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    Default HELP! Anyone know how to cancel Narutofan plus?

    Tazmo is gay. On the Narutofan plus site, it talks about "Oh look you spent your shitty ass 5 gigs of bandwidth that I work oh so hard to STEAL (from".

    So I can't find where to cancel my subscription so that canadian won't leech off of my money anymore. I can't retract my paypal since it's my uncles and I haven't seen him in like a kajillion years. Anyone know what to do?

    I tried PMing Tazmo and friends monts ago repeatedly and conveiently, they all ignored me. There's only one help section in the forums and he restricts people from asking help for Narutofan plus.

    On topic: Tazmo is gay.

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    well... check out what i read. it was on the information area about narutofan PLUS it was in size 6 text so you can barely read it (not that interesting)

    No "30 second" time period between downloads is applicable to all downloads on the website, however the "1 download per server" limit is only applicable to NarutoFan PLUS! restricted downloads. Up to 11 simultaneous downloads/threads in total are allowed on a single server, for a theoretical maximum of 11 files downloading at a time for NarutoFan PLUS! downloads. Instant setup is assuming payments are made through PayPal from your PayPal Balance, but an additional waiting period of 5 - 7 days may be incurred if payment is funded from a Credit Card or Bank Account. Your NarutoFan PLUS! account will setup once your payment has cleared. Mail-in payments will be setup as soon as they are received through the mail, we can not provide a garaunteed amount of time that it will take to receive your payment through the mail. Setup time is also not garaunteed even if through PayPal, problems with our system can still occur. Your subscription payments are good for 1 full month, at the end of that month you will need to renew your NarutoFan PLUS! account to have access to NarutoFan PLUS! features again.

    it says near the end that your payments are good for 1 month, at the end you must renew it. i would assume it should be cancelled automatically after one month. however...

    assume this, it never said you stop paying. only that you must renew it. i belive you can't get it cancelled (big surprise... not). you are stuck unless you want to sue. yeah... good luck on that.

    i didn't read it through that much so if someone wants to point other stuff out, i don't care. just thought it wouldn't hurt to post this.

    but... to one who got screwed over, you're screwed over.
    Boobs? What the hell are those?

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    4 simple steps.
    1. Get gun
    2. Shoot self
    3. Rinse.
    4. Repeat.

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    cant you tell paypal to deny the payment to narutofan plus and send it to stoptazmo instead?

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    If you made your NF Plus account with a PayPal recurring subscription, the only way to cancel it is to log into your PayPal account, find the transaction, and cancel it. NarutoFan doesn't have control over the subscription, only you, as the account holder does. If you don't have access to the PayPal account, you need to ask your uncle to do it for you since it will just keep paying until you cancel it. Before you attempt though, make sure that you actually paid with a recurring subscription and not just a one time payment. If it was just a normal payment, don't worry- no more money will be taken out of your account.

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    That's right, some subscriptions are reoccuring and you have to cancel on your own but you get control over it. If you have problems, I suggest you call paypal. NF can't take your money without your consent so once you cancel it, you're fine.

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    Default Paypal Subscription Cancelation Solution

    Wow that titles a bit wierd anyhoo...

    To all those having concern and problems with their subscription you will find the Paypal cancellation solution here:

    1. Log on to your paypal account
    2. (Should automatically bring you to 'My Account') Click 'History' tab
    3. On the drop down menu 'Show' select Subscriptions
    4. In the date 'From' enter the time when you FIRST PAID SUBSCRIPTION - this is of the utmost importance, because if you are to just go to the last date of payment it will simply be a transaction not a subscription.
    5. When you have found it (even if it is years old) click on its 'Details'
    6. The page will show you full details of your subscription, scroll down to the bottom and there should be 3 buttons.
    7. One of these buttons should be 'Cancel Subscription' click it.
    8. Your subscription should now be canceled by Paypal.

    NOTE. Any additional problems - make a note of the subscription number found at the top of the 'Details' page and phone Paypal Service Centre

    Naruto Fan do provide a good fan service with very fast subtitle translation and are convenient they just need to clearly give details of canceling subscription.

    Hope that helps y'all

    Later troops

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    Didn't he say that the Paypal account belonged to an Uncle he hasn't seen in a while, though?

    You damn well better find that uncle, homey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yah.warrior View Post
    4. In the date 'From' enter the time when you FIRST PAID SUBSCRIPTION - this is of the utmost importance, because if you are to just go to the last date of payment it will simply be a transaction not a subscription.
    THANK YOU for specifying this, it was driving me crazy how everyone was saying "oh just find narutofan in there and click cancel." You are totally right about how important it is. I wish I had found this sooner. Thanks again

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    It seems most of this is old news but I just recently was trying to cancel my subscription and was running into the same problem. I didn't pay through paypal but rather directly through my credit card. Instead of waiting for a reply to my open ticket, I went to view my bank transactions and looked for the last anime-plus transaction. is who manages the subscription. Went to the website, entered in my email and credit card number and clicked searched. Took me to a screen that had my account information and the option to cancel or upgrade. Cancelled successfully.


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