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    I agree with PunkurAssGuy. Alot of the accusations you guys are throwing at him, sound kinda like bullshit. I mean all of a sudden, he's every single kind of thug and asshole on the street.

    The only information that sounds right is that he's stealing donations (NarutoFan PLUS, what a load of shit).

    Just my opinion anyway.

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    i find it funny, that no matter how many people come here, to defend tazmo or even say we are all just being whinney babies. No matter how intelligent they may come on at first they always seem to leave in a frustrated berserk screaming at anyone they can. To trully convince some one, it takes time and patience ... which no one who defends tazmo, admin or not seems to have. I myself just recently joined the bash tazmo side (though ive been on the board for a couple of months). I decided that if Shiel could host 48 mangas some going way beyound 200 episodes, with more than 2000 member, who knows how many regularly active guests, and all these people downloading multiple chapter, sometimes even whole mangas for not even a penny, while at tazmos site they have so called 50,000 members, and hosts i dont know, the whole manga (i dont get to his site often) and some of the recent animes and charges for you to download and then, this specific part is specualtion, call me nieve but i believe it; hold out on the gifts that he promises. This is why i say Shiel is leading by example ... though i think i said it on another post. To me it seems oviest what side to choose, the person with the questionable facts or the person who is taking the high road you decide.
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    Primary: Hey Vash, I LOVE KANE and since I guess you haven't read much, he admitted to being Kane, thats why I CALL HIM KANE on these forums... Dunno about trigunflame SN tho.

    Secondary: except for the stealing donations/fake contests and (maybe) the gay porn thing, almost all of the other posts are just people commenting of what they think on tazmo and people take it as an accusation, generally they're just excuses to start bashing tazmo and we're fine with that cause thats what this forum is all about - SO IF YOU DONT LIKE IT GO A-W-A-Y unless you have proof against it OR a coherent argument, not a "Tazmo's a swell guy, I don't know him, I don't work for him, but ya know I can't be wrong hes an alright fella".

    Tertiary: How the hell can you not find or understand how/why tazmo is stealing donations? Anyone who even remotely says that he isn't obviously is out of touch with reality and hasn't even bothered to read past arguments ALSO, read the caps above ^^.

    Quaternary: I just like to use the word quaternary.


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