previously needed.

    Translation Notes: Err, yeah, Aki originally didn't include the "battle royale" bit. That's another horrible attempt of mine at putting puns (The war is over the Ouken; the "Royal Key") into a script u____u. Apologies in advance...

    Orihime: ...Yes, I've also wanted... to get stronger as well...!

    Urahara: ...I see. In that case, Inoue-san, I have to kep you out of this approaching conflict.

    Orihime: ......Wha...?

    Urahara: After the skirmish with the Arrancar, Tsubaki has yet to recover, am I right?

    Orihime: ...Yes... He was so badly injured after... I had no idea how to go about restoring him.

    Urahara: He's your only aide in battle. If he's lost, you can't march to meet the enemy; it's painfully obvious.

    Chad: ...Wa...Wait... Urahara-san...! Inoue's a friend... She was indispensible in Soul Society... You can't just leave her on the backburner if she wants to improve her skills!

    Orihime: ...Sado-kun...

    Urahara: Well, isn't someone here a bit deluded? Are you saying you want her to die?

    Chad: No! Her powers are more valuable outside of combat... She's got considerable defensive and healing abilities!

    Urahara: I already know about the Shun Shun Rikka's capacity for defense; they won't be of much use to us. As for healing, we already have the 4th Division for that. Chances are that both Captain Unohana and Vice-Captain Kotetsu's leadership will suffice. There are plenty of people who can cover for Inoue-san.

    Chad: But...

    Urahara: Stop being stubborn! A soldier without a sword is nothing but a liability.

    Chad: Urahara-san!!

    Orihime: ...Fine.

    Chad: ...Inoue...?

    Inoue: ...It's okay... Thanks Sado-kun... Thank you, Urahara-san... It makes sense now... Excuse me!

    (Orihime bolts away from the area.)

    Chad: Inoue!! ...Abarai...!

    Renji: Hold on, Urahara-san's right. The 4th Division's forte may be healing, but they've undergone the same battle conditioning as the other 12 Divisions have. Inoue, despite the fact she may have healing abilities, is still only human. Besides, she just doesn't carry the right disposition into a fight; this is an ideal opportunity for her to give it up...

    Chad: ...Inoue...

    (Urahara stares off, his gaze fixated somewhere in the distance.)

    Translation Notes: Almost didn't think that Urahara had that within his character; poor Orihime, but she knows that she's really got nothing to offer the allied forces besides a "damsel-in-distress" situation. Though, speaking of that...

    (The scene changes to Aizen reviewing the contents of Ulquiorra's eye and the footage within.)

    Aizen: ...Interesting power there, little girl...

    Fanning: Orihime runs from the bite of those bitter words. However, an even more biting stare trails behind her...

    Translation Notes: ...And there's your kicker. If Aizen wants to capitalize on this prospective gold mine of an ability, he better do so now to save us all a four month timeskip. In case you don't remember, back when Ulquiorra and Yamii descended to Karakura Town to neutralize Ichigo way back in v22, Orihime had to heal Chad's arm. It was then that Ulquiorra concluded that her powers were not truly healing, but were restorative in that they were possibly some sort of space-time manipulation. It was enough to raise one of Ulquiorra's eyebrows, and now it's raised one of Aizen's.

    End of c227.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hitsugaya-The-Great
    I'm really starting to wonder why Orihime's abilities are so special. Then again, Aizen also considers Ichigo special too.

    The mere fact that they are humans (who normally shouldnt have any spirit force, furthermore none abilities) makes them very special... I know this is the way of Shonen, but the Shinigamis should no doubt find them special, since their growth is insane... They became as powerful as captains in just, what, 1 year or something like that?

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    How is it that someone from Stop Tazmo always forgets to read the script notes at the very top of the original post on MH? I mean, c'mon, I'd let this slide if you at least credited me, but you didn't even do that highten.

    At the very least, if you want to cross-post (despite the fact I preferred you not), place a link back to MH and some credits to the translators. I'm sure that pocketmofo would be just as bugged by this if it had been his script that was the one lifted.
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    Default bleach 227 HQ raw

    bleach 227 HQ raw scan by the touch
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    They way they have been talking about Inoue's powers makes me believe that Aizen will try and use her to gain access to the king of Soul Society, rather than using the key. If not that, maybe he will try and find some way to employ time travel through the use of her powers.

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    Default Plot Divise

    Aizen will difinately kidnap Orihime if only because it is the only way to get Ishida helping them. Kubo Tite had to give him some really good reason to break his promise to his father and what better than to have him rescue the girl he's crushing on.

    And I doubt Aizen will actually Orihime on his side considering he's pure evil and she's the most innocent character in the show.


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