Was this neccessary ...... to start bashing him on this ....... I don't pay for a plus account(don't even think about having one) and will never will so F*** him and F*** this because it's a dumb topic yeah he's got bleach.... so do bleach 7 and 500 more bleach sites yeah he's one of the best sources for Naruto but so are like 10 other places and team Detta is working along with Taz so he has eps first but once he sees that he can't get money from the bleach one as much as NarutoFan he'll close it down and .....ya'll be happy at a person who hasn't done anything wrong to you expect ask for donations and you get private content yes that is unfair but if you look at my Wiki hates Taz reply you'll see why I don't complain and that it's utterly useless to bug him anyway ANYONE NOTICED THE DONATION METER....look back to my Wiki hates Taz post