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Thread: One sided

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    the first post on this thread has made the most sense to me ever since i joined, and why tell everyone what you think of tazmo all your doing is making someone else angry at him which will eventually increase the amout of worthless posts, for example: "i hate tazmo", next post "who's tazmo?",next post, "a wife beater", next post, "omg really?!, then i hate him too!", and so on and so fourth, so dont post or else this will happen,some body will get pissed and there will be insults exchanged, etc.. its just stupid so dont post. ITS THAT SIMPLE.
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    People coming to a forum with the name "BASH TAZMO" and complaining about missing logic and stuff are the same people who go into forums like "SPAM HERE" and complain about spam.... plain stupid
    You alway go to stores, complaining their advertisement is somewhat one-sided-positive for their product? comeone, try to get your IQ above room temperature before posting

    hey -whatever this host is rambling about... I mean, you're offered free mangas here, so he could bash the pope or whoever here, who cares?

    An bytheway -All the accusations of Tazmo are really fun to read nice thing to do while the mangas are loading *my 2cents to this*

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    The people with the low IQ are the ones making personal attacks because they have nothing better to do. There's a reason the site's called STOP Tazmo, not Bash Tazmo - because there's nothing lower than stooping to those kinds of insults. It's one thing to be aware of the things Tazmo does; it's another thing to be childish and use insults such as the ones I've seen here.

    And no, I don't go into spam threads and complain about spam. I spam.

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    I signed up for manga... and stoptazmo was/is great... it educated me in the "Tazmo bad buisness practice".. and provided me with an alternative.

    you want someone to take it seriously but you've turned it into a joke. critisising tazmo's practice is good but putting in "wifebeater" or sprinkling in colourful insults for comedic value- just makes it comedic. it's on par with saying "you got cooties" or something...

    evil, robber, scam, liar, cheat... yadda yadda yadda...

    we hate tazmo because they:
    -take other peoples (scanslators) work and sells it, without acknowleding them
    -offers prizes but don't pay up
    -makes a lot of money? is big? tries to eat thier competition?.....

    what you guys are complaining about is tazmo getting money from donations. I see it on a level with say... the local Blockbuster... and if there were free movie rental stores ... I might still pay money to go to Blockbuster for the convenience or for a better selection or better service (don't know if it applies)... I'm not sure if the actors or Hollywood gets more money if we (customers) pay Blockbuster more, but I might pay for the convenience and would be comfortable with paying...

    if Blockbuster(Tazmo) were to not acknowledge the hard work of Hollywood(scanslators) and not give them a portion of the profits then it's not the free-movie-rental-stores(internet manga distributers) part to act.... it should be Hollywood(scanslators) to intervene.

    that tazmo makes a lot of money is icing on the cake. it's because people are willing to pay and so someone sells it to them.

    so the issue is not money (for us)- it's tazmo cutting out the credits page and using it without permission, which is rude and detestable. and we should tell as many people as we can, and hope they are willing to put in the extra effort needed to avoid tazmo...


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