I originally was going to post all of our moderator guidelines but for the time being I am only going to be posting the rules that apply directly to our members as there is no reason to have this thread cluttered with a page of information that does not apply directly to our members.

How moderators are to decide how to ban members appropriately:
Note: These are general guidelines, and cover most of the repeat abuse and will cover 90% of the problems moderators encounter.

First Offense:
1. Spamming/Cursing/Totally Off Topic Post -> 3 Day Ban (Exception is when the member is a clear spammer selling phones, xbox's, etc)
2. Requesting Manga Series -> 2 Day Ban
3. Offensive pictures/flash/gifs/links -> 3 Day Ban
4. Double Posting -> Warn
5. Creating multiple threads in same subject -> Warn
6. Off topic posts -> Warn
7. Oversized Signature -> Warn

Second/Third Offense:
One Week Ban.

If a member has been warned three+ times, one month ban.

------------ REPORTING MODERATOR ABUSE ---------
We have a lot of issues with moderators abusing their power and degrading members.
  • All bans must have a valid explanation. Any moderator has the right to overturn a ban if no reason for the ban has been given.
  • Moderators are not to insult any members. They are not to demean or degrade members, they are there to make sure that all rules are applied and offenders are banned to keep the community clean from degrading behavior.
If you know of any moderator who is insulting members, (Note there is a difference between saying things such as “That’s a stupid idea…” and “Your stupid”) as moderators are not allowed to personally attack members. All bans require an explanation; we’ve had complaints in the past about no reasons being given or abusive messages left as the ban reason and that is not acceptable.

If you believe you are a victim of any type of moderator abuse as of today [05/16/08], please PM me right away with proof and anything else I might need to know. Once I've received your PM I will investigate and if a moderator has been abusing their power, they will be warned and after three strikes against them within three months, I will ask that they leave.