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    Default c226 - The Right of The Heart [Draft]

    chapter 226 has been translated in mangahelpers
    original link:

    Translation Notes: Well, I have to get to class... LIKE NOW! I'll reformat later with notes and total coverage on the plethora of Quincy techniques used in this battle.

    Aki: Please forgive me! You can beat on me later for all the errors I know you'll find in this first draft!
    Fanning: The encounter leaves ripples like a small stone cast into water.

    Kensei: Che... Just who exactly was that woman...?!

    Lisa: She just chatted with Ichigo and ran off...

    Rose: Seems as if she's one if Ichigo's friends.

    Hirako: Ah, that was... Orihime-chan.

    Everyone?: Ah!? You two've met already, Shinji!?

    Hirako: ...Orihime-chan's my... love at first sight.

    Kensei: So desperate you gotta lie then.

    Lisa: You're like that with everyone, Shinji. I recall you using the same line for me before.

    Rose: (...She considers herself cute...?)

    Rose: With everyone?! Well, that's weird! How come I never heard that about me!?

    Shinji: Duh, it'd be screwy if I did!

    Ichigo: Caught you off guard!

    Hiyori: Erk!

    Love: ...Hatch.

    Translation Note: Love/Rabu's name is now transcribed into kanji using the characters for "gauze" and "warrior." Apparently, this can also be taken to mean "silken warrior" or even "Roman warrior." There's no final furigana mentioned in the script to finally settle things, so I'll wait till the raw comes out to change Love to Rabu if need be.

    Hatch: Yes?

    Love: Your barrier work was flawless, don't worry about us questioning its integrity.

    Translation Note: This time Love/Rabu is written with the kanji for "gauze" and "department." What a strange name... the first one fits better.

    Hatch: ...I see.

    Love: Though, just how did Orihime-chan find this place... let alone break in?

    Translation Note: ...Back to using Love/Rabu using "gauze" and "warrior."

    Hatch: ...I'm not too sure myself. Well... I'm under the impression she has an innate capacity for searching out spirits... and possesses similar abilities to my own... so she really did seek us out.

    Hatch: Perhaps, that is the final say on this matter... with those powers she was able to penetrate the perimeter and infiltrate the area.

    Hatch: However, a mere human being able to do that... now that is really difficult to buy.

    (The panels switch back outside.)

    ???: Finally sniffed you out... Inoue.

    Orihime: Yoruichi-san...!

    Yoruichi: ...Kisuke asked me to search for you. If you would, please come along immediately... we're headed for the underground training chamber.

    Bleach c226 - The Right of The Heart

    Fanning: Something awaits at the depths of Orihime's powers!? As for Ishida...

    (The scene changes to the Karakura Town general hospital.)

    Uryuu: Haah...haah...hah...ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...

    (A myriad of arrows fly at Uryuu. He dodges them, but loses his footing and falls off a ledge.)

    Uryuu: Da..damn! The chalice tilts to the west...(Ishenkutsuhi) 『Teal Wine Grail (Vurukooru)』 !!

    (Uryuu releases a shockwave at the oncoming ground to break his fall.)

    Ryuuken: ...So that's where you kept the silver tubes... you've proven to be quite the cautious one.

    Uryuu: Haah... calling me a coward, eh... haah... at least say it so I can hear it... haah...

    Ryuuken: ------That's the spirit.

    (Ryuuken resumes filling the air with arrows. Uryuu tries to take action.)

    Ryuuken: Well now, how do you intend to escape this!? You're moves are sluggish! Is this your limit?!!

    (Ryuuken continues firing away.)

    Uryuu: The limit... it certainly feels like mine... my arms will eventually start to go right after my legs... though his reiatsu's tapered off as well...

    Uryuu: "More of this and your powers will return" he says, but I haven't even felt any progress... I'm not sure why he would lie about this, but if this keeps up, I'll end being killed by him...

    Uryuu: The limit... I can only end this training by stopping his degree of movement...! This is it, now or never!

    Ryuuken: !

    Uryuu: (My final silver tube------!)

    (Uryuu gets the jump on Ryuuken and prepares his final silver tube).

    Uryuu: The silver rod taps the five hands of the decaying stone floor (Tsuierutor iiku fon kiitsu haruto fieruto), 『Five Frames of Restraint (Gurittsu)』.

    (Appendages shoot out of the silver tube and wrap around Ryuuken.)

    Uryuu: (Yes!!)

    Uryuu: Na...

    (The appendages crumble, revealing Ryuuken's bow, now much larger, at the ready.)

    Ryuuken: ------Such a disappointing finale.

    (An arrow nails Uryuu in the chest.)

    Uryuu: (------This is then--- ...Shit.)

    (Uryuu collapses.)

    Ryuuken: ...Reaching your mind and body's thresholds... then receiving a spirit arrow wound 19 milimiters on the righthand side of your heart's sinoatrial node・・・

    Ryuuken: This procedure you see before you, is the only way to restore those who have fallen after attaining the ultimate of Quincy powers.
    (Ishida passes out after the ordeal, a Quincy Cross-shaped scar burned on his chest.)

    Ryuuken: ...Pfft... Why didn't you use the "Sacred Bite" back there? You could've at least injured me instead of wasting time with the "Five Frames of Restraint."

    Ryuuken: ...That's why you'll always end up short. Anyway, I guess you get off easy for now.

    Fanning: The archer with his abilities returned now sets off for the field of battle!

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    hm.. here's another translation.. it's more clearer..
    original link:

    Here's a quick translation of the text (the only things that don't make much sense are Ishida's little capsule techniques since they are in French or some made up language). Enjoy!

    *Their meeting invariably calls on a ripple, like a pebble dropping into the water.

    Kensei: ****…just who the hell was that girl…!

