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    Default What is the best Bittorent for MAC's?

    I am currently looking for a good bittorrent client for my new mac and am wondering if you guys have some good suggestions. i've already tried Azureus and for some reason it won't install, so please tell me if you know any other good ones.


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    The original bittorent works fine on mac however it is just basic and it doesn't have many extra features but its great for just downloading and seeding. There should be a mac version somewhere on the page
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    The BEST client for mac, by far, is called Transmission. You can read all about it and download it at

    With transmission you can also have multiple downloads going, and it's a pretty fast client... more so than Bittorrent, Azureus, BitTornado, and Tomato Bittorrent.

    Try it out, and see how it works for you. ^___^

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    Transmission is not the best mac client, let alone compared to some of the other bittorrent clients. Akuki, did you download the mac version? Also with Azureus you have to have Java installed, that may have been part of you problem. The only other decent Mac client I've heard of is Tomato Torrent.

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    Dump your Mac, it's no good anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MojoMunkeez
    Dump your Mac, it's no good anyway.
    Um do you have any basis for this statment? I think not... macs are far more stable systems, than PCs, its interface is also a lot easier to navigate once you get used to it, and If you are a gamer you can always install windows via bootcamp. The only thing against it is the high price and the somewhat questionable quality control, but even that isnt much of a problem. PCs definatly shine for various uses, but for basic everyday usage macs are quite intuitive, and newer macs can run windows software through parallels or bootcamp. Please dont post your random fanboy bullshit, for the sake of not looking like an idiot.

    I'd have to agree that transmission is quite good, but try to work with azureus in that it has the most features, such as DHT.... the default client for mac is good too... if you want could try out tomato torrent too but i didnt like that much.




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