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Thread: Do you buy?

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    vphamv is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Oct 2006


    Since the last time I posted, I've gotten...

    Tokyo Godfathers
    Perfect Blue
    FLCL (whole set, though I'm debating if I should have waiting for the BD even though it was $30 total)
    Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho DVD set
    Street Fighter > All

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    Mangacur is offline Member Newbie
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    Jan 2011
    In a land far far away


    i love figures, and have 21 at present most of which are from anime, which i then get on dvd but i have around 17 box set's and over 100 standalone dvd's all anime as for manga i have less 16 so far, but i started to collect them now.

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    Lord Ickam is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    Mar 2011
    Europe's heart


    Yep, I usually buy at Amazon...
    I've got so far:

    All the Ghibli (Miyazaki) movies
    Ghost in the Shell 1-2
    Appleseed 1-2
    Cowboy Bebop
    Mars Wars
    Tokyo Godfathers
    Millenium Actress
    a few Final Fantasy
    old stuff like Galaxy Express or Cobra
    and non-anime like Pixar, Dreamworks or less known studios...

    I also buy manga, european (plenty) and US (few) comics... the list would be too long!

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    Anglerfish is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Mar 2011


    Yes, I buy, but only things I like - i.e. have sampled in a less than legitimate manner.

    Anime I have bought
    [listed in no particular order]

    • Darker than Black
    • Claymore [manga as well]
    • Slayers
    • Black Lagoon [manga as well]
    • Kimi ni todoke
    • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 1st & 2nd GIG
    • Kurau: Phantom Memory
    • Serial Experiments Lain
    • Eden of the East
    • Baccano!
    • Durarara!!
    • Mobile Suit Gundam/Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam/Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
    • RahXephon
    • Neon Genesis Evangelion/End of Evangelion
    • Shigurui
    • ... Record of Lodoss War
    • TTGL
    • FLCL
    • Ghost in the Shell
    • Code Geass
    • Texhnolyze
    • Noir

    Ordered Casshern Sins

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    98abaile is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    An Englishman in a shithole somewhere in Wales.


    I just got Ergo Proxy.

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    ApocalypticARK is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    Sep 2005


    All my crud!

    Top row: games
    2nd: artbooks
    3rd: doujins
    4th: several light novels, a few mangas, and some other things
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    Currently playing Akatsuki no Goei

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    vphamv is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Oct 2006


    Here's my old collection for games from way back in the day which did not have my Wii and PS3 games.

    I've since shifted most of the games away and moved it for Animu, artbooks, and a few figures.

    Let's see, since the last time I posted here I've gotten:

    Basilisk DVD set
    Dragon Ball Season 1 DVD set
    Digimon Season 1 DVD set
    Studio Ghibli Movie Collection:
    -Grave of the Fireflies
    -Whisper of the Heart
    -Kiki's Delivery Service
    -Porco Rosso
    -The Cat Returns
    -Howl's Moving Castle
    -Tales From Earthsea
    -Spirited Away
    -My Neighbors the Yamadas
    -Pom Poko
    Cyborg 009 DVD 1 (regret buying since it's not the whole set, was impulse buy)
    Dangaizer DVD 1&2 (another impulse buy since they were only $3...)
    5 Centimeters Per Second
    Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt DVD set
    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Limited Edition
    Kite Liberator
    Welcome to NHK DVD set
    Read or Die OVA set

    Also started buying a crap ton of artbooks and have had a small amount of America/foreign cartoons which is small enough to list.

    Avatar: The Last Airbender complete collection
    Batman Gotham Knight Special Edition
    Batman Under the Red Hood
    Batman Year One
    Justice League The New Frontier
    Spawn DVD 1
    Teen Titan complete collection
    The Illusionist Bluray/DVD combo pack
    Wonder Woman
    X-Men complete collection (90's show)

    One of these days I'll update with the full collection of stuff I've got. I'm starting to think I should sell a lot of my stuff off now...
    Street Fighter > All

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    dna2playboy is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Sep 2005


    Ya I've been a poor boy so my collection was usually of just the stuff I really wanted, otherwise it got sold. So my games was limited to ps2's devil may cry 3, kingdom hearts 1-2, and final fantasy 10
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    ReDHaZexXxHaZeL is offline Senior Member Well Known
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    Naga City, Philippines

    Unhappy Wh0a greatnexx

    W0W. I Can aff0rd dat but d pr0blem hir in 0ur plce ix d availability. .alm0xt n0 0riginal, all are pirated fr0m china,likd DVD =anime.c0xt PHP 50-100 ($2) .t0o cheap huh

    i buy 0riginal mangax &t0yx (it alx0 reach hr, mybe 0nce a year) .itx t0o rare :(. mybe 2piecex equal 2
    5 mallx

    x0 u guyx are vry lucky! m0re xupliex 0f anime in ur place .

    uxelexx m0ney if there ix n0 pr0duct.

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    dna2playboy is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Sep 2005


    Living in Qatar I see how hard it is to get anything. I tried doing instant video off amazon, but it's only available to people living within the USA. I can bypass it with hotspot, but then what's the point right? I can watch Anime on Crunchyroll but the anime that's available is EXTREMELY limited, even if you wanted to pay for it it wouldn't improve what's available. Of course you can use hotspot to bypass that yet again. But iTunes thankfully doesn't care where you are, so long as u got the dough to pay and want to use their software (iTunes). But unfortunately they DRM protect their stuff, which again you can bypass.

    So I rented a movie off iTunes for the first time. After the 24 hour period it deletes itself. The rental price is pretty high imo. Might buy an anime series for the first time ever, not including the vhs tapes of dragonball way back when. Thinking Serei no Moribito, cause my bro hasn't seen it yet, and the animation and lack of fanservice is awesome. Story isn't that great tho. Madoka might be more worthwhile (if it's available) or steins gate (if it's available).


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