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    Quote Originally Posted by blaedfire
    As for the original argument by the topic maker: I have never had to donate to stoptazmo to download from it. I've gone to tazmo's oh so lovely site to notice that you have to become a plus member (member who pays to get more, you know like any site that makes you pay for downloading and don't call it "donations"). His legal disclaimer is riddled with problems. The main of course being the agreement part. The second you make an account, you basically give all rights to him. If he really wanted to, he could screw you over by making everything pay, which last I knew was fully allowed under the agreement to register a name there. Next, he is making people pay for something that one is made by fansubbers for free and two is licensed (yes, I know he has more than just naruto downloads, I have in fact been to narutofan like I said. And I went to its branch sites too. I have also checked around on the site to see all the crap he is pulling. According to what I've seen, he's making a living of a middle class person just from his ads on the home narutofan site. His other branch sites have what seems to be the same ads, which at least doubles his income. That is without looking at the plus accoutns). He claims that he owns things he does that. Nevermind that a very well known US Licensing company has owned it for so long. Basically, I don't know how you can compare tazmo to stoptazmo. The only comparison is that they both have manga and are on the internet.

    Note: If there are any I's missing, it is because I had an accident with my laptop involving a game, some friends, a flying I key. Hopefully it didn't act up at all.

    couldn't have said it better...amen

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    Also, branching around I found his other policy's too, but they weren't worth mentioning.

    I know this stuff is general practice, but what he's having written down and what he's doing is the opposite. That's kinda where it gets into murky waters for me.

    The only question I'd like answered from him is How much money is he actually making off
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    Lol, i became hated fast there... Dont get so personal because i misread your name...crap happens.

    In all likelyhood it is part of making an acct on the website that you check this agreement. Almost any forum type signup has that little page that you dont even remember looking at. (I think theres one....).

    Its all murky waters, kinda hypocritical assuming Tazmo is in fact pocketing money from the site. I wouldnt be surprised if that was true. But can we prove it? the disclaimer is still technically legit until he is proven to be breaking the part he has to agree to.

    Anyways, until it starts saying 'your soul belongs to' i think all is well.

    ps. I like how Tazmo-lover is the world's worst insult here ; that actually made me chuckle. I dont agree with much of anything that NF does, especially a pay service, but i still use the website to check out news in the world of Naruto..since they do a relatively good job of it.
    Also, thanks to those that backed me .


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