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    Wow, this thread attracts a lot people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zoneykid View Post
    mIRC/sysreset, Windows XP pro.

    Is it possible to have a script that can add more to itself on request?

    For example i have a .eat script that whenever someone types it, it will say they have eaten a food(randomly generated), but i want people to be able to add more stuff without me having to do it manually, and with a command:

    ".eat add food here! description goes here"
    Yea ofcourse, I'll keep it short since got a hangover.

    You mostlikely have a text file from where the script reads a random word/sentence.

    Find that text file and remember it's name.

    Then add this script in mIRC:

    on *:text:.add*:#:{write food.txt $2- | msg $chan added $2- }

    Now, the .add* is the trigger, so you can change to whatever you want it to be (for like \addfood or w/e).

    Msg $chan is the message that is shown in the channel, to let them know its been added (or else they might keep adding the same thing over and over again, thus the script will keep saying that thing more often), just change the sentence to whatever you want to.

    $2- stands for the 2nd word and everything after it so if you want to change the trigger to .add food "INSERT FOOD/SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY SENTENCE HERE" (will look like this :text:.add food*:{ ) then change the $2-'s to $3-

    Also remember to change food.txt to whatever the text files real name is.


    Uh, to others.. I don't feel like making those scripts (atleast yet, hangover), only helped this guy since it took like half min to write all that.
    Where the hell is abaile? he can help them, come here you lol.
    And why the hell is "what's your OS" in the.. how to request thing, how the hell does OS affect the script language of the program you use. (I've never encountered such things, lawl)



    No, screw it. I need more beer to survive through this day.


    Try, you can request things there (and there's a biiiig bunch of scripts already made there, maybe one of them will fit your purposes)

    Abaile probably won't stumble here.
    Vol doesnt know about mIRC.
    Me.. I'll probably get banned, again. + I don't troll here that much, so.. w/e

    And why the hell was my gawdly thread unstickied. 7k views, beats abailes basic how to script guide. :[

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    Quick question here..
    My script I made a dynamic variable
    [code]set %xdget. &+ [ $1 ] $2-[/code]
    That created
    [code]%xdget.A-a|Bbb 945 24 1[/code]
    I'm trying to read it, but it isn't working.
    [code]var %xd %xdget.A-a|Bbb
    echo -a $numtok(%xd,32)
    Returns : 1
    Expected Return: 3

    Doing a $gettok(%xd,1,32) returns: A-A|Bbb expected: 945
    What I am doing wrong?

    EDIT1: I think I figured my problem~
    Even tho Setting %xd as %xdget.A-A|Bbb, doesn't get the variable values, Numtok is treating %xdget.A-A|Bbb as the token... not as a variable...

    EDIT2: Trying var %xd eval(%xdget. $+ $1,2) doesn't do the trick, I thought, doing 2 evaluations 1 to make the right variable, second to parse its values..

    EDIT3: Solved..
    [code]var %xd %xdget. [ $+ [ $1 ] ][/code]
    Evaluation brakets nightmare.
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    Ok, now I'm bashing here my head how to "upgrade" my script

    Initial Idea of the script:
    Queue download of XDCC bots

    Most bots, only let you queue 1-2 files ahead

    The script,
    you set the bot 1st pack, total packs, and offset for the packs
    Then when the file finish, it checks the variable, decrease 1 total, increase the pack by the offset, and send a message asking for the next pack
    All good, working, so far. Haven't extensively tested yet, but its doing its job.

    Now I'm on the problem.

    While I can queue packs from diferent bots, I can't queue more then a bunch of packs from 1 bot.

    So I'm not sure how can I create a queue per bot. Because if I wanted to download packs 1 to 12 and 34 to 46, I can't I need to wait the 1-12 finish, to add 34-46
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    Default Help me do it this script or find it

    1.- mIRC
    2.- win XP
    3.- serving and acepting post for xxxsites
    4.- i just make the finder
    n *:text:@find*:%passbot.chan:{
    if (%passbot.stats == ON) {
    set %passbot.result $read(%passbot.file,w,* $+ $remove($2-,hxxp:// ) $+ *)
    if (%passbot.result != $null) {
    .msg $nick 10I have found a match for $2 your search: 6 $+ %passbot.result 10If this password has expired, please inform us by typing this in channel: 6/ctcp $me !del6 %passbot.result 
    inc %given.pass
    halt }
    ctcp *:!del*:{
    if (%passbot.stats == ON) {
    set %ps.freedel $2
    write -ds $+ %ps.freedel %passbot.file
    .notice $nick 10Your Site7 %ps.freedel 10Was Checked And Deleted. Thank You! 8x7X4x13P6a11S12s10W3o9R15l 14D2

