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  1. Need For speed carbon
  2. Only in....... Asia actually.
  3. Sony decapitates a dead goat for God of war 2 PR party
  4. Good Looking Games: Jericho, Hei$t,Tuning Point...
  5. Sony: "Get the Fuck Out, Ken!"
  6. New hope for the PS3?
  7. Is it just me or is the Pokemon franchise running out of...
  8. Favorite Pokemon
  9. Guild Wars
  10. Maplestory choices
  11. ummm what are irchighways? and how do you use it? T_T
  12. What do you think are the chances of a real FF game appearing on the X360?
  13. One for all and all for one.
  14. The Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Trainer Stat Thread
  15. Anyone picking up the new pokemon games?
  16. Anyoen picking up the nwe pokemon peral/diamond?
  17. Samus Vs Master Chief
  18. Help on Game Title
  19. convert games
  20. Alan Wake
  21. For Zelda fans who cleared TP
  22. Gta Iv
  23. Naruto SHIPPUDEN gekitou ninja taisen
  24. Lost Planet on PC and it will take advantage of Direct3D 10!
  25. Super Paper Mario (Wii)
  26. Gears Vs. halo
  27. For the FF fans!
  28. FREE ps3!
  29. I might just buy a PS3 because of Chad Warden
  30. Duke Nukem Forever
  31. Help! Re: cs bots
  32. Tekken series
  33. Help!! Help!!!!!
  34. Doesn't that get you pumped the fuck up for DX10 gaming?
  35. Well, it looks like the PS3 could be owning this generation.
  36. Anyone else got into the Games for Windows LIVE beta?
  37. Program of Choice?
  38. what happen to SUN
  39. Valkyrie Profile series
  40. Grand Theft Auto IV Teaser Revealed
  41. .hack gu
  42. CORUM online
  43. S.t.a.l.k.e.r.
  44. Am I getting older or are games getting worse?
  45. Virtual Consol
  46. Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars
  47. Elite My Ass...
  48. World of Warcraft... on the X360.
  49. would you like a fighting game on PC ? -- please vote
  50. Revived!
  51. What is it Microsoft? No step-up option? You mean you're not as cool as EVGA?
  52. After DMC4, maybe FFXIII?
  53. What are you playing? (Xbox Live edition)
  54. Capcom just pwned ps3 fanboys
  55. If the rumors are true...
  56. Games Coming Out This Year...hopefully
  57. We're in 2007 now and looking back at the PS2...
  58. Want to take part in the Playstation Home Beta?
  59. Slow-mo Geometry Wars. =D
  60. Star wars - the force unleashed
  61. Can't wait to play that Shrek game on the Wii!
  62. Geometry Wars Retro Evolved for PC (Vista/XP)
  63. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
  64. Gdc '07
  65. They are pulling a Gamecube!
  66. Looking for some good drift racing games for Xbox 360 and PS3!
  67. PlayStation Home
  68. swap magic
  69. PS3+HDMI+Resistance
  70. Sony: 'We're Open to Changing the Sixaxis'
  71. Commodore returns with new gaming PCs
  72. ... They removed all the extra costumes from the US version of Bullet Witch?
  73. Chess Titans has the cheapest AI I've ever seen.
  74. Fire Kutaragi?
  75. where to buy games?
  76. What the fuck Nintendo!?
  77. supreme commander
  78. PSP cracked?
  79. Peter Moore > Kutaragi
  80. Sony to Redesign European PS3
  81. What kind of person would buy Blue Dragon
  82. Downright coolest character of all time?
  83. The X button in Halo 3 multiplayer.
  84. Tekken 6
  85. Gaming taught me...
  86. PC Games Trick and Cheat...where?
  87. Now I'm sold for Halo 3.
  88. So much for Virtua Fighter being THE fighting game for the Japs.
  89. Is NWN2 worth my money ?
  90. Death Note game commercial
  91. Metal Gear: The Movie
  92. Mass Effect.
  93. Shooter games for PS2
  94. Have you guys seen RE4 on PC?
  95. Slim PS-2
  96. Hardest Bosses
  97. Drunkards fighting in the Guild Wars.
  98. Is the Gantz game ever gonna come out in us?
  99. I have a dirty secret that I need to let out
  100. Fucking kids and their fucking easy-ass games these days.
  101. Dirge of Cerberus
  102. Ffiii Fc
  103. My mom just scammed me can i get my account back?
  104. Favorite gaming moment
  105. What would you play among these?
  106. Easy way to earn World of warcraft/xbox points
  107. FFXIII will suck
  108. check this out ! ^^"
  109. Console war.
  110. anime fansub software?
  111. Some website's top 10 most anticipated PS3 games of 2007.
  112. Tose
  113. Gaming Info
  114. Duke.
  115. Fuck Sony
  116. Unreal Tournament 2007 renamed to Unreal 3. Read this. =p
  117. Games you have spent the most time playing?
  118. Kojima wants to make games for the PC. Oh yes.
  119. legend of dragoon
  120. It's coming.
  121. Game of the Year '06
  122. Fav. scenes in a game.
  123. about consoles and PCs...
