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    Well I had been thinking about this for a day.

    Best suspension- Hydrolic Piston type, the hydrolic piston is attached to the axle of the wheels, channels built into the sidewalls of the rig is were the hydrolic fluid is stored, underneath the rig there would be an opening for a hydrolic preload damper (for specific weight classes) that can be sold seperately. The way this suspension is, if you get the preload right, you can also us it as a springboard for some sweet move skills.

    The wheel - specially designed Kevlar Rubber compound, the compound would be more Kevlar based then normal to reduced moving friction (Allowing all sorts of cool slide and burnout tricks) this also catters to less wheel wear as the kevlar is way more impact resistant and can absorb high amounts of energy. (alot of standard car tires are kevlar/rubber) the tires would be air tires, but would not be adjustable, they would come from the factory with air in them, sealed on to the hub of the wheel. The air volume of the tire wouldnt be much, and the psi wouldnt be insanely high either, prolly 15psi. This would act as a secondary suspension, letting you fall from pretty rediculous hights(when combined with the right preload damper for your suspension.)

    The Engine- right now with current tech we cant really do it, but if you wanted to try. the hub of the wheels is about an 1.5 inches thick and 3-4 inches in circumference, that would be enough for a motor and a small High discharge battery. Turbine style vents on the side of the hub provide cooling. Now, on electric cars of this day and age, when they go foward without being under power (Meaning the motor is not recieving electricity) they do something called regenerative braking, this is the bad ars part that solves the power problem. The high output burst power battery with a burst charger and regenerative braking. Now you have infinite power. 1 stroke power assist, 2 strokes recharge. The low friction wheels help with the power too. The turbine type cooling spinning at a decent rate combined with the 2 recharge strokes = low or no heat. For activation you could use the damper set at a certain spot or just use a liquid type pendulum switch to activate the power assist.

    all this makes the Air Trek (If you built it with high res components, not elcheapo homebrew) about the size of an AT in the manga, and there is no reason why it wouldnt work, if I had the money, I would build a prototype for you guys. Sadly though, Im just a lonely manga reader with an eye for engineering and design. :P

    I have the gearing setup mostly worked out (for the inside of the wheels) Dont ask though, I dont feel like explaining it rofl
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    ya know....the funny thing day someone will create something similiar to AT's. Funny how so many things were created just because of someone's creativity.

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    Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.

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    Well, then again, there can be different materials for different people. I don't Think A-T's are a "one-size-fits-all" group.

    To Those who enjoy Traction

    The way i see it is pure Kevlar rubber, i mean sure, its heavy, and what-not, but you gain the traction you wish to obtain, well after that is sorta something to be dealt with.

    To those who would sacrifice durability instead of weight for traction

    The Aerogel.
    Okay, one gains lighter weight, withstand a certain weight, and withstand the high temperatures, however, its costly and will break into pieces like glass and may cause extreme injury, but hey, it is lighter, heh...

    Cheap Prices (cause not everyone's rich)
    As we should already know, Cheap things sometimes cause cheap quality, so standard Rollarblade material would be used instead of all this. Think of it like Really bad car tires, which have bad grip, poor traction, but is really cheap.

    Those who arent afraid of getting hurt with little picks
    Fiberglass! believe it or not, this material is very durable if strong together right. Okay, problems. Though its very light weight, the durability of heat is very questionable, and there might be a weight issue, because, as like Aerogel, if it breaks a certain point, the material will break under your feet and cause insane damage. also, when Fiberglass gets worn down, its particles may cause "picks" to go into your skin. Think of them like nasty little splinters, cept 20 times smaller, and 100 times a pain in the Butt.

    For people who adore nature
    Wood.... wood.... Not even going into that

    Needlessly Heavy and questionable traction, just the way i like it
    Metal... Metal...

    Well that's all i can come with right now for the tires, lol, even though like 3 of them are jokes.

    Of course, all with have a turbine style-vent built in for cooling.

    Well there is one more, so i'll put this up as a joke

    The Regalia
    Perfect substance which perfectly balances traction, weight, and heat resistancy. The god of all materials, which will be so expensive, that it would need to be handed down to those that the owners most think is justified for such a godly item. so HAH! lol

    With All joke aside (and sorry about such a long post, no double posting) Here's my idea of creating an A-T

    RollarBlade modifications

    The Rollarblades will be modified so that the wheels will "bunch up" into pairs, like 2 single file lined on the back, two single file lined on the front. Reason for this is, this may give a little more space and possibl more control.

