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    Well, I'm fresh from OneManga's impending doom, and for now this site shall be my crutch. BUT I will say this:

    Would I have bought the manga I had bought without having first sampled them via the scanlations? Not a chance in hell. And now they're going to make it more difficult for themselves to make money because people won't have the ability to sample a series (certain publisher sites offer "chapter previews" but these pale in comparison to actual releases when you want to get a feel for the story or its characters).
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    hmmm, mangafox down already or just they had a problem with their server?
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    Quote Originally Posted by undead_assault View Post
    hmmm, mangafox down already or just they had a problem with their server?
    I think their site is just down or they said when I just visited the site.
    Talking about sites closing I really wished that onemanga didn't have to go...right now I'm in the middle of choosing between and mangafox---and mangafox often gives me viruses...and I hate that, but they some series that aren't on others!! Arg the agony of things.

    If the companies are giving out a list of manga I assume that they are licensed or they are planning to license them. But in my opinion I think that the publishers are using the translation by the scan groups. I mean really just how many people are they willing to pay to translate, typeset, and clean all that files of mangas that are done freely by the people for the people.

    But what I worry most about are the really mangas that are completed. If publishers license these, they are doom the never appear on the shelves once their time has past...and some are really good mangas. For one I can't find any From Far Away mangas and damn that series was good---I can only find it on the internet.

    Our weekly updates...i'm just sadden by the though of it


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