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    Unhappy Terrible for Newbie

    First off, this site is great....overall. You guys have a SERIOUS problem for Newbies, though. I tried to post a review of a manga in the downloads section. When I did, I got an error message about my SYN Syntax or something or other and telling me to check my manual.

    So....I asked about it in the tech support section.
    Result: BANNED for days.

    For a Newbie like me, the "Help" section I was told I should have gone to (causing the ban) seemed to focus on DOWNLOADING from the message there. Anything referring to computer syntax errors and manulas SURE sounds like a technical problem to me!!!!

    I wrote an email to this effect, hoping the ban would be lifted. No luck. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the message in the Help section to CLEARLY state it deals with POSTING problems there! Maybe even mention in the Tech section that it doesn't apply to these problems. I READ all the rules before I put it there. If Newbies risk a BAN, it is too important to not say clearly. Syntax errors are generally considered a technical problem on many systems.

    Thank you for reading this and your kind consideratiobn on this issue.
    P.S. I am FREAKIN' PISSED! (ha, ha!)

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    That is confusing, but from what I understand, the Help Section is for problems on the entire site. If you have a question about your computer, or something along those lines... well, that's what we have Tech Help for.

    Anyways, this isn't the section for it either. We've got a Feedback section that you might find a bit more understanding, and maybe a better answer, in. ^_^

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    Probably I reckon what'd happened was ol' Volvogga, them mod of that thar section had figured you for a goth.

    He sure do get awful antsy around goths.
    Dear cousin choppitychop89, you were a good relative, though I hardly knew ye.

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    Yet you STILL posted in the wrong section.
    Maybe a month's ban will teach you that posting in the wrong section is not a good idea.




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