Greeting, I been with this site for 9 months but this is the first forum account I made. I been wondering, Who is this Tazmo guy? After looking at the forums for some time now. I can guess it direct me to this site, "". Correct me if im wrong. They charge people to download mangas there?
Seems he using people donation for own self reasons. I made an account there but they have to subscribe to able to download there. So, I quit there on the first day I registered. Seem money play in the site.

I came to collect information on the Narutofan site. This some information I got so far;

Registered through:, Inc.
Created on: 16-Jul-03

Site Administrative info:
Site Owner Name:
Address: #1735 - 246 Stewart Green
Calgary, Alberta T3H3C8

but the information I got are different from the information I got from other;
IP Address:
Address: Somewhere in Herzogenrath, Germany

Which I can't pinpoint the direct location. whether in Canada or Germany.
Hope someone can gives me a direct IPs.

P/S: i did this on my free time, seem it end of the year and school holidays. I have nothing particular to do at home. I was basically waiting my mangas to fully download. While waiting, I read the forums and wrote this.
P/S+: is a great site