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    Default You know what'd be really fun?

    A week or so of nothing but gag subs and joke chapters bashing Tazmo from every group currently pissed at him. I guess you'd want it to go over a week to actually do any damage (current Narutofan PLUS! members wondering what the hell they payed for) but it'd get the word out to people and strike the fear of god into the fans. Once they realize you guys can stop producing proper subtitles whenever you choose to I doubt they'll take this issue quite as lightly as most do now. I read a thread linking to someone bashing fansubbers that gave pretty much the same suggestion. People don't know what they have until it's gone. Sure, it'd kind of suck to not have anime for a week but like the old saying goes "Nothing ventured, nothing gained". All the forum posts in the world won't do anyone much good. This is a time for action. Action I'm sure you could all easily take if you so pleased.

    Well, no matter what you (the collective readers of this post) do, I wish that you someday reach your goals. Because really, who the hell wants to work just so someone else can get paid?

    Later ^_^

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    Default know what I think...subbers and scalators should put a message on their work saying that it doesnt support Naruto fan and that if they donated then they had been ripped off. And they should give a link of one of the Tazmo bashing sites/ therefore...if Tazmo steals their work, he's also doing damage to himself[well unless if people bother reading]...or if Tazmo takes off all the credit...they should make sure that the ...erm...message is on every single page...
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    lolz, that won't work well. As a manga fan myself I know that when people read the scanlated mangas they don't usually pay attention to those things. If people on NarutoFan are dumb enough to pay for the mangas so be it, what we can do is like what this website has to offer. Eventually people will find that there are free mangas elsewhere other than just NarutoFan. Like what I always say, if you can't open the can of soda, you don't deserve to drink it. If those people can't find other sites other than NarutoFan then f them, let them waste their money.




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