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  1. I just saved my first Narutofan member (Feels proud)
  2. naruto community day?
  3. Remember Jared?
  4. What a pussy
  5. Ano... this is confusing.
  6. download manager
  7. You know what'd be really fun?
  8. Who's Tazmo
  9. You guys (and girls... i guess) know what's sad about tazmo?
  10. tazmo arrested
  11. http://www.narutochaos.com
  12. Only reason
  13. Slow Download ?
  14. NF thread, fricking YES fsubers stand up, Toadies are so sad
  15. Plan to destroy him
  16. Who likes NarutoFan But hates TAZMO
  17. Wow!
  18. dattebayo n168
  19. Im thinking of donating to narutofan
  20. Hes hiding the truth
  21. Erm........ you do know one MAJOR fuck-up in this plan ?
  22. I don't know if this has ever been mentioned before, but....
  23. SCORE! I just got banned from NarutoFan.com!
  24. Some interesting conversations
  25. Don't you all love his Legal Disclaimer.
  26. stoptazmo and tazmo
  27. Eat tazmos bandwidth
  28. I won the Narutofan Halloween Fanart contest!
  29. Its Ready!!!
  30. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  31. A Consolation
  32. Tazmoooo
  33. Narutofantards! A Bleach Release by M7!
  34. Why don't you guys just hack his website or something?
  35. Why only tazmo why not the admins to
  36. You guys opened my eyes
  37. zombie scans joins the fight against tazmo
  38. My last chance to bash Tazmo.
  39. $928 a month to run a damn site??
  40. Narutofan: 2006 Budget: $32,928 USD
  41. I feel sorry for NF users
  42. The ten things I hate about Tazmo.
  43. Just a little notice
  44. Look what i found
  45. you guys are the coolest! am I right?!?!?!
  46. The biggest scam I've ever seen
  47. Tazmo has no dick 8)
  48. Who here really hates Tazmo?
  49. Stop Tazmo? What for?
  50. i am love tazmo...!!
  51. I dont get it. Why not report Tazmo?
  52. Farly pissed
  53. What is Tazmo and NarutoFan?
  54. There's a Kane impersonator on the loose!
  55. You guys should stop what you are doing?
  56. We're stopping Tazmo by strangling his media
  57. Tazmo further proves his idiocy
  58. We just got hacked, and I cannot stop laughing.
  59. Who exactly is Tazmo
  60. NF/tazmo and anime companies
  61. alittle question here
  62. What if...
  63. Tazmo is a damn fatty!
  64. :-D Tazmo bashed in online manga manual!!
  65. what does it take to get banned?
  66. Call me a skeptic...
  67. your 2 cents on tazmo and his site
  68. Fun Fun StopTazmo Game
  69. Stoptazmo is illegal and hypocritical
  70. about the monthly goal
  71. narutofan people who worship tazmo
  72. Damn tazmo and his Money making Scheme
  73. Stoptazmo is giving Tazmo undeserved limelight.
  74. What's your reason for hating tazmo? say it.
  75. What do you feel about SEX in Manga???
  76. Report Tazmo
  77. STOP TAZMO!?!?!?!
  78. What happen with the links!!!!
  79. Narutofan Plus!
  80. Improvements with This Site
  81. "Stopping Criminals (NarutoFan.com) in the act."
  82. Dont have anything to do ? Find a girflend ! Leave Taz alone
  83. Hmm........
  84. This isn't really a bash, more an issue
  85. directmanga merging with naruto fan.
  86. I find this pretty funny
  87. bleachportal.net&stoptazmo.com ARE OWNED BY SAME PERSON?
  88. You know, the more I think about it, the more plausible...
  90. Get a fucking life
  91. Who Started the I Hate Tazmo Front Anyway?
  92. Just a question....
  93. Vash, we are devastated
  94. Do you guys really hate Tazmo?
  95. "Who is Tazmo?"
  96. OMG! I won the XBOX 360 on NarutoFan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  97. Crippling Tazmo mean Crippling his PayPal!
  98. Bashing Narutofan forums
  99. Comments, heh
  100. ST losing it's weekly dosage of tazmo idiots?
  101. Wtf? How did this happen?
  102. this forum is where you can tell the latest on tazmo
  103. what is stoptazmo doing to stop tazmo?
  104. gabs_dark_alter_ego?
  105. Tazmo New Staff Member: Masah
  106. Lets bash him while his Forum is is peril!
  107. Wanted to see how Tazmo and his Naruto site going...
  108. Tazmos competitions
  109. Tazmo Strikes again
  110. This forum gives too many importance to Tazmo....
  111. wow the admins on the comments page are abusive and dumb
  112. Tazmo is the best guy ever!
  113. Tazmo's good deeds
  114. Tazmo obsessions
  115. About the tazmo bashing and all...
  116. Who or What Exactly is Tazmo?
  117. wuts the prob??
