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    I'm actually confuse by the paradox-thingy in Occult Academy, though I thing the ending is more to the "good ending" rather than a WTF ending. That megane girl piss me to no end -- someone/something really should put an end to her.

    When I see the ending of Asobi, the part with the armor, I was thinking..."What the heck with the almost gundam scene?" (If you watch Gundam 00: the rescue scene with Halleluja)

    And yes, HOTD is really over the top and I found the ending unsatisfactory (although I'm happy that it finally end!)

    Uraboku: I don't know what to say about this. It looks like there's going to be another season, but I hope they don't make any. I have enough of Yuki special treatment, thank you.

    Sekirei~Pure Engagement: Although they took a chunk out of the manga storyline, it doesn't stray far and I thing there's going to be a third season. Definitely.

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    K-On - Meh, didn't really care. Sorta glad it's over, though the one episode with uh...the younger one out of the group feeling left out as they were all about to graduate I thought was presented very well. The one with the episode of the original 4 playing the song for her at the end of the episode. Aside from that, much of the season was just a blur.

    HoTD - Well, the ending is not what I expected and well it would have been interesting to see what they would have ended the whole season if they went on longer since the manga isn't over. Pretty lame overall except first episode.

    Occult - I enjoyed the show, and sorta wish it didn't end so soon but I guess you can't have everything. I liked the big boobied restaurant girl until she went all psycho. =(

    Kurenai Ova - I saw the first episode, and I really hate the new art style.

    Asobi_ni_Iku_Yo! - watched about half, going to finish the rest. It's ok, nothing particularly too good but I don't hate it. Has its moments every once in a while.

    Mitsudomoe - just started this. It's ok, the animation is very good but I'm not going crazy over the show. I'll end up finishing it.

    Still waiting for the Colorful movie and someone to sub Mai Mai Miracle.
    Street Fighter > All

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    HoTD's first episode was so awesome. It's a shame the show sucked as a whole. I stopped around episode 8 hoping it was gonna get better.

    Occult was ok all the way through till episode 12 with the crazy magic bullshit. glad that it wasn't the last episode cause that would have spoiled it for me. overall not a bad show, but not one I would recommend either.

    Ookami had some good parts, but overall I just wasn't into it...

    Fullmetal Alchemist 2 Not really in this season, but it's when I finally decided to go back and watch it. Best show I've seen in years.


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