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Basic physics dictate that it's a fake. 80kg to 60kmph in 50m require an acceleration of 2.8m/s^2 and a force of 224N to achieve that..

Now then calculating for power consumption. In a ideal frictionless world, it would take 6s to hit full speed. In terms of watts, the power required would be 1866W.. Assuming that you could find a compact dc drive to kick out that kind of power, the batteries alone would be the size of your ass to even get out the door since the best batteries in the world only contain 150-190Wh/kg.

That in terms of playtime is about 5 mins with a 1kg battery... OOH fun right?
Oh and 2KW motors need about 200V to operate. Interesting fact no?

Now if you said petrol powered, that would be possible. But then again, that's been done...
In light of that, it seems the OP is just dreaming. Either way, its still a pointless thread considering we already have a similar thread, so LOCKING.