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  1. Ouran High School Host Club Movie
  2. Chapter 40, clarification!!
  3. Chapter 64-anyone read yet?
  4. who do you think has more effect on host club member
  5. Latest Manga Chapter
  6. Anime vs Manga
  7. Ouran-Disney AMVs
  8. Favorite Host Club theme
  9. Live Action
  10. New Chapters Out Up To 53!
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  12. Host Club Look-Alike
  13. Bisco Hatori a need to know more
  14. Watch It On Youtube!
  15. anyone listens to Ouran soundtrack?
  16. Friends of Bisco
  17. ouran cosplay help
  18. Bisco Hatori's other works
  19. Host club game?
  20. Why do YOU like the Host Club?
  21. Favorite Ouran Boy outside the Host Club.
  22. Post-Marital Living Arrangements?
  23. Anime or Manga
  24. Petition for the second anime!
  25. Series like Host Club?
  26. For photos artwork, fangirlism and cosplay come here ^_^
  27. Who do you think Haruhi should hook up with?
  28. Your Favourite Host Club Member
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