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    Sorry… this is the first time I write a post in this forum. I’ve read several thread and announcement, not all of it I admit. However this thread is the one that I find most entertaining.
    I like Rin writing style, and yes i agree with willow
    Quote Originally Posted by Willow
    the beginning it was pretty mature compared with most bashing crap that shows up

    Quote Originally Posted by martyr3810
    making posts like "Why do you care" or posts w/o researching... it isn't helping or doing anything either folks..
    I disagree with the sentences above though... I assume that the quote above refer to Rin's post. This thread is possibly one of the most damaging to this site, not because Rin support Tazmo, but because by his writing style and some of the responding post some will have the impression that some of stoptazmo supporter is immature people (and no I'm not talking about martyr). A rapier used to stab can be more deadly than a bash on the head specially if the object has a thick skull.

    For Rin :
    just a little curious...

    Quote Originally Posted by On Tue Jul 12, 2005 12:59 am Retsurinzen
    However, I must comment on how amused I am at your mild insults. Yes, mock my age, or my intelligence. I hear it all the time. A little background here, which you're not going to believe anyway: I'm twenty years old, and I just so happen to be a genius in the areas of reading, writing and comprehension. I also have ADD, I bore easily, and I've never been good at picking up important details. Oh, and my moral compass tends to spin wildly from time to time. Not that it matters, I'm not here to discuss the politics of anime web sites with someone that's so quick to jump to arms. I love being insulted, because everyone does it the same way anymore, it's either 'you're stupid' or 'You must be, like, 12'. It's not the way I'd expect an admin to act, then again, this is a website mostly dedicated to hating someone, so I guess I should just cut my losses, eh?
    Why do you feel you have to defend yourself ? isn't the quote above just show how you feel insecure ? why not just let it pass ?

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    Retsurinzen had to say that because he knew what was coming, he had seen it before.
    Dear cousin choppitychop89, you were a good relative, though I hardly knew ye.

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    I've learned to deal with the facts that people tend to hate me if I don't agree with them, and knowing that the majority of people can't seem to tolerate being disagreed with, especially considering the amount of people that actually believe the internet at face value.

    It's better to think of the internet as a large interactive tabloid rather than straight truth. Yes, that woman might really had given birth to an exact clone of Danny DeVito. Yes, this man might really have been probed in the scrotum by aliens, but unless I see it somewhere else more credible, such as the news, or even for myself, I don't usually believe it, which is why I find this site amusing.

    Not only do I find the thought of disliking someone for what they're doing to the point of encouraging flaming of this person absolutely preposterous, but with so many various facts, a few of which are apparently faked just for effect or laughs? If you're honestly going to hate someone over the internet, at least give straight honest facts and draw a funny little cartoon of you broadcasting hate lines at the target character.

    EDIT: I just came to a minor realization. Not including the 'attacks' on other sites, the biggest issue it seems is how much money he makes. On a website supporting the free piracy of copyrighted materials, it seems that people are just hating him because he's a bigger theif than they are. On a little side note, I'd suspect charging something for pirated downloads to be a little more admirable than just handing them out for free. Sure, we might not ever get said original material, but it's still piracy and piracy is still stealing. I guess I just rationalize that people wanting payment for stolen material to be a little more appropriately 'black marketeer'.

    My point would make more sense if I wasn't writing this at 4 AM. I really need to learn when to write my important posts. Haha.

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    i have never paid for shit, and have always enjoy free stuffs on their forums.
    the reason I'm here is because of personal reasons that is basically irrelevant to both this site and NF forums.
    Let's just say I chose to be here instead of NF forums.
    I dont know Tazmo, I dont hate him. But I do hate some of the mods on NF forums. they are so stuck up, Like Kakagusha, Naota, Gooba and Knk, really need some attitude adjustment.

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    My my how you young ones are fired up about this so called
    Look I'm not here to bash Tazmo or you guys or anything else I'm just her to view this site from an arbitory point. Now if i get this straigth you hate tazmo because he is ***insert every little fact you have about Tazmo***. Well guess what kiddies so what! I'VE BEEN READING AROUND FOR A WHILE NOW AND I THINK THIS IS JUST SO FUNNY. Most of you don't know what they are saying. Yes Tazmo is an Idiot and yes you guys are just as stupid because you waste your time bashing him (refuring to first post on this thread). Who cares just bash all you want and you non believers just leave them alone. COME ON GUYS LEAVE IT BE... EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS THE SAME


    Like I said this is all just to funny evrything one this site is the same someone hates and the other hates because that someon hates... isn't it all just goung around in cercles. but heh that's the way we are i guess
    BAH anyway that was just me babbling... enjoy thinking whatever you want of me
    PS oh yeah and maybe I'm just an idiot to for saying this but everyone sould just take a deep breath and chill k hating ain't a good thing

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    hmm just a sounds like ur bashing peeps who are bashing other peeps like Tazmo. Since u r wasting ur time bashin peeps that are bashin other peeps and since the wastin time to bash other peeps make them idiots, shouldn't that make u an idiot as well? (wow that's alot of "bashin" in one sentence...-_-

    don't mind me too much...just thinkin out loud to myself...

    PS i don't hate u =)
    U guys are funny =D

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    This is one of those neverending stories... in fact, it's better to say that this forum is life - filled with hundreds of different of people with different points of view all playing a role. You have the people who want to inform others on things going on, people making jokes on what's happening, people openly bashing others for the said purpose of the site, people bashing people who bash, people who feed off of anger, people who just sit by and watch it happen, people who are opinionated, people who are offended, people who are frustrated, people who are ignorant, people who are curious, people who jump into the middle of the fray just to argue, people just not caring, people who are observant, people who are immature, people who think others are idiots for bashing at all, and everyone else in between. Hck, I'm even categorized into a few of these - it's a forum, it's interraction, it's life. We all play a role if you look at the big picture. Of course, what I'm saying doesn't much matter unless you take it to heart. A part of me can't help looking at things in a detached matter observing everything going on, while another part of me wants to jump in the fray and add my comments thinking that all this philosophical crap doesn't much matter in the end.

    Also, like I said before, this whole big mess that's being created (bashers, immature peeps with nothing better to do than to get angry at others, people who get frustrated with the same questions being asked, bashers of the bashers, and so on...) relies a lot on the fact that we even have a separate place for bashing with the name "bashing" in it. Of course, human nature plays another big part, but this only adds fuel to the fire. But realize that it is practically impossible to take it off now without serious repercussions (I can't spell now... that just doesn't look right to me) - now that people know about the whole bashing thing, you'd just get these bashing posts, question posts (who's Tazmo?), and other nonsense in other areas. Might as well just completely defile one part of the website that people know what they're getting into (somone would have to be an idiot not to know what this specific section has in it) than other places. Besides, with only one moderator, keeping a place clean is a b*tch (and I realize why there is only one mod, seeing as you just can't trust any other newbie to come in and help out, especially if they might turn out to be a covert spy or whatnot...).

    So, this (the bashing, the rudeness, the immaturity) will always always always continue happening over and over. It's the neverending story from hell. You don't have to like it, you don't have to accept it, but you just might want to realize it.

    Have a great day and peace out.
    Sometimes, a willow faces a strong and forceful wind. It bends and some of its beautiful leaves may be blown off, but it doesn't break. It blends with the power of the wind and ends up stronger for it. --Yume Kazerei


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