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  1. Bro,Can You Help ME ? Please !!
  2. Who said it couldn't snow in July?
  3. Anagrams
  4. Obama's first gaff?
  5. David versus Goliath or How the music industry is about to have their dicks sliced.
  6. Hey Mojo, China can kiss my...
  7. Binktopia being run out by Sleepyfans?
  8. Age 63
  9. RobotChicken? RobotCOCK
  10. I don't know what's weirder...
  11. Awww, well isn't that wonderful.
  12. Tlaknig liek thsi trhead
  13. I remember when Stop Tazmo first appeared...
  14. Fashion no-no's
  15. A substantive question.
  16. Have a problem?
  17. How many forum members are needed to change a light bulb?
  18. Steve Pfeiffer is more American than you'll ever be
  19. in case you haven't realized...
  20. Tainted meat?
  21. Sounds like Heroes can be a reality
  22. SurvivorMan? Try SurvivorPig
  23. Bowling King Posters Riddle
  24. Be Fake or be mean?
  25. What are you going to do this summer?
  26. George Carlin (1937-2008)
  27. Manga Meeya - Manga Reading Tool
  28. Lets get pregnant... Together!!!
  29. Suicide Jokes
  30. Journalist Tim Russert Dies
  31. Chobits might be the future...
  32. Everyone <3 Firefox
  33. Hey Sinoel...
  34. The New iPhone, Better Than Ever
  35. Get in touch with your opposite side.
  36. What Women Want (Maybe)...
  37. Your worst FEAR.
  38. Worst Year Ever?
  39. Sometimes, you just have to look carefully.
  40. Scarlett & Barack
  41. Whose working this summer?
  42. Boy dies of Dry Drowning
  43. Heat Wave
  44. Unmerciful People
  45. Michael Pfleger
  46. Your experience with idiosyncrasy
  47. Disscussion of the day:Airsoft
  48. This is a messed up world.
  49. Majors Thread v2
  50. Manga news, Most popular mangas, Latest mangas, Latest chapters
  51. Goal Line Blitz! It's free and it can't hurt to try!
  52. Sex Ed Teacher In Trouble For Answering Student Questions
  53. What does the internet need?
  54. In Jyuu's dreams.....
  55. Rumour of the day: Is Kim Jong Il dead?
  56. Cooking...
  57. Well that was unexpectedly creepy.
  58. Damn MACOSX files
  59. Guild Wars
  60. Global Community
  61. Hardcore Self Infliction
  62. Your Browser
  63. Strip for ya' reputation
  64. Homeland Security is a Dirty Business
  65. Presidential/Political Humor
  66. The onset of the future...
  67. XD Rambo has nothing on this guy.
  68. Finally, Something Fun To Talk About (The Omega Laser)
  69. Technology At It's Best
  70. Journalist made a break for it!!!!
  71. 3 years ago
  72. Slutbucks
  73. I pray to the God of Emo
  74. America, f*ck yea!
  75. Disney Innuendo
  76. Yeah, we're gay here. Legally.
  77. DNC's Dilemma: Michigan and Florida
  78. It was only a matter of time...
  79. Dreams.
  80. The Story of an Hour
  81. Big Racing Fan - help needed
  82. What is Literature?!
  83. Two Million Dollar Baby
  84. Happy Mothers Day
  85. Sometimes, I really hate the camera work in straight videos.
  86. AKofC for Chit Chat
  87. The Honest College Ad
  88. If you can switch lives with any ST member who would it be and why?
  89. Do you think ST mods abuse their power?
  90. Having super powers
  91. Confess Your Success
  92. Summer Time!
  93. Another SYmbiote? What's running through Stan's Mind Now (Spider-Man comic future)
  95. There Is Nothing Wrong With News.
  96. America, What were you thinking?!
  97. What's cool? What's not?
  98. Who else want to be Iron Man?
  99. They should rename Chit Chat to News Links.
  100. That's one busy fapper...
  101. Roomcest?
  102. The Self-Building City to House the Homeless
  103. Lesbians Getting Sued For National Name Infringement
  104. Japanese Prettyboys and their Facials
  105. Police, Borders and Microsoft
  106. He wanted WHAT for your hand in marriage?!
  107. Disney matches Nick again
  108. Man abducts/hides daughter for 24 years
  109. Is revenge a higher motif?
  110. The Library
  111. For sale iPod Touch, Nokia N95, etc
  112. You thought the girls in YOUR school were bitchy...
  113. Crunchyroll gets $4m.
  114. Death And Taxes
  115. NSFW pics. (Morten, don't murder the English language like that.)
  116. Tokyo secret underground shelter
  117. You are what your mother eats ^^
  118. A bubble bath gone wrong...
  119. Yeah. Trees are insanely cool.
  120. Shoo!! Go away!!
  121. Democracy is always right?
  122. Unusually Homoerotic Rap Lyrics?
  123. Funny Anti-Anime Blog
  124. what a jerk.....
  125. Photoshop Disasters
  126. Talk about impractical parenting...
  127. 13 Year Old - Attempted Murder by Peanut Allergy?
