We are now accepting BitCoin andVanillia Visa Gift Cards!. I've updated the latest information.

We have not received any donations thismonth, it was terrible luck that the very next day after tellingpeople to use InstaWallet that it was shutdown. I would like to askeveryone to donate. BitCoins are a pain honestly to get if you havenever done it before but Vanillia Visa Gift Cards can be found in aton of places so I hope that to the people reading this, you can pickup a few for us.

If you have BitCoins, sendthe money to 1F2uFiGFZdHEZHt4v3B3da3VzhjKWrwJds

Manga Server Information
As a result of not being able toreceive any BitCoins due to InstaWallet shutting down we have notbeen able to earn any money. We do not have money for a server. Westill have our main hosting server to pay which is about $100 USD amonth, I rather not take the loss but I can afford it since I nolonger lose so much money. ST is hosted on a single server along withour manga and we have almost no free space. I have to keep watchingthe server, have logs disabled and other things to ensure our machinedoes not run out of free space. It will cost about 150 USD to get asingle 500GB drive in our server from our last quote, this would meanwe could have our Manga Viewer back online + other series at the veryleast.

Will StopTazmo Continue?
I will not know till next month. I knowI should have fixed the donation page sooner but I hope to at leastget a few donations this month. My Girlfriend does want me to closeST, but now that we dropped from 3k+ to ~500 Manga Series, what usedto take me 1 hour a day has been reduced to 15 minutes so that ishelpful and since we do not have 2x servers I lose money on I have a lot more to buy her stuff, which means I can keep this site running longer. I do have a backlog of manga to upload but we really needdonations for a new server or hard drive.

I've spent years running this site buthave pretty much maxed myself out. I had to run up a lot of debt tokeep this site going and it would be great if it could at least breakeven. I might revise our donation page to accept Pizza Hut Gift Cardsas well as those things are good as gold and man is their pizza good,but I'll hold off on that for now. For the moment though I'm takingwhatever we can get and converting them into BitCoins (PrePaid GiftCard -> BitCoin, anything else that holds its value).

I'd love to hear comments/suggestions,either post here or use this form