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    Default c225 Slip into my Barrier

    wasn't expecting a chapter this week, but...just found a script for c225 over at (under bleach - translations)

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    Well.... leaks happen. Especially if you noticed there have been a couple of mangas that have appeared that werent supposed to be out this week

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    Meh, that chapter...was...boring. <.<...They could've showed more of the training with Sado, or Renji/Matsumoto, etc reactions...

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    Like always Djudge preferes linking back rather than reposting so here's the link to his Script

    This is the script at the time I found it:
    Quote Originally Posted by Djudge
    Script Notes: So this time Aki's back in full swing and fresh off her Spring Break to help me out with scripts again. You can probably tell since she sprinkled every other line or so with her personal touch, so overall it just seemed to flow a lot better than me and my rigid robotic scripting.

    Anyway, remember guys, Golden Week is upon us so don't fret around when our favorite series take a break.

    Also as always, please link back and don't cross-post.
    Orihime: (That cat... and those birds, both of them just skirting around a perimeter... It doesn't look like any living entity can get near that place... It's that barrier; it won't let them perceive the space within. All of that stuff inside's been blocked from the perception of those who approach the area. It's not far removed from my own powers, but what is such a potent thing doing around here anyway?
    Translation Notes: Essentially, if you don't get Orihime's analysis of the area, Hatch's Vizard technique pretty much removes a set area from the perception of those that are not greatly spiritually attuned.
    Bleach c225 - Slip Into My Barrier

    Hiyori: Not fast enough Ichigo! Do it again!

    Ichigo: Cram it already, I know!

    (Ichigo manifests his Hollow mask in hand, but it quickly crumbles. Hiyori tries to boot him, but he blocks with his left forearm.)

    Ichigo: That smarts.

    Hiyori: Like I told you, you're way too slow in calling out your mask! It has to be done in a totally fluid movement.

    Hatch: Doesn't look like he can prolong the time he can preserve that state.

    Hirako: Though, it's not something you can get right off the bat.

    Kensei: Four seconds.

    (Kensei catches a piece of Ichigo's mask; he crumbles it in his hand.)

    Hirako: Pretty fleeting.

    Little Girl Vizard: Oi, oi, why are we having Berry-tan do this again?
    Translation Notes: Remember, she likes to call Ichigo "Berry." This is of course, if for some reason you don't know by now @_@, Ichigo's name when romanized into English is a homonym that can also mean strawberry in the original language. However, Japanese immediately specifies correct denotation of the meaning of Ichigo's name since it's written in kanji.
    Kensei: He's being conditioned so he can have possession of his Hollow abilities longer; something that you should be doing as well.

    Little Girl Vizard: Pfft, that's child's play.

    Kensei: "Child's play," eh?
    Translation Notes: Sorry, couldn't resist making the pun here... I apologize in advance...
    Hirako: Well, Shiro here could maintain her mask for 15 or more hours straight. Anyway, conditioning for time extensions by yourself is fairly odd.
    Translation Notes: Hence, from here on out, the "Little Girl Vizard" character will be named "Shiro" in all of her future lines.
    Kensei: Hmm, I have to admit that slipped my mind.

    Shiro: And that's why you're a screwball.

    Kensei: You little!

    Hatch: Please collect yourselves.

    Hirako: Something amiss?

    Hatch: An intruder has broken through the barrier.

    Vizards: !

    Love: Shinigami?

    Hatch: Can't be, I applied the "Hachigyou Sougake;" it's my home-brew specialty. No Shinigami Kidou should be able to break through a Vizard technique.
    Translation Notes: The Vizard technique is written with the kanji for "eight," "pairs," and "cliffs."
    Kensei: Then is it another Vizard?!

    Hachi: No idea... The thing is they didn't really destroy the barrier in any way, they simply weaved through it. No Vizard should be able to do that.

    Kensei: Then what kind of person could pull that off? Here they are...

    Kensei: It's a hu-human!

    Orihime: Ah, er, mmmm, ah, I'm trying to find the bathroom. Heh, just kidding!

    Kensei: WHAT!?

    Lisa: When people say they're "kidding," it's called an attempt at humor.

    Love: Who would kid around after sneaking in here...

    Hiyori: The hell are you doing there Ichigo!?

    Ichigo: Da-damn it!

    Orihime: Kurosaki-kun!

    Ichigo: Inoue!!
    Translation Notes: Generally, it should be understood here that a time lapse has occurred to cover the whole recap from Orihime to Ichigo.
    Ichigo: ---------- ...Understood.

    Orihime: .........

    Ichigo: What's wrong?

    Orihime: It doesn't seem as if you're surprised about any of this.

    Ichigo: Oh, that's not true. Right now though, the ouken matter hasn't really sunk in just yet. So, just cheer up Inoue. Everything's going to work out, I'm going to beat Aizen. Right now, it looks like I can get even stronger; I can feel it in the fiber of my being. But, still, thanks for coming all the way here to fill me in. Okay, back to training with Hiyori.

    Hiyori: It's Ms. Hiyori, baldie!

    Orihime: (That's how it is. It really isn't because the ouken news hadn't sunk in, it's that this is training is more important right now. However dire his opponent's motivation is, Kurosaki-kun's keeping his personal development in his sights. Keep this up, and you'll really grow Kurosaki-kun. The air about you isn't as suffocating and violent as before, it's a lot more refined... in a mysterious sort of way... Hmm, I'll have to get stronger as well.)

    (A mysterious figure spots Orihime heading out of the Vizard base.)
    Translation Notes: Remember those good times back in the Soul Society arc? Mysterious silhouettes/feet are back in the equation again!
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    Stuff might not be happening, but it add's to learning more about the Vaizards and how they behave, really. You always get these daft Character Development chapters that seem totally useless.

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    Ya. Sometimes, the most seemingly useless chapters can be a bit more important than others. How that is, I'd love to know.

    Good thing is that Inoue actually does something this time, as opposed her her previous appearances of being in the background or sitting in class moping about her beloved Ichigo not showing up to school.
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    soooo... theres script and no raw.. after HOW many days???

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    Daaaaaamn I want to see the raw. XD

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    its because of golden week. manga was not suppose to be released last week, but somehow the script has been leaked out probably by people who work at the publishers. thats why there is no raw. u should expect it this week thursday. Also, while this chapter might seem boring, i think it should be interesting as we get to see ichigo fight w/ his mask on.

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    Who else thinks this Inoue/barrier revelation is a to-be-confirmed indication of the origins of human (Sado and her thus far) powers?
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