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    Default Tazmo obsessions

    I've gone through this site and its forums over and over, and have come to the conclusion that most people that hate Tazmo are only believing what they read (which is mostly just suspicions).

    u people truly disgust me. u are getting worked up over wat one crackpot says and messing with one guy that Im sure already has enough trouble in his life with out u people giving him crap.

    The owner of this site is incredibly stupid to get so worked over one criminal in the 1st place. There are millions of people worse than him (if he's even really that bad) and some of them probaly post on this site.

    My brother was killed in Iraq thanks to good old George W, but u don't see me making a ****ing I hate GeorgeW site.

    My main point is why don't u just leave this guy alone to work out his own probelms. ure not a part of the solution and ure just making it worse.

    Thanx for reading and sorry in advance to anyone who was offended by this.

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    Default Re: Tazmo obsessions

    So why in the blue hell did your brother step across the line in bootcamp? You're not required to serve, even in a draft. The military can't force you to serve. That's why they tell you to "step forward". If you step forward, that pretty much seals the deal. But if you step back and refuse to move, they can't do anything to you in a legal sense. Take it to court, you'll win.

    So your brother died because of ignorance. Though if he willingly signed up... well he died doing what he wanted to do, so don't bring up his memory into your silly argument, as it would shame his name.

    Besides, everyone knows stopping tazmo is just a front.
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    futile thread if you are bothered by us don't post bullshit in this forum
    who gives a fuck about your brother anyway did i tell him to go there????

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    honestly. what makes you think that people will change their ways merely because you told them to? At least come up with a better argument than that.

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    My condolences for your brother. But, he signed up to the army. Like Ak said, he wasn't forced to go. If he was forced to go, bring it to court and you'd win.

    You're new here? And you want to be able to spot a retard? Anybody who posts something this stupid can only be retarded:
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    welll i dont understand how u listed air gear as not being complex, if u read the manga ull realise the story is one of the best out there, much higher than naruto or bleach level. also tenjou tenge is an excellant read as well.

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    What AKofC said. Bush didn't FORCE your brother to go Iraq. Your brother, out of his own will, chose to go. And don't think his death was meaningless, he died for this country. Not everybody believes what these stickies say. I don't believe all of them. And if you don't like this site, why are you here?

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