Every month we push virtually 100mbps, over 32,000gb's of bandwidth each month. We have tried almost every sponsor out there, Google Adsense, TribalFusion, BurstMedia, ValueClickMedia, etc and none of those really work well for us. At the moment donations and sponsorship is our only means of surviving.

I spent anywhere from 30-60 minutes per day working on StopTazmo, collecting updates, renaming chapters, finding missing chapters, responding to email. I can do all of these things but the one thing I lack is money with most of my credit cards maxed out I really need your help to donate to help us, even if it's only $1. I run this site as a hobby and I cannot afford even a $1 loss each month.

I am going to post what we need for this month below.

March 2013
Total Server Expenses: $480
2x Servers + Site Hosting + Server Management
Total Ads Revenue: ~$0
Need to Collect: $480

Total Donations This Month: $45

I will update the total amount of funds we need as they come in. If you don’t want to see us launch a premium service, make sure to encourage others to donate.

HOW DO YOU DONATE? A good friend of mine Mark Darden has agreed to pay for our servers out of the money he collects for "
World Empowerment", his social mission to help the world but I have to cover the difference. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS GO HERE:
http://markdarden.com/donate_to_help.php AND DONATE