    Risa: All she did was talk to Ichigo and then she left suddenly…

    Rose: Seems like she’s a friend of Ichigo.

    Hirako: That girl’s…Orihime-chan.

    Someone: Huh!? What, you know her or something, Shinji!?

    Hirako: …Orihime-chan’s…my first love.

    Kensei: Another bold-faced lie.

    Risa: Shinji, you say that about all cute girls. You said that about me before too.

    Rose (…Is she trying to call herself cute as well…)

    Hiyori: You say that about all the cute girls!? That’s pretty weird!! I don’t remember having that said about me!!

    Hirako: That’s because I never said it to you, idiot.

    Ichigo: No fooling around!! (or Pay attention!!)

    Hiyori: Whoa!!

    Love: …Hatchi.

    Hatchi: Yes.

    Love: Your barriers are perfect, there’s no doubt about that.

    Hatchi: …Yes.

    Love: And yet that Orihime girl was able to search this place out…and not only that, managed to come in here.

    Hatchi: …Simply put, I don’t really know. But…at the very least…the impression I got from checking out her spiritual energy up close was…that she possesses barrier abilities that are similar to mine…that’s what I was able to sense. In all likelihood, only someone with that kind of ability like her would have been able to find this place…and not only that have been able to slip through my barrier and enter here. It’s hard to believe that someone who’s ‘still only human’ could possess that sort of ability.

    *Scene change

    ?: So this is where you’ve been…Inoue.

    Inoue: …Yoruichi-san…!

    Yoruichi: …Kisuke asked me to search for you. He wanted me to take you to the underground study room as soon as possible.

    Bleach226.The Right of The Heart

    *No main page
    *What is lurking at the bottom of Orihime’s powers? Meanwhile, Ishida---

    *Scene change, Ishida General Hospital

    Ishida: …*pant*…*pant*…*pant*…

    *A large number of arrows are fired at Ishida. Ishida, trying to dodge them, trips and falls off the cliff face.

    Ishida: …da…****! (this translation is a bit weird but…) Cup, tip westward. “Vercol”
    (green cup or some such madness).

    *Ishida’s impact from landing is softened slightly after he fires those at the ground.

    Ryuuken: …You’re still hiding a few of those capsules on you…you are quite the precautious one.

    Ishida: …*pant*…it almost sounds like…I’m being called…*pant*...a coward…

    Ryuuken: --That’s exactly right.

    *Ryuuken once again starts to fire a lot of arrows. Ishida continues to doge them.

    Ryuuken: What’s wrong, you call that running! Your evasion speed is slowing! So is this your limit!!

    *Ryuuken continues to fire arrows.

    Ishida: My limit…he’s right…I can’t even move my arms and legs anymore…but his spiritual energy is also getting weaker…

    Ishida: He said that if I kept dodging arrows that my powers would return, but I still have yet to see any sign of them…I still can’t be sure whether or not he’s lying…whatever the case if this keeps up then I’m going to get killed and this will be all over…

    Ishida: This is it…I have to try and stop him from moving and put an end to this training…And that chance is now!

    Ryuuken: !

    Ishida: (this is the last capsule--!)

    *Ishida jumps in front of Ryuuken and uses his last capsule.

    Ishida: The silver whip comes down and knocks the five stones to the floor. Five point binding!

    *The thing that came out of the capsule envelops Ryuuken…

    Ishida: (yes!!)

    Ishida: Wha…

    *The thing covering Ryuuken breaks away, and Ryuuken is drawing back with an even larger bow than the one before.

    Ryuuken: --what a shame. It’s over.

    *The arrow strikes Ishida in the chest.

    Ishida (he got me…****…)

    *Ishida falls.

    Ryuuken: …pruning him back mentally and physically to his absolute limit…being hit by a spirit arrow 19 mm to the right of his heart’s sinoatrial node in that condition…
    That is the only way to return power to a Quincy who has lost their power by using the Quincy’s final form.
    *Quincy’s final form (see fight with Mayuri)

    *A now passed out Ishida has a scar on his chest in the shape of the Quincy Cross.

    Ryuuken: …I swear…Why didn’t he use the “Holy…” back there…if he had used that instead of the Five Point Binding…it would have at least injured me if not taken me out…that’s why keep calling you an idiot. Well…I’ll let you off the hook for today.

    *The archer, his powers revived, heads once again into the sea of battle.

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    Really interesting chapter and I love your sig. Looks like the training portion is about to end.

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    on the contrary, it has only begun. we still havent seen what will happen to ichigo, renji, chad, or orihime yet. sure, we know they are training, but there has yet to be any results except for ichigo, who can call out his masks for 4 seconds only.

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    Default bleach 226 LQ raw

    download it here

    for english scanlation

    get it -->link 1
    -->link 2
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    So Ishida's almost back in the game... at an unknown level of power.

    I expect to see most of these people showing off their powers in battles, instead of us seeing them achieve them with training. Then again... that's more Naruto style than Bleach.

    Wonder what Orihime will become if she gets stronger.

    Hmm... i wonder if Ichigo who caused his friends' powers, remains linked to them, and can be empowered by them to some degree.

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    what about Rukia? What type of power upgrade will they give her? we haven't seen her in 9 chapters. I wonder what type of upgrade will she get, i Foresee Bankai!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spawn
    So Ishida's almost back in the game... at an unknown level of power.

    I expect to see most of these people showing off their powers in battles, instead of us seeing them achieve them with training. Then again... that's more Naruto style than Bleach.

    Wonder what Orihime will become if she gets stronger.

    Hmm... i wonder if Ichigo who caused his friends' powers, remains linked to them, and can be empowered by them to some degree.
    i think they all have separate powers now so i dont see that happening


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