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    Default Why no educated bashing?

    Yeah yeah, Stoptazmo is all about stopping Tazmo or something, discussing his faults, and so on so forth. But in every thread I've read regarding the faults of Tazmo, things have always boiled down to idiocy and spouting opinion as fact. Very seldom does someone actually provide a link or evidence of any sort relevant to their cause, and whenever this is pointed out, it is usually ignored in a tirade of silly misspelled threats on Tazmo's life. Why is it that people can't think before they post, and try to actually look into what's being discussed beyond the opinion of so-and-so?

    I think, in order to try and improve the intelligence of our debates on the ass that is Tazmo, some things need to be fixed:

    Contribution to the conversation: Every thread has people who instead of taking the time to discuss why or how their opinions should matter in the conversation, or supporting their disagreement with actual reasoning, limit their talking to "yeah HAHHA Tazmo suks my cok I KILL HUM!!1". Contrary to the popular belief of the website, this is not a well constructed sentence. This grinds any intelligent conversation to a halt, and in effect lowers yourself to a standard only the likes of Tazmo would be able to understand.

    I heard from my friend: Any fan of the show House can point you to a very relevant quote: "Everyone lies". Nowhere is this more true than on the internet, where we can lie off our asses to points unachievable in real life, and not having to worry about getting sued or having our asses kicked. Point being, if someone sees a topic, and feels that they themselves would be glorified by contributing some especially juicy tidbit that might not be true, they will feel no hesitation to do so on the internet, whether in the form of "It happened to me" or "my real life friend said". Hence, "internet is srs business".

    McCarthism: In the 50's there was a man named Joe McCarthy. He liked to call people communists. If someone disagreed with him, they were a communist. The masses tended to believe it because the masses were stupid. In the 00's there was a poster named John Smith (always John Smith, since there are no Jane Does on the internet). He liked to try and destroy other's arguments using non-sensical tactics. If someone disagreed with him, he liked to point to their low post count as being correlated with low intelligence, despite the fact that many other John Smiths on the site had post counts above 1,000 of nothing but "lol yah!" while said victim had 3 or 4 posts of multi-paragraphed discussion. Sometimes, John Smith would also accuse others of being a spy for Tazmo. John Smith did not go on to recieve a Nobel Prize for breaking barriers with the human thinking process.

    Evil magnet: Tazmo charges people for manga scanlations that other people created to be free for the masses. Yes, that's why I joined the site. Tazmo uses these donations to buy porn instead of maintain said site. Umm, that's a bit of a stretch, but sure why not? Tazmo stole my cosplay designs. I, uh... aren't cosplay designs usually limited to one general appearence? Tazmo kicked my dog. What? Tazmo did 9/11. Yeah, I think the point has been made here.

    I'm not going to argue some points. The majority of these forums are full of 12 year olds who haven't even learned what "citing" a source is, let alone writing critique. Most people here acknowledge themselves as being totally in the clear themselves, such as with the issue of reading scanlations and not buying the manga which is still morally wrong despite the "lol perfectly legal" (it merits the point that if Tazmo's actions were much more illegal then hosting scanlations, he would have been sued long ago). There are intelligent voices on these forums, but they either tend to keep to the separate sub forums or get drowned in a sea of stupid whenever they try and make a point. Let's try to improve a little bit on our ability to speak intelligently, people. Maybe then we won't seem like a bunch of floundering idiots who simply have sore asses from Tazmo.

    Also, in b4 "he's a spy with a lower post count then me".

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    Meh, I skimmed your post but the answer to the gist of it is check the older threads. The original threads by people who actually investigated Tazmo and found out exactly what he was doing. Don't judge this forum based on the n00bs that come here and spam hundreds of crap posts about how much they hate Tazmo. BTW this site is "StopTazmo" in name only, we've since called ceasefire with NarutoFan and now exclusively provide a free manga download alternative to Tazmo's paysite and an awesome alternative community. Enjoy.

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    he's a spy with a lower post count then me

    What Steal said. Of course there's a lot of crap here; shit's happened since this forum began, and we've got new priorities. Some people see a forum for bashing and they let loose with their strings of stupidity. Happens anywhere the topic's brought up. We've generally learned to ignore what idiocy is spouted here and go on with our lives on other parts of the forum, minus when a troll gets loose here.

    Oh, and the NarutoFan forums were full of fags. :3 (I don't know if they all left to hang out where I do now or what, though. Yes, for anyone who can't catch on, it's a friendly poke.)

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    I was a member of this site for a long ass time, lurking and using the direct downloads before I even realized Tazmo was a person. I never really paid attention to the name, just seemed like a great place to get my fix, especially since at the time I had little to no knowledge of non mainstream Manga. As soon as I discovered the original purpose of this forum I could tell it was already a dead horse...

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    I kinda agree with the OP on this, how can we expect anyone to take us seriously when the admin calls Tazmo a wifebeater without any basis.

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    Yup, yup, I totally agree with bastard_king but I'm not going to make a multi-paragraphed post in explaining why. Well wrote and pointed out!

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    Longer isn't always better, and few have the patience to read through paragraphs of text.

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    I've noticed a lot of energy here but other than complaining, there does not seem to be a real plan on how to address it. I mean is anyone taking any action? Seems like everyone has identified the problem with the exception of the minor bad-mouthing, but is there a collective for ideas on how to address?

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