    on *:TEXTost* {
    /write %passbot.file $2
    /timer 1 3 /window -c $nick
    on *:text:!freebie:%passbot.chan:{
    if (%passbot.stats == ON) {
    set %tempn %temp. [ $+ [ $nick ] ]
    if (%tempn == $null) {
    .msg $nick 8x7X4x13P6a11S12s10W3o9R15l 14D2s12 $read(%passbot.file) 8x7X4x13P6a11S12s10W3o9R15l 14D2s
    inc %given.pass
    set -u60 %temp. $+ $nick t }
    else { .msg $nick 6Hey! Not so fast. Only 1 freebie per minute }
    alias /advert {
    if (%passbot.stats == ON) {
    if (%passbot.adtime != $null) {
    msg %passbot.chan 11,1S13earch 11I13s 11N13ow 0,4ON13,1 11T13here 11A13re9,1 ?13 $lines(%passbot.file) 9? 11P13asswords 11I13n 11M13y 11P13assList. 11P13lease 11U13se 8@find <keyword>13 11T13o 11R13ecieve 11Y13our 11P13assword.0 %given.pass 11P13asses 11W13ere 11A13lready 11G13iven. 8,1x7X4x13P6a11S12s10W3o9R15 l14D2
    alias /passbot-on {
    if (%passbot.stats == OFF) {
    if (%passbot.adtime != $null) {
    if (%passbot.file != $null) {
    if (%passbot.chan != $null) {
    msg %passbot.chan 11,1T13he 11S13earch 11B13ot 11I13s 11N13ow 0,4ON11,1 S13earch 11T13rigger: 8@find <keyword>11 I H13ave $lines(%passbot.file) Passwords 11I13n 11M13y 11B13ot 11W13aiting 11F13or 11Y13ou.0 %given.pass 11P13asses 11W13ere 11A13lready 11G13iven.
    /timerad 0 %passbot.adtime /advert
    set %passbot.stats ON
    else { echo 4 # ERROR :You didnt set the channel }
    else { echo 4 # ERROR: You didnt set the pass file }
    else { echo 4 # ERROR: You didnt set the advert time }


    and i need all this

    Ok.. I have seen this script on a irc server. And i tho "I want it also"! The script is basicly a PassB0t.
    Lemme show you what it has to do. From the beginning

    #65533;First off all you have to register to passbot
    You can do that by MSG-ing 1 working Porn password,the bot has basicly have to check if the password is working

    #65533;When a the bot gets pmed a password it will check (via sockets i guess) If the password is working. I have seen alot of times when you try a password and it isn't working, it will say "Invalid" Or "Not good" or W.E. I'll just make a txt file where the "bad names" are located in

    #65533;When a users pms the bot WITH a password format should be, (hxxp: //link com LLogin) PPassword) )So the bot ofourse, will enter The "L:" With login, and "P:" With passwoord

    #65533;When a users pms the bot with a WORKING password (after verifing) It will see what lvl of password it is. The list is in a txt
    So what link the users PM's It will first verify, then it will check what level it is.

    #65533;When a users pms the bot with a VERIFIED password, it will get a counting. So if a users posts 4 Verified passwords it will get 4 Counts for the users.

    #65533;The user will also be able to get the asking list!BUT you first need enough counts for asking the

    List1:You must have atleast 10 posts (at least 5 of them must be level 1-2 posts) to get level 1 list

    List2:You must have atleast 15 posts (at least 10 of them must be level 1-3 posts) to get level 2 list

    List3:You must have atleast 20 posts (at least 15 of them must be level 2-4 posts) to get level 3 list

    List4:You must have atleast 25 posts (at least 20 of them must be level 2-4 posts) to get level 4 list

    List5:You must have atleast 50 posts (at least 25 of them must be level 5-8 posts) to get level 5 list

    List 6:You must have atleast 90 posts (at least 30 of them must be level 5-8 posts) to get level 6 list

    List 7:You must have atleast 100 posts (at least 35 of them must be level 5-8 posts) to get level 7 list

    List 8:You must have atleast 130 posts (at least 30 of them must be level 5-8 posts and 1, 9-10 Post ) to get level 8 list

    List 9:You must have atleast 150 posts (at least 40 of them must be level 5-8 posts and 10, 9-10 Posts) to get level 9 list

    List 10:You must have atleast 190 posts (at least 45 of them must be level 5-8 posts and 60, 9-10 Posts) to get level 10 list

    #65533;When a users has the required points/levels it will send the via DCC to the user.

    A level 1 site is worth 0.4 points
    A level 2 site is worth 0.8 points
    A level 3 site is worth 1.2 points
    A level 4 site is worth 1.6 points
    A level 5 site is worth 2 points
    A level 6 site is worth 2.4 points
    A level 7 site is worth 2.6 points
    A level 8 site is worth 2.5 points
    A level 9 site is worth 2.8 points
    A level 10 site is worth 3 points

    I hope you understand this.. caus there was alot to explain

    (This script actualy works on efnet channel xxxpassbots and xxxpasswords)

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    1. kvIRC
    2. vista
    3. a..basic reaction script? I don't know what it's called. A template would be great.
    I just want a script that will make me automatically say something once a specific word/phrase is said in the channel. Basic, I know, but I don't know how to do it.


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