  118. Bash tazmo!
  119. need more credibility
  120. Everybody!! Let's all ping Tazmo together!!
  121. Err dunno if somethin like that was already tried but...
  122. i hate Tazmo and his staff
  123. Narutofan plus copied Yahoo Mail Plus(how low can tazmo go?)
  124. Should Tazmo post more ecchi Manga
  125. Trigunflame
  126. spreading the word
  127. How NarutoFan Feels About TheSato
  128. How Do You Show Your Tazmo Hate Around Here?
  129. NARUTOFAN PLUS!?!?!
  130. You guys..
  131. Just a question
  132. Stoptazmo...what is your net income?
  133. Stoptazmo...what is your net income?
  134. visiting
  135. What the hell is the who situation with Tazmo and Kane?
  136. who is kane?
  137. Don't go to NF and throw around stupid insults.
  138. Did you see the picture of Dadogin?
  139. Wow ! Like where's the hotdog
  140. NEWS FLASH: We Don't CARE!
  142. Naruto Plushie draw! And the winner is... Tazmo?
  143. Vash is leaving narutofan
  144. Null's scanlations
  145. From what I gather...
  146. Screwed Over
  147. Interesting
  149. Just....wow.
  150. Narutofan's staff's emaill address......
  151. Tazmo and T*ism
  153. The NF Forums
  154. If you hate Tazmo that much, it might be helpful.
  155. Tazmo's end to donations.
  156. Why?
  157. Who?
  158. AnimeCrave another scam by Tazmo?
  159. Tazmo...
  160. And Justice For All
  161. the unqual bashing of tazmo
  162. You all are dumb
  163. Just Thinking
  164. I don't hate Tazmo, but..
  165. Canadian Bashing
  166. bleach 7?
  167. Semi-Intelligent Posts Only Please!
  168. Sayoko raped me
  169. Tazmo vs Kane at NF they made a poll who wins in a fight lol
  170. Tazmo
  171. Is this for real?
  172. You are all...
  173. when tazmo raped me
  174. ever wonder if its possible that tazmo is NOT a bad guy?
  175. Strange request
  176. How does narutofan host anime?
  177. Question: Why is everyone bashing Tazmo
  178. Humanity is too fucking gullible.
  179. tazma-who?
  180. How many people want to see narutofan down?
  181. [!] DaDogin, the friend of Tazmo
  182. [!] The GirlFriend of Tazmo [!]
  183. Tazmo strikes back?
  184. Bash tazmo...?
  185. I am Tazmo, Donate to my site. You can win an ipod!
  186. That piece of sh*t banned me after I mentioned stoptazmo.com
  187. Proposal to piss tazmo off
  188. The 'so called' moderator - a sham
  189. heard so much about him!
  190. Stupid NarutoForum Admins.
  191. My Reply to The Directmanga Thread.
  192. Wouldn't 'prize winners' leave comments/posts on NarutoFan?
  193. Damn, He is Smart
  194. The Dark Omen
  195. Can't trust Canadians
  196. Evidence.
  197. Tazmo is NOT A FAKE - Round 2.
  200. Bash tazmo in your native language!
  201. Just some things...
  202. Hm.....
  203. Links to Group Sites
  204. Ways of extending anti-tazmo
  205. Remove the stuff about Wife Beating, Porn.
  206. hes on a trip!
  207. Donate To NarutoFan For Child Porn
  209. Professionalism...
  210. Tazmo doesn't pay attention to this site ... BS
  211. hahahah iam so evil
  212. naruto forums
  213. I just realized this
  214. Info: Naruto Fan.... Prizes!! Yeah!! More of Tazmo's lies!!
  215. Narutofan Lite?!?! dont make me laugh
  216. Tazmo has started a Mime site?
  217. Tazmo is teh dummer evl n00b
  218. kon following tazmo's trend?
  219. New contest "Biggest NarutoFan"
  220. hee hee... im going to get myself banned at nf hee hee...
  221. Is it just me...?
  222. -_- DM confirmed to be owned by Tazmo
  223. Directmanga and Narutofan
  224. sum wacko stuffz bout tazmo
  225. Tazmo wasnt lying
  226. Tazmo's Bio
  227. Tazmo = NarutoFan?!?!?!?1
  228. Drop the jealousy
  229. How Much Tazmo Makes From His Site?
  230. The Tard Gets DUMMER!!!
  231. nf down alot?
  232. Stopkane.info IS GONE!!!!!
  233. Bandwidth Question
  234. fishy
  236. I'm tired of talk
  237. new stuff/facts
  238. tazmo? what is 'it' exactly....
  239. Spreading Awareness.
  240. Another Webmaster joins the bashing!
  241. He's Looking For Staff
  242. directmanga.com is another SCAM
  243. I say BRAVO to Tazmo!!
  244. woah look what i found on the net
  245. Naruto Fan does NOT have permission to distribute Inane
  246. Tazmo's contests
  247. Tazmo Raped Me!
  248. NarutoFan is overrated
  249. WTF!?!
  250. tamzo