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    Default Naruto Characters


    I am trying to collect a list of characters from Naruto and the village they are in.

    I donít watch/read Naruto much so I am asking for your help.

    I would like it if you know about Naruto to help contribute to this thread, by posting the name of a character and the village they are in.


    Naruto Ė Hidden Leaf Village
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    Kakashi - Hidden Leaf Village
    Sakura - Hidden Leaf Village
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    Hope this helps, this is all the characters that I know so far.

    Naruto Uzumaki - Hidden Leaf Village
    Sasuke Uchiha - Hidden Leaf Village
    Sakura Haruno - Hidden Leaf Village
    Iruka - Hidden Leaf Village
    Kakashi - Hidden Leaf Village
    Hinata Hyuuga- Hidden Leaf Village
    Neji Hyuuga- Hidden Leaf Village
    Shikamaru Nara - Hidden Leaf Village
    Ino Yamanaka - Hidden Leaf Village
    Asuma Sarutobi - Hidden Leaf Village
    Choji Akimichi - Hidden Leaf Village
    Genma Shiranui - Hidden Leaf Village
    Shodai Hokage - Hidden Leaf Village
    Itachi Uchiha - Hidden Leaf Village
    Kiba Inuzuka - Hidden Leaf Village
    Rock Lee - Hidden Leaf Village
    Tenten - Hidden Leaf Village
    Shino Aburame - Hidden Leaf Village
    Kabuto Yakushi - Hidden Leaf Village
    Hoshigaki Kisame - Village Hidden in the Mist
    Gaara of the Desert - Village hidden in the Sand
    Temari - Village hidden in the Sand
    Kankuro - Village hidden in the Sand
    Sabuza Momochi - Village Hidden in the Mist
    Haku - Village Hidden in the Mist
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    Hmm The Characters and the Village they come from? Ok lets see...

    Konoha (Village Hidden in the Leaves, Hidden Leaf Village)

    Uzumaki Naruto
    Haruno Sakura
    Uchiha Sasuke
    Hatake Kakashi (Naruto,Sakura, and Sasuke's Sensei)
    Nara Shikamaru
    Yamanaka Ino
    Akimichi Chouji (I know you said dont go off topic I just want to clarify hes not the god Tazmo thinks he is)
    Rock Lee
    Hyuuga Neji
    Hyuuga Hinata (same family name but different branches)
    Aburame Shino
    Danzou - just recently introduced in manga but seems to be a major player
    Sai - Same as Danzou
    Sarutobi (3rd Hokage)
    Asuma (Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji's Sensei)
    Inuzuka Kiba
    Yuuhi Kurenai (Shino, Kiba, and Hinata's Sensei)
    Gai (Neji, Ten-ten, and Rock Lee's Sensei)
    Mizuki (very first person Naruto fights)
    Uchiha Shisui (deceased)
    Uchiha Itachi (left Konoha)
    Orochimaru (banished/escaped from Konoha)

    Yakushi Kabuto is not from Konoha no one really knows where hes from (responding to Tetra: The keywords in your response would be "adopt" and "found" like I said no one knows where he is truly from. Also I was trying to post information without spoiling it for people who haven't seen or read Naruto because I for one hate spoilers but lets keep this on track...)

    Had originally intended to post all I could think of but thinking about it realize there are over 100 Major characters and it would take too long to type it all out plus others probably want to contribute. In the rare event that others dont decide to post more character names I will come back and post some of the lesser known characters.

    If you need any more specific information besides just Names and the Villages they come from I would be more then willing to contribute what I know. Its also interesting to note that almost every single character who appears often but isnt one of the main characters never has a family name associated with what they are known by. Just something to think about.
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    orochimaru - Hidden sound leader
    Jiraiya - one of the Sannin
    Tsunade - Current Hokage of Konoha
    Aburame Shibi - Konoha (shino's father)
    Akadou Yoroi - Kabuto's accomplice
    Baki - Hidden Sand (Garaa's gaurdian guy)

    just to name a few.

    Kabuto is from Konoha, a Konoha medic ninja adopted him as a baby when found in a war against the sand (I think it was the sand), but he's been part of the Hidden sound for a while.

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    Default has a huge list. Including character without much info in the Magna (ie, that girl Itachi used to lure Jiraya from Naruto is named Emi).


