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  1. Team Special Scans is recruiting staff to scanlate Pokémon Special volume 45+
  2. Ecchi Baka scans RECRUITING
  3. Black Rock Shooter Innocent Soul - recruiting
  4. Looking for People Interested in new project!
  5. A Duck's Paradise is recruiting!
  6. Hungry Scans is recruiting for (Yowamushi Pedal)
  7. Imperial Scans is recruiting a translator for Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu!
  8. SoraScans is Recruiting!!
  9. [Recruitment] at Elusive Flames
  10. Overloadscans looking for staff =3!!!
  11. Anyone up for helping me edit FE?
  12. Blue December is looking for Staff
  13. ProcrastinatorsUnite are recruiting for Milk Crown Lovers manga
  14. Need help to translate these characters
  15. SoraScans is looking for staff!
  16. Jshoujo Scans is recruiting
  17. NEW!. Tenjo Tenge - Summer House, Need editors or anyone!
  18. [TAL] Scans is Recruiting! Translators and Cleaners Needed!
  19. Spica Scans is looking for English proofreaders!
  20. Curious
  21. Want to create a new group !! Wanna join???
  22. Wangan Scans is recruiting
  23. Editor
  24. Translators needed for Tokyo Underground
  25. WANTED Awesome translator for Kotobuki Scanlations - project: The Fashion Boy is Cool
  26. translator needed!!
  27. Fighting Dreamers Scanlations next scan
  28. ASR:Kurou is recruiting
  29. Fighting Dreamers Scanlations needs your help to grow
  30. DFCG Wants You!