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Keep in mind you're talking about why theres such a major clash between AT groups here. Its probably shown the most through Spitfire. (There will be a couple of spoilers here if you're not up to date with the last 10 scanlated chapters.)

He obviously wants the Air Trek scene to return to how it was when he first started, where anyone could do what they wanted and the sky was literally the limit (As was shown by his mini monologue when he freed Om and Gabishi.)

Kilik on the other hand (and keeping in mind I'm only basing this off the scanlated chapters so I could be totally wrong here) feels that people should not be able to reach the sky, thus his reimagining of Sleeping Forest as a group that bars the way to the skies.

The ideals of many of the characters are very different. Ikki tends to get caught up in it a lot because he polarises the differences between Kilik's views and Spitfire's. He's out to have fun with his friends, to accomplish the best he can and enjoy himself, rules be damned. Kilik I imagine isn't big on this because it violates pretty much his entire view of Sleeping Forest being the ones to throw stones down at those who wish to rise up into the