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Thread: Report Tazmo

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    Default Report Tazmo

    My question is why the hell hasn't anyone reported Tazmo to the US dub companies whos stuff he has been making money off of.

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    Probably it'd be the pot calling the kettle black.
    Dear cousin choppitychop89, you were a good relative, though I hardly knew ye.

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    He doesn't even put US dubs up for download

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    Hey, I've been lurking here for a bit, kinda feel like an ass for 'sneaking' around and never posting...
    But, what the hell? I might as well share thoughts right here and now because I've been debating this topic for a while, myself.

    Why doesn't someone report Tazmo to the appropriate 'authorities'?

    Pot calling the kettle black is a pretty good answer. Who here wouldn't feel like a hypocrite for doing so? I sure as hell would...

    I'm afraid that it would send the dominos toppling over if there was actually action taken. Fact is, the people to contact would be Viz, first. You'd want to tell them that a certain site is making money from liscensed manga that they sell. Not in connection to Naruto, because we don't have to pay for it at Narutofan, but for the other titles they have absconded with when they sucked DirectManga into their cesspool and started charging for it. Rurouni Kenshin, Read or Die, Battle Royale, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, One Piece, Fushigi Yugi, Angel Sanctuary,... and so on...
    I'm sure companies know that people download their products in some form or another online all the time. But the fact that a site is actually making money off of these titles, when they don't own the liscense to do so, is indeed illegal.
    It's comparable to ticket scalping (which is illegal), in that someone is selling tickets without a vending liscense. For example, the Scan Group is TicketMaster, and NarutoFan is the Scalper.

    Would these actions hurt the rest of the community? Would it be worth it? There are a lot of innocent parties out there, and i'm not sure if the backlash would effect them or not.


    If Narutofan actually felt legal actions and had to shut down, there would still be a community to get your subs/translations from somewhere. IRC and small download sites would start getting more and more hits, and another monster would be born somewhere in Tazmo's wake.

    The best idea would be somehow getting the word out with tight info from good sources about the amount of cash he makes, and about how he does not need it and spends it on selfish causes. But for that you need words from the horse's mouth, or a mutiny of sorts from his closest confidants. And when I say 'get the word out', I mean in FORCE. A mass exodus of intelligent info spread throughout as many communities as possible, and help from other webmasters to promote the cause of stopping this universal rip off of relatively innocent people who don't know better (or in some cases people who once didn't know better, then found out, and still got jacked around about cancelling their subscription)


    If the point of this site is to be more than a place for outcasts to come and complain, I think the admins here should start putting their heads together and change the conspiracy theory of Tazmo into a well known FACT.

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    Lightbulb question

    I will say this I am /not/ Tasmo or someone relative for him! :P just in case :P
    But i have a question, I am really bad at trucking time and this related to it so I am asking this.

    First:how many times, have you seen Tasmo updating his site?How many times has he changed anything in his webpages. I mean if you clame that you have so many servers and that you are the best and the biggest around here.You should add new and cool stuff almost every day.And at least making the site dinamic (meaning,that even the member can change the colors and stuff according to his liking :P ), I was working as an admin for a small company and our /internal/ message bord was like that.

    Second:Why don' you guys do something like it.Add cool stuff and mini games (flash ganes killing money.. hunting money..buying money.. games) it should be fun :P





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