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    Default If you hate Tazmo that much, it might be helpful.

    Yo, I cannot help noticing people who hate Tazmo.
    Personally, I have to no beef with Tazmo, but If you hate him that much, there is a way to shut him down.

    First, Tazmo has activated new anime episode direct download besides Naruto. He increased to 3 more episodes around 5 month ago, and now he just put up more than 10 animes.

    Well, this is my point. If some of them are licensed by U.S companies (Naruto, Gundam seed destiny, and etc), you can send mails to U.S anime companies which have legal rights with those animes including Naruto T.V show. He will be in deep shit because he has been giving out direct download Naruto episodes more than 6 months. Naruto fan will be shot down. Tazmo might get warning, but he has been operating this site for too long with illegal download, so he will not have any chance.

    Some of you mentioned that he might make more than $50,000/ a year. I think he might make more now because a lot of people join Naruto fan plus for direct download.

    Tazmo will need at least $35000 - 45000 in one month in order to keep his site if Tazmo get sued in similar way as Loki torrent. Loki torrent was also shot down with similar reasons. Well, Loki had torrents with hollywood movies, which pissed off MPAA, but Narutofan will be on blacklist even if Tazmo managed to keep his site, and he will never put both manga and anime, again. (I believe anime company that has Naruto anime legal copyright, also has a manga copyright, too. Inane people try to keep Naruto manga under IRC world with similar reasons, but Tazmo does not care too much about copy right, which puts entire Naruto manga in danger)

    Well, I said, what I have to say. :D

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    AKofC is a sexy SEXY man.

    Besides, Stop Tazmo can't attack Tazmo. Well, unless you somehow can't see the sentence: Manga Links.

    Oh yeah, the original message: Canada.

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    What AKofC said... and if he edits his post to annoy me, ignore this.

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    I'd like to think that most of the people here have the civility to leave this at an information campaign... any sort of attack against Tazmo (including a legal attack) is unwarranted, as he is not attacking you in any way. There's enough immaturity around here without people tattling on him to the anime companies.

    By the way, you guys have another idiot spamming our forums.
    I'm not here much, but if you have anything to say to me about Tazmo, you're either (a) fanatical, or (b) wrong. If not, we can be friends. Except you, Martyr. We can never be friends.

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    True, but all of his media servers (as far as I know), are located within the USA. However, his main web server is located somewhere in Germany (I think), which also is suprisingly loaded for all "not found" requests on (Well that part was random, but I still mentioned that Taz's dl servers are in the USA.)

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    The way i see it if we do that then the anime companies will go and get all the subbers,such as Dattebayo and Aone. Not to mention if they know that he also gives away free manga a bunch of the scanslation groups will probably shut down from fear of being sued or anyother lega actions.Its all a chain reaction you shut Tazmo down then Tazmo might get bac kby telling them about StopTazmo giving away free manga then StopTazmo will become just a forum then next thing you know scanslation groups will shut down along with the subbers because now the Anime corporations want to ensure that they will get all of the cash and no one will go and download the stuff for free. So how I see it is that its a big chain reaction.




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