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    Default The Sky Crawlers

    Genres: action, drama, mystery
    Themes: Military

    Plot Summary:
    Kannami Yuichi is a "Kildren", a fighter pilot recently sent to Urisu Base to replace a previous one who had died in battle. Like the numerous genetically-engineered pilots before him, he does not age, only to live his life fighting and eventually dying in battle. Rostock and Lautern, 2 different companies have been engaged in a brutal war that has no beginning or end, rather the battles they create serve to "entertain" the peacetime people. Yuichi befriends the base commander, Kusanagi Suito, a woman who endures a long dark past. As their relationship grows, Yuichi learns the bittersweet moments of life, and the inescapable fate he has been placed in.
    The story unfolds in another 'possible' modern age. The main characters are youngsters called "Kildren", who are destined to live eternally in their adolescence. The Kildren are conscious that every day could be the last, because they fight a "war as entertainment" organized and operated by adults. But as they embrace the reality they are faced with, they live their day-to-day lives to the full.



    There's the basic plot. I just saw the movie a few days ago and it was pretty good. Confusing at times but it all came together later on. There's really great animation work being done, and the 3D to 2D was done very well, it's some what hard to even distinguish the two at times. I'd say it's worth a watch but not for everyone, although it did remind me of another movie that I can't put my finger on.
    Street Fighter > All

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    I'm definitely going to watch this movie.
    You should note that its creators are Mamoru Oshii, Atsushi Takeuchi and Tetsuya Nishio - guys who made the 1995' Ghost in the Shell movie, Innocence and the Jin-Roh movie.

    Also, it's kinda surprising that one of my favourite anime directors made a film with scenes that take place in my country.
    thanks, Oshii!

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    Its totally new and interesting.I like it so much and must follow it

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    I watch this anime before (can't remember when). Like it too =)

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    Default The Sky Crawlers

    Quote Originally Posted by camilaroon View Post
    Its totally new and interesting.I like it so much and must follow it
    Yeah. That's right camilaroon. This story have an action, drama and there has many mystery. A very interesting story. I love it.




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