Was it like 5 years ago when this forum was created or something?(could be more)

Anyway back then Tazmo's NarutoFan was the best site and he was making many money from people by scamming people or something.

But now that no one give a shit about Tazmo's NarutoFan and his so called Anime+ something paid subscription anime download shit isn't doing very well too.

As of now, there's lot of Naruto site's that's far better than NarutoFan and offer free download plus, there's whole bunch of anime website offering free direct download so Tazmo's not making lot of money anymore.

So basically what I want to say is Tazmo's era was long over, so is original purpose of this forum(which was to crush Tazmo). Anyway I guess this forum now serve as manga & anime download forum.