Welcome to Chit Chat!

Hello and welcome to the StopTazmo Forums Chit Chat Subforum! This post is to inform our members, new and old, about the rules that this forum will be run by to ensure a enjoyable forum experience for everyone! Its highly suggested that you refer to this if you are unsure about anything and if ever you are confused we greatly encourage you to send a Private Message to one of the Chit Chat Moderators (currently: Jyuu, Coolpuprocks, and StealDragon) or the Forum Administrator (Kevin Shiel). We're more than happy to answer anything you may want to know, and are eager to hear any suggestions, feedback, complaints, or helpful information you may want to share. Now that that's out of the way, lets get to it!

Forum Etiquette
Basic Forum Etiquette is so that our members get along peacefully and in a friendly manner, please abide by these to make and keep our forum a pleasant place to interact with all our members worldwide. Breaking one of these rules after being warned will earn you an immediate ban, the length of which will range from a few days for your first infraction to permanent if you have become detrimental to the smooth operation of this forum.

  • Do not flame other members.
  • Keep profanity to a minimum.
  • Please don't post sexually explicit, excessively gory, or otherwise inappropriate images. Only tasteful nudity is allowed, which will be at the moderators discretion.
  • If you get into an argument with another member, try to keep it civil and intelligent and not resort to degrading other members intelligence or social stature.
  • Everyone is equal, treat new members as you would like to be treated. The same goes for veterans, if you want respect you have to earn it.

Posting Rules
These are the rules you should always follow whenever you are posting. To be specific, every one of your posts should follow these rules and breaking even just one of them is liable to earn an infraction, a deleted post, or at worst - a temporary ban.
  • Speak proper English. This is an English speaking forum and other languages, while beautiful in their own right - will not be tolerated in this forum.
  • Do not use chatspeak on the forum. Posts consisting of excessive smileys, lolspeak, and generally ungrammatical English will be removed. We understand everyone may not be completely fluent, but we need you to make an effort for the sake of forum cleanliness and ease of use.
  • Do not quote images. It stretches the forum excessively.
  • Do not post excessively large images for that same reason.
  • Do not double post. Your posts will be merged if it is an accident and you're welcome to edit one to ask a moderator to delete it. However if its apparent you're doing it on purpose, you will recieve an infraction.
  • Quote wars will not be tolerated.
  • Do not blog, no matter how interesting you are, we do not need a daily account of your life story.
  • Posting in the Member Picture Thread without a picture of you in the post will result in it being deleted. Repeat offenders will earn a ban. The thread is for forum member who are comfortable enough to share who they actually are. Not for conversing about what they're wearing for instance.

Thread Creation Rules
Good thread posting is the heart of any forum, interesting discussion topics are what keep forums interesting and members coming back. We greatly value all types of threads in Chit Chat and welcome you to try your hand at creating new and interesting topics to discuss.

  • Search before you create a thread. Duplicate threads are the bane of any forum because while two topics may cover the same subject, the train of conversation in them can be radically different. For this reason duplicate threads are not allowed and the newer thread will be locked. Its best for everyone to keep the discussion in one thread for organization's sake.

  • Do not necromance threads. For those who do not know what that means, it means do not post in threads that are long dead. Bumping a year old thread to the front page is very annoying thing especially if theres no need for further discussion in said thread. That said, if you have something truly substantial to add to a dead thread or want to take it in a new but concurrent direction you are welcome to revive an old thread.
  • Make sure your topic title actually reflects what is in the thread.
  • Do not advertise in this forum. Advertising is a serious offense and there is a dedicated forum here called Webbie Ads for people looking to direct traffic to their site.
  • Do not post in Chit Chat asking about the status of another website.
  • Do not post here asking about the whereabouts of other websites.
  • Under absolutely NO circumstances are there to be threads about Manga and Anime in Chit Chat. There are almost forty other subforums for specific manga and several general discussion subforums for Manga and Anime Discussion. Use them.
  • Do not post here asking for help, there is a dedicated forum called, surprisingly... The Help Section. Questions about the forum, account information, and other miscellaneous things go there.

Breaking these rules will almost guarantee an infraction. Advertising can and will get you permanently banned. Minor offenses will see your post moved or deleted.

Signature Rules
We all love to express our individuality on a forum. Its the one of the best ways to give other people an impression of who you are in a place as impersonal as the internet. However...
  • Your signature has to be limited to 650 horizontal pixels and 200 vertical pixels and cannot be more than 1 megabyte in total file size.. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Those dimensions include both images and text.
  • Quotes do not count towards horizontal pixel length but they DO count towards the vertical limitation.
It was the case that breaking the Signature Size Limit rule earned a two week ban after a warning. This is not the case anymore, now breaking the Size Limit rule will earn a 30 day ban.

Thank you for reading* and have a great time in Chit Chat

- The Moderating Team

*The rules are subject to change and
it will be reflected in the title. Suggestions
for additional rules are welcome, all you
have to do is send a private message to
any of the Chit Chat moderators.
Thank you!