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    Default Spring 2012 Visual Guide and Anime Schedule

    Currently at version 1 stage

    I don't know any of these series except for Fate - Zero season 2, because I don't follow many manga, light novels or video games. Any recommendations for Spring 2012?

    Edit* : double checked the list and looks like Saki: Season 2 is coming out in spring (the mahjong anime) can't wait for that!

    Edit**: wait a minute it might not be a sequel after all, but it definitely occurs in the Saki universe.
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    I've read some of Kuroko no basket. I might watch a few episodes of the season but will likely stop. It's hard to animate realistic basketball movements, which will be an automatic turnoff for me if done unsuccessfully. Not to mention the story is pretty ho hum

    I'm caught up with Tasogare Otome Amnesia. It's pretty interesting. I will most likely watch it.

    Eureka Seven A0 I'll likely watch.

    Fate/Zero Still haven't watched more than a couple of episodes from this season. Since there's gonna be a second season I'll probably just wait till its finished to watch it.

    Kimi to boku 2. I liked the first season. I'm not gonna lie, the first few episodes almost caused me to drop the series. Some of the characters came off really really gay.

    Zetman Been reading the manga. 2 characters in the poster don't appear until way later, so it's strange they're on there. Guess the anime will be skipping a lot of material...I like the early part of the manga more than the later.

    Nazo no Kanojo. I've read a lot of this. It's kinda funny, but not hilariously so IMO. I doubt I'll watch it. I'm surprised they're making it into an anime. I didn't think it was good enough for that.

    Can't wait for the Rurouni Kenshin OVA!

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    I should have expected that Kuroko no Basket would get animated. It's been turning into a fairly standard sports series -- it was more interesting, the more the title character's fading away ability was emphasized but not explained. Doubt I'll watch it, though the manga is one of the few series I read consistantly.

    Nazo no Kanojo X aka Mysterious Girlfriend X, I worry about -- it's pervy, but not in the usual directions. I fear it being genericized.
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    Uchuu Kyoudai - Looks interesting
    Arashi no Yoru ni - Looks kinda cute. Sparks my interest.
    Naruto SD: Rock Lee Spring Time of Youth - The manga spinoff is hilarious so I wanna see it animated(hopefully well done).
    Sengoku Collection - I'm not sure why but I want to see what it's like.
    Upotte!! - I have no clue why but the premise seems like it may be funny.
    Eureka Seven AO - I actually never liked Eureka that much, but the animation was good and I like the movie sorta.
    Hyouka - could be interesting but the art style kinda has me turned off since I keep thinking K-on...
    Shining Hearts Shiawase no Pan - No idea if it'll really be any good but I like the art.
    Sankarea - I likes teh mango so I'll watch this.
    Natsuiro no Kiseki - I'm only trying it out because it's an original work.
    Zetman - I want to see how it turns out.
    Sakamichi no Apollon - Love the manga so gonna watch this.
    Tsuritama - Again because it's an original I'll check it out.
    Mysterious Girlfriend X - I still follow the manga so I want to see how this turns out.

    Lupin the Third - How could I say no?
    Rurouni Kenshin Shin Kyoto-hen - I hope this is like the other OVA's and nothing like the TV series/movies.

    Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199
    Momo e no Tegami
    Nigi-iro Hotaru Eien no Natsu Yasumi
    Gothicmade - Hana no Utame
    Deva Zan
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    Read the Tasogare Otome x Amnesia manga if you guys haven't already, it's quite good. Unfortunately it's being animated by a shit tier studio so I'm terrified for its well-being. The art that's been released so far doesn't help much with my anxiety.

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    Haven't make a list of what to watch. Some that are adapted from manga are a sure watch, except for the Nazo no Konojo - that part about the boy tasting the girl's drool is a definite turnoff for me and my sis. As for the other...the trial of 2-3 episodes will be imposed to see if they are worth watching.

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    Arashi no Yoru ni - I thought it was gonna be interesting to see something like this but turns out it was not in my particular interest at all.
    Naruto SD: Rock Lee Spring Time of Youth - Pretty damn funny. It's exactly how I imagined the manga would be in animated form.
    Sengoku Collection - It's kinda funny. At the very least it's entertaining.
    Upotte!! - Oddly enough, you sorta do learn a lot about guns. It's kinda a hit or miss.
    Eureka Seven AO - Despite never being a huge fan of the original, I think this show may be one of the best this season.
    Hyouka - It's ok, not particular great but not bad either. Animutin is awesome though.
    Shining Hearts Shiawase no Pan - Haven't watched it yet but still plan on it.
    Sankarea - Pretty good. More or less keeps to the manga and doesn't have anything of a deal breaker so far.
    Natsuiro no Kiseki - Haven't gotten to this yet.
    Zetman - Wtf iono what to say about this story wise. They skip so much and screw up the timeline so bad. On the other hand though animation is awesome.
    Sakamichi no Apollon - Liking the show, but oddly enough I don't like it as much as I thought I would. It's still amazin though.
    Tsuritama - This show is refreshingly quirky and interesting. Really like it despite having some real problems with certain aspects of the show.
    Mysterious Girlfriend X - It's more or less a good adaption, however I don't like Urabe's VA.

    Lupin the Third - Tis pretty awesome since it's Fujiko's origin story, more or less and how she has met everyone(Lupin,Geomon, etc.) for the first time.
    Rurouni Kenshin Shin Kyoto-hen - Haven't watched it yet but I'm really hoping to soon.
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    What´s this Eureka Seven AO? Is it based on the new manga?




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