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    Angry Plus member buuuut newly felt Tazmo hate.

    Ok so here it is:

    Until recently, very recently, I have been content with the 5 bucks a month for 5 gigs of bandwidth to download countless anime from 3 fast servers. Never really any problem. Quite happy with with the service actually.

    But, alas I have come to terms with some possible scamming. First off, I have only been a member of for about 2 years, so I don't have the complaints many do.

    Cancelation of their account is a frequent bitch I hear spouted time and time again, but it's in the terms and agreement, PAYPAL does the canceling, so I can't fault NF for that.

    My pissy mood falls with the supposed rewards he is supposed to hand out monthly to PLUS members which he says he will announce, and never does. Now that's my grievance. I mean, an 80 GB PS3, iTouches out the ass, iPods everywhere, even The ShadowBox collection which was available to everyone for winning and there was supposedly 6 OF THEM to be won by simply getting 100% on the quiz he had. No winners were ever announced. Ever.

    The only winner that was recently announced was the Valentines Contest which a winner by the name of Kensoy was elected by the members via a voting system. I even voted for him. The art was original, but I have yet to recieve a tell from him to see if he ever received his just dessert.

    So as you can see if it is a hoax, it's a mighty way to shit on your customers and members alike. And this is what got me started on my pilgrimage down's dark history.

    I came across the Kevin Shiel problem and found this site. At first I was confused. Kevin Shiel is the name he's using for AniFreak's registration, but it's also the name of the admin here. I guess it's a spit on the guys face for fallacies and all that goodness. I dunno. All I do know is I am raising hell on and making members very aware of the problem. I may get banned soon, but it'll only be an IP ban which won't stop me from making fake accounts on seperate IPs and continuing with the war against this con artist.

    Anime fansubs and manga scanlations are for the people from the people, you know? What gives him the right to take advantage of that by spitting out lies and using those people for his own gain? Nothing does. I can understand paying for the right to download from his servers, that make sense and for 5 bucks, it really is worth it. Bittorrent can be argued anyday, but seeding and leeching is a thing of the past, honestly and once more I will say 5 bucks, that's like lunch dude. No big deal.

    But it's gone past that with his mudding of clean water. I'm amazed DB allows him to use their tributes to Naruto community, but then again, they have posted many things on their website pushing them a solo non profit organization so if anyone goes down they can't really take them down with 'em.

    Oh well.

    /end rant

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    Thank you for coming here and telling us your story about what Tazmo has done to you.

    You are correct about why I go by the name Kevin Shiel, and NarutoFan does indeed have a shady past and still remains shady in my eyes to this date. Itís been said to me by Staff members that Tazmo simply creates fake accounts so he does not have to send out the prize.

    The more people who become aware of his tactics, the better. I donít feel that downloading 5GB of anime is worth $5/m, and many other anime services out there donít limit the amount you can download.

    I hope others who read this thread on Tazmo and NarutoFan will come forward.




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