    My Personal choice would be a more dense Rubber version of rollarblade wheels, possible just Rubber. no need to get fancy there, lol. With a Turbine-shaped vent groove on the center that is detachable for engine adjustments/Power changes.

    Possibly the internal Wheel Motor we were going on about earlier. Running on a Lithium Battery, it seems the most practical. and less...heacy.

    Suspension/Shock Absorbers
    There's this thing called the Kizer Frame (which can be found earlier on these post) that may help with the problem of reducing the amount of shock.

    Power Control
    Pressure on the Front of foot only. Front will power the Wheels forward. Slowing down shouldn't worry about alot, mainly because of natural Air resistancy.

    ...I'm Forgetting SOmething... Oh yeah

    The Turbine Vents will have a hole in the center, so like around the Turbine-like vents, the middle will consist of a whole which will be wired to the front to trigger the pressure system. Of course, THe wires will be Strapped against the Blades.

    This All seems very costly, and some of the technology may not exist yet, like the motor needed. I know Nano-Motors but, its still questionable. However, it does seem plausible. Any More suggestions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpikedHumor
    Warning: May Include Turbo Boosters

    And yes i know its a shop of this

    I'd like to die with the songs I love stuck in my head. I hope to make the most of these hollow bones we become.
    I raise a toast to the the souls that sang all along. I've been gathering friends to just to make some sounds,
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    ok srsly i've been making just a spring loaded pair of roller blades...NOWHERE near AT but it's still getting closer....

    the wheels are on about 25 degree limiter hinges and have internal wind-up style springs and on the outside a tension spring between the two wheels while compression springs push down on the wheel from the casing....the wheels are normal scooter i'm like 15cm taller when i wear theseXD
    there's a lock in case you wanna ride like normal rollerblades.....and yeah....
    metal casing to prevent stress building up on a plastic frame and having it shatter and stab youXD
    the frame is in 3 components....the actual sole, the ankle support and the tongue guard...all made of metal....this is really costly-_-... anywho it makes me about max speed 35km/h-ish at a sprint or downhill as fast as you want as the springs work as a really good suspension....

    oh btw the nanomotors and hard drive motors will srsly nver produce enough torque at their current stage of development....if you want to move you need andways i'll leaveit to you guys nowXD

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    at the cost of size and weight, electric scooter engines may work.

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    SD, ahahahha....that looks pretty sweet to be honest. Your link doesn't work either. =(

    and imagining turbo's on those things...they would be puny as hell...ahaha, though there wouldn't be any turbo lag!

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    how about turbo wou ld give you another 3 mm per and that image is computer generated...anywho my blades are coming along nicely...i tested the spring load parts and the springs seem to hold my weight really well....although i'll need to use more durable stress holding materials coz all i used was carved metal... anywho ill be done soon!!1

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    honestly we could get away from the two wheel limit. if it goes fast i'm willing to ride on four wheels. that would probably be a lot sturdier anyway

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    Some of this might be re-hash, but bare with me...I got heated and wrote as I read my way through the posts...

    Please refer to Chapter 6, Picture/Page 007 (Air Gear v02 007.png) The one with the AT cut-away.

    I am not sure, but it seems like everyone has forgotten that the wheelmotor doesn't spin...Only the outer most part spins, but the motor on the axil doesn't move.

    Cooling: Electric device, Electric Cooling. Just use a Peltier Heat Pump. Put the cold side to the motor and the hot side to a heatsink that air is forced through.

    Power: I'm not too good at this kinda stuff, so get ready to flame me for it.

    If you put in a heat reclamation system, like what they use in electric cars, you can turn the heat into energy and recharge your battery while you go.

    Using Fly-wheels, when you stop, they keep going and turn another motor (much smaller) that generates power.

    Use one of those circutes that bumps-up the power from the battery. I mean, if you can use one with 2 double-A's to recharge/power an Ipod, why not? (Lookup Mintyboost)

    Plus, the power can come through the axil or even a spacer around the axil that has wires that plug into the side during use.

    Gearbox: Make it just like the one on the Automatic Bicycles they sell on tv. The faster the wheels go, the more the centrifugal weights are pushed out and higher the gears change.

    Suspension: Not sure, but if the wheels are hinged into place, you can have a spring or actuator between that pulls them together. When you land, the wheels pull against each other. O===O or 0///0

    Wheels: Who says that we have to use just ONE Material. Outer...Wheel Rubber. Inner, Some sorta gel or another rubber. Add a small square of metal or a magnet, and you can just have a bicycle speedometer wired in the electronics (about the size of most bluetooth ear pieces).
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