  128. SNAFU
  129. What surprises will you find in your ketchup?
  130. We need more people like this guy in the world
  131. Don't stare at women.
  132. I want one of these...
  133. I'd love to prosecute her!
  134. Yes! Yes! Yes! No! I call rape!
  135. Ignorant American...? (no offence)
  136. Cant write reviews ?
  137. Chuck Norris Facts
  138. ~ Welcome to Trap Café - may I have your orders, master? ~
  139. .....thats alot of warts
  140. Hey Mojo, congratulations on having that kid.
  141. [.gif]s
  142. Do you agree? To take it of the shelf?
  143. Anyone for a portion of soylent green?
  144. Parents more concerned about sex than violence in media
  145. Signature Rules UPDATED!
  146. Find me a cheap hotel/guesthouse
  147. Acoustic Rock Radio
  148. @ chuu
  149. F/s New Nokia N95 Unlocked $270
  150. Heed his warnings, its only a matter of time.
  151. What's your ringtone?
  152. Wanna help someone out
  153. Teachers and thier stupidity.
  154. Anybody in the mood for some cake?
  155. This poll is the best poll
  156. Who is this Tazmo of which you speak?
  157. Jumping in front of a bullet...
  158. Breath Of A Nation - [CO2 Emissions, U.S.A.]
  159. Do Not Call
  160. "Sorry" ... *glare*... "FOR WHAT!?!?!"
  161. So yesterday I was downloading this smell and... wait what?
  162. FBI Raid on Polygamist Community
  163. See you on the other side...
  164. Big boards
  165. Why you two-faced son of a jackal...!
  166. "Stay in School," your parents say...O RLY?
  167. "Large Black Snake?"
  168. Re: Flush Your Troubles Away, Today!
  169. Flush Your Troubles Away, Today!
  170. Favorite jokes from comedians
  171. You ran a 26 mile marathon? Sissy.
  172. Webcomics
  173. Why does it always seem like the samurai-types get picked as #1 in pop contests?
  174. Homework
  175. Idiot Politicians
  176. Best of Stand-up
  177. I... Why did this never happen to me?
  178. I wish I could reach reach through the internet and break your mind, oh wait...
  179. The Internet: Your personal police force
  180. Just. Plain. Sickening.
  181. Katie Sierra
  182. Your daily Fun-News
  183. Dead Babies Galore (a tad obscene)
  184. It's not prejudist to make fun of PEDOPHILES right?
  185. So if you were to be transported to the Medieval Period, what job would you choose?
  186. So like what is this 4chan thing people keep on talking about?
  187. Online Suicide Diary
  188. The Hilarious Vids Thread
  189. is this what western people think of chinese?wth`
  190. im looking for a new manga
  191. Bal en Blanc/White party any one?
  192. Can anyone tell me what image macro this image comes from?
  193. Anybody from Elmwood Park, Illinois here?
  194. Limiting Fanfiction?
  195. Group that doesn't exist
  196. The US and South Korea?
  197. Painting Artists
  198. Akinator, the genie that reads your mind
  199. How did you find this site
  200. A kid dies trying to copy Naruto
  201. woman gets on the toilet for 2 years
  202. Poor kids.
  203. looking for some help with some research... spare me a moment please! :)
  204. Google lovers unite! Wait not this much...
  205. Eternal Life
  206. Legality of Prostitution?
  207. Keeping up with the times...
  208. Aww...this is just so cute...
  209. Why you don't screw with the rules in front of an nth Dan master
  210. Spring Forward
  211. Nazigold in the Ore Mountains
  212. This could go under the Gaming Darwin Awards, if there were any..
  213. Not a bad consolation prize at all.
  214. Sexy *_*
  215. Infidelity
  216. Digi's dream (Digi don't look)
  217. spend vs earn ?
  218. When you last visited
  219. Vulva (NSFW)
  220. Why the one cent / one pence should NOT be abolished
  221. "13 First-Date No-Nos" all guys should know
  222. Crows or Worst?
  223. CliffsNotes Have Never Been So Modern
  224. Introvert or Extrovert?
  225. cosplay commissioners???
  226. Zombie Survival V2 Realistic Style
  227. Birthmarks
  228. stoptazomo city
  229. If there was ever an argument about healthcare...
  230. Don't Touch Me
  231. Wasn't that too obvious?
  232. Who wants this? I sure do.
  233. My First AMV!
  234. This is why I like it au naturale...
  235. [...] and why did the 3rd coala fall out of the tree?
  236. Pink Panther panties, anyone?
  237. Fuck Microsoft.
  238. Japan at it's best.
  239. Anyone lose a leg? or 3?
  240. Jokes,Jokes & Jokes!!!
  241. One Million Dollars
  242. welcome to nhk
  243. "The shooting was the fourth at a US school within a week."
  244. A bit of politics.
  245. Happy Single Awareness Day!!
  246. Ecards?
  247. (Best) non-fiction books
  248. Oh wait, this is FAUX News we're talking about..
  249. You guys are my home-boys!
  250. The most delicious food you ever ate !!