    Hyuuga Hanabi
    Hyuuga Haishi
    Akimichi Chouza
    Yamanaka Inoshin
    Hyuuga Hizashi

    Which character are you test by Naruto -

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    im pretty sure the whole point of him asking us is to use the data in his own way as far away from as possible. Tazmo and Kane hate each other I dont have anything against Kane but im not exactly on anyones side... I do hate Tazmo scamming people and closing down compeition though.

    (plus regarding Narutofans information they make up heights and ages and blood type just like any dbz fansite would and alot of their information is inaccurate or outdated even better because is so elite (or they think they are) If you have any data different from that makes you wrong and them right...)

    Sound Ninja

    Yakushi Kabuto? (the question mark isnt for spelling I still dont think hes really with the Sound or any village/organization)
    (will edit this post when I remember the


    Uchiha Itachi
    Hoshigaki Kisame
    (.....cant remember names...brain not working right..)

    Missing Nin (Those who have no village because they were forced to leave or choose to leave)
    Uchiha Itachi
    Hoshigaki Kisame
    Momochi Zabuza
    (filler people who dont matter)
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    Adding to the list! ( i probably repeat some name already mentioned..... haha)

    Fire Country, Hidden Leaf Village
    Aburame Shibi (Shino's Dad)
    Aburame Shino
    Akamaru (their animals' included aint they? haha)
    Inuzuka Kiba (owner of Akamaru)
    Akimichi Chouji
    Akimichi Chouza (Chouji's Dad)
    Ayame (the ramen girl!)
    Ebisu (Konohamaru's teacher)
    Enma Enkouou (Sarutobi's Animal Contract, the monkey)
    Gamabunta (that frog oyabi)
    Gamakichi (Gamabunta's 1st Son)
    Gamatatsu (Gamabunta's 2ns Son, Gamakichi's bro)
    Pakkun (one of Kakashi's dogs)
    Hyuuga Hiashi (Hinata's Dad)
    Hyuuga Hizashi (Negi's Dad)
    Morino Ibiki (one of the Examiner)
    Yamanaka Ino (Haruno Sakura's Rival)
    Uchiha Itachi (Sasuke's Brother, Akatsuki Member)
    Jiraiya (Erosenin, Naruto's mentor)
    Konohamaru (3rd Hokage's Grandson)
    Moegi (one of Konohamaru's friend)
    Udon (one of Konohamaru's friend, *please double check though)
    Yuuhi Kurenai (Chouji's Group mentor)
    Kyuubi (the nine tail residing in Naruto)
    Rock Lee
    Maito Gai (Rock Lee's group mentor)
    Mitarashi Anko (used to be Orochimaru's underling, one of the examiner)
    Nawaki (Tsunade's Brother, Grandson of first Hokage)
    Shizune (Tsunade's "student")
    Tonton (Tsunade's n Shizune's pig pet)
    Nara Shikamaru
    Sarutobi Asuma
    Shiranui Genma (one of the examiner)

    Stone Country, Hidden Rock Village
    Deidara (the guy who defeated Gaara, Akatsuki Member)

    Sound Country, Hidden Sound Village
    Jiroubou (Orochimaru's follower)
    Yakushi Kabuto (I seriously think he belongs here instead of Hidden Leaf)
    Kidoumaru (Orochimaru's follower)
    Sakon (Orochimaru's follower)
    Kimimaro (Orochimaru's tank before Sasuke)

    Misc. Countries
    Hoshigake Kisame (Akatsuki Member)- Rain
    Haku - Mist Village
    Momochi Zabuza - Mist Village
    Zetsu (Akatsuki Member) - Hidden Grass Village
    Sabaku no Gaara (just to add the full name) - Hidden Sand Village

    If you happen to need some sort of their biographies I can help too! Should have a few more characters... But I can't remember their full names. Will get back when I get 'em!

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    ya ok im done giving names.... mainly because you asked for info and now it looks like its some kind of contest to see who can give the most names or has the most information I wont be dragged into this bs.

    Im also kind of disappointed that only people new to the forums are the ones giving info... doesn't give the Naruto series a great reputation. It really is a great series but now that it has to come to the US (On Toonami of all things)

    And the names have been bastardized it makes me cry... it doesn't help matters that Studio Pierrot the people who make Naruto decided to do a whole years worth of Filler episodes. Im sure you will get all the names you need and plenty you don't and that eventually the topic will be closed because it will start getting into naruto flame/counterflame wars again I wont be a part of it so thats my 2 cents.

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    Some bios here.


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