  124. God damn it! Now I want a PSP.
  125. Who's your fav boss?
  126. Gears Of Warrrrrrrr!!!!!!!
  127. Soundtracks?
  128. Porn for Jyuu.
  129. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night coming to XBLA! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  130. Killed By Gameboy
  131. English translation trends
  132. nintendo ds friendcodes
  133. Crysis is shaping up like a big-breasted blonde. :(
  134. NCAA footbal xbox
  135. wat your fav RPG game?
  136. Wii is the manliest console
  137. must see dota allstars clip
  138. Which of the two is worse?
  139. xbox live is down
  140. PSP Iso's
  141. ... and Duke wins it again!
  142. Lost Planet.
  143. Wii, PS3, Xbox 360.. which one do you prefer? compare it guyz
  144. Street fighter the later years: Part 1,2,3
  145. Sonic has jumped the shark
  146. SRO SilkroadOnline
  147. nfs carbon
  148. Small forum game. What exclusive will Sony lose next?
  149. I guess I will be playing Virtua Fighter 5 on my 360 after all.
  150. Nintendo Component Video Cable
  151. a question
  152. I need some help
  153. Rainbow Six Vegas - A gaming experience to be enjoyed on the 360?
  154. Rising Force online
  155. Ps4! Whoaaday!
  156. So tell us something we don't already know.
  157. What are you currently playing?
  158. PC Game: Scions Of Fate (Yulgang)
  159. Emulators
  160. Dragon Quest IX - Nintendo DS Exclusive
  161. Your Fav ROM DL Sites
  162. What game are you looking foward in 2007?
  163. Gears Of War
  164. psp recommendations
  165. Nintendo DS
  166. Why PS3?
  167. I saw this website on Digg and...
  168. PS3 vs Wii vs Xbox360
  169. [warcraft dota]anyone play?
  170. [ask]gba rom
  171. SpaceCowboy Online
  172. FFXII: Sky Pirate's Den (spoilers) HELP ME!
  173. FFXII should have been delayed
  174. Your PC GOTY?
  175. Recommend me some games worth playing.
  176. Halp me /v/!
  177. WarRock.
  178. Exclusive Titles : where have they all gone?
  179. Well look whos back and making headlines...
  180. Question
  181. Oblivion help.
  182. Storyline
  183. White PSP Vs. Black PSP
  184. 8.8
  185. Recommended G/VBA games
  186. new zealand...theres no anime games...tsk
  187. Final Fantasy III
  188. Who got a reserve on a PS3??
  189. A little gift
  190. Children Of Mana, What Happend?
  191. Yakuza PS2
  192. If you like football and wanna laugh
  193. Mario Games!
  194. Ehhh, I give up
  195. Can anyone help me make my computer temporarily crappier? =p
  196. Best PS2 Final Fantasy
  197. Videogame Lookalikes
  198. Everyone, drop what you're doing RIGHT NOW
  199. Supreme Commander
  200. Final Fantasy Xii Espers
  201. Merry FFXII Day!
  202. Nov. 8=good day in gaming
  203. We are less than two weeks away till the G80's release.
  204. Grandia Series
  205. Lik-Sang.com Out of Business due to Multiple Sony Lawsuits
  206. Man, replaying Xenogears after all these years reveals tons of deep symbolism missed.
  207. PS3 HDMI Line
  208. Marvel Ultimate Alliance.
  209. MK. Kreat-A-Fighter/Fatality
  210. FAV. Fighting game.
  211. Cellfactor.
  212. Who would win spawn or dante
  213. Super Robot Wars: Original Generations
  214. Gothic 3
  215. Final Fantasy 12 Intro video
  216. 500+ final fantasy and kingdom hearts videos
  217. your favorite gaming genre
  218. Devhook 0.47
  219. looking for cheats for Godfather on PSP...
  220. Hi, I'm looking for cheats for Godfather...
  221. Dmc4 >_<
  222. Silroad Online
  223. Street Fighter: The Later Years
  224. The Clash of the Titans
  225. T_T need help
  226. Diablo ll
  227. Oh wow, oh mutherfuckin wow
  228. Its fun to shoot at nuclear reactors.
  229. Final Fantasy XII USA version leaked, in case you still didn't know
  230. DS Emulation
  231. Xenosaga question.
  232. To all RPG lovers, and the others
  233. Monsters Game Online: Vampires vs Werewolves
  234. Sonic the Hedehog and old Sega Systems
  235. kingdom hearts news (possible spoilers)
  236. kanon
  237. Mania Install
  238. Valkyrie Profile 2
  239. What Jack Thompson should really look at
  240. Hotkey your Spartans!
  241. GW: Nightfall
  242. Command Ground
  243. Mania - Music game
  244. How can Nintendo justify the price of the Wii?
  245. No okami thread??
  246. Best ****ing comeback ever!
  247. Game memorabilia and merchandise
  248. Pfft Ps3 Game Pricing
  249. Day of Defeat Realism
  250. Public Scrimmage This Friday, Day of Defeat