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    give him an pussy

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    Question aha

    maybe you are right. lol.

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    aside from this site, you also can DL directly from the scanlations website. that way you will get the most updated manga you can(and lessen the burden on the ST sever too if you just leeching). well, since this site has soo many manga, its hard to manage it.

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    This site could easily become a page that is easy to navigate and enjoy - and it could be changed to this for free because there are always designers and kids with web knowledge willing to help out sites they like.

    I think the OP brings up a good point: The best way to beat Tazmo is to beat him at his own game and NOT charge people while doing it. Free always beats out paying in the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raszagal View Post
    Then you would have to pay google a cetain amount of money if you want this site to hit the first searches...I think thats how it works..
    Well, not only that but if you want this to come up in both, "Manga Downloads" or "Stop Tazmo" you'll need to pay for both. It's not necessarily (typo) the first, it can be in the top 10 list, I think.

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    The best Way to stop tazmo is to track his money transactions. find where he lives! Then Kill him! I have devised a wonderful way to punish him! First I will post as a delivery man! When he opens the door I will smack him with a hammer with enough force to knock him out. Gag him with masking tape Then I shall proceed to hang him upside down by his ankles with rope. I will then tie his wrists together with a rope 70 lb weight connected. I will put a hot iron to his butt to wake him up.

    Now I will get fishing lines and hooks.

    I will pierce his penis with fishing hooks.

    I will grab the fishing lines that are tied to the hooks and attach it to ceiling.

    Next I will have a fire burning below him in a brazier.

    Then I will cut the ropes at his ankles.

    He shall suspend by the very hooks piercing and ripping his penis. Until the penis tears apart.

    Then he shall be hanging by the hooks pierced into his testicles.

    When his testicles tear he will fall into the fire.

    Then I will stab his bloody privy place with a burning stake!

    Then I shall beat him with a crowbar until his legs and arms are broken.

    I will leave him to die a slow painful and burning death.

    Then to clean things up. I will rupture one of the pipes of his heater and leave a lighted candle on.


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    The first time I went to Tazmo, I was new to the whole forum thing and I thought I can use the same password I used on the forum on the Narutofan plus thing. And strangely enough, it worked on the first day and I downloaded several chapters of DNAngel. Another thing I thought was strange at the time is that the chapters are scanlated by Aku-Tenshi, not Narutofan. Then I found out about the whole scam from other websites.

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    everyone should just switch to

    so much cleaner and better


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