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    Holy shit! You must be idiots. I guess you guys never heard of That site is a scammer just like but on a much larger scale. gets millions of dollars a year just from the ads on their sites. They steal other contents such as videos, pictures, and games from other sites and discredits the creators. Most of the things on their site is stolen. is obviously a smaller version. If you really think that a budget of $30,000 something is needed to run a site like that, you're the biggest fucking retard on the Earth. Try working for a year and see how much you can cover. You won't even be able to get to $20,000. $30,000 is real comfortable living for anyone at any age. Ads alone can cover more than 75% of your costs.

    Hey if you choose not to help, it's your choice that you let some scumbag steal money from other people. But you're a big fucking moron if you choose not to believe that he is a scammer.

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    hmm, i'm new here but it does seem to me like everyone is bashing the guy for using money he makes off his site for personal use? is that what everyone is complaining about or am i totally off? cause if that's it, the money he uses on himself is his incentive to keep the site running.
    now i'm a firm believer that paying for things online is wasteful but if someone would rather shell out a couple of bucks for a manga or 10 rather than search for an hour who am i to stop him?

    i'm not gonna pretend i've actually gone through all of the stickies and such(if i had i'd likely be working on a scheme of my own to make money) but it does seem that he's being bashed basicly for being a healthy capatalist.

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    @Kaldra, yep that's pretty much it. Basically, the problem some people have with Tazmo/Narutofan is that he asks for donations to run his site, but some claim that the amount he asks for exceeds how much he need, with the remainder being used for personal use without the donator's knowledge. another issue is that he hosts manga and does not give credit to the scanlator.

    In my opinion, I don't know who to believe, but I tend to swing against those who resort to petty slander to get their point across. But in the end, I'm not entirely convinced of either side, so I'll try to stay neutral.

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    Also that he doesn't really give out prizes when he hosts contests. Those contests are just a way to get more donations.


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