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    Default What Can We Actually Do to Stop Tazmo?

    A while back I posed the question about whether this site actually achieves anything. To be truthfull I had been using it for leeching purposes for some time before I actually bothered to find out what it was all about. Having posed this question I was responded by remarkably few people, but I got a satisfactory answer nontheless. Basically what I was told was that the site has helped raise awareness of the problem and fewer people were supporting the Tazmo run sites. So I felt a small sense of pride in never having paid for free scans and supporting the orginal translators in whatever way my pitiful budget could provide. But the problem persists. So forgive me if my words insult anyone, but it seems that we are merely impotent protestors shaking our fists at an uncaring and unaffected enemy.

    So what can we actually do? It seems to me that a number of questions must be answered first. As I understand, the mangas and animes we get are unlicensed outside of their country of origin, making it legal to distribute them freely. But does that make it illegal to distribute them at a price? What rights do the translators and original distributors have over these works? Apart from selling otherwise free scans, it seems that Tazmo makes it almost impossible to cancel subscriptions. Is he clearly breaking laws here? These questions are not meant to be rhetorical or have a couple of people going "Yeah man, he's right. We should totally do something about this". I truly want answers.

    I want to know what we can actually do to shut down Tazmo's sites. Not make a couple people hate him, not discourage people from joining them, shut them down.

    Now if you feel you should be posting a scathing message in my direction telling me that I know nothing about whats really going on, or that I should be offering solutions instead of more questions, don't. I don't know whats going on, I haven't been avidly following the situation. Hell, I actually forgot about the problem entirely, generally getting my manga directly from the translator or mangatraders. I'd assumed that I was doing my bit by simply not paying for manga. But, as I said before, the problem persists. What can we do about it?
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    The only Thing you actualy can do is to simply ignore Tazmo's Lairs of Suck and raise Awareness that Mangas and Animes can actualy be obtained free of Charge by Fans from Fans as long as they aren't Licensed in their Country (and even then they Circle there because People are more often than else not ok with those commercial Translations - Speakers are paid for nothing or Translaters fcuked up or whatever Reasons there exist).

    Realy, there is absolutely nothing more that you can do except Lawsuits with questionable Chances of Success - any Attack on Tazmo's Pages of Faggotry (a.k.a. Cyberwar) will just bring the Laws down on you instead.
    Or you have a Monstrous Botnet under your Control.
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    I'm currently learning C++ programing language, and i'm sure that a pretty simple well disguised virus could take tazmo out of bussines, just like he tried to take stoptazmo out of bussines with a DDOS. Althought i'm not willing to writte anything unless i'm possitive that i'm doing the right thing.

    otherwise we could try 4chan (as some have suggested) and try to get our dearly beloved friends from /b/ to drain his server's bandwidth. let's do it for the lulz
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    1. Have all scanlator groups watermark a swastika with the words "Zeig Heil" on a random page in their releases. Doesn't have to be large and intrusive, just needs to be visible.

    2. Contact Tazmo's server host in Germany, and tell them his site's hosting Nazi propaganda. And since that's illegal in Germany...

    3. ???

    4. Profit!

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    #1 it's Sieg after all, with the "Sig"-Rune in Mind.

    #2 That won't work, because Hosts won't start Lawsuits, you'd have to get the German Police involved, and that's kinda hard. I expect a cease and d...d... (forgot the word) Order and confication of his Hardware at max.
    Remember that Scanlations are by itself illegal, so it's a large Grey Zone.

    #3 German Laws recently have been expanded with 184c, "Youth Porn": Actual or hinted sexual Intercourse of People below the Age of Consent (1, depicted as real or drawn Picture, Movie or Book.
    That's the only Thing that I could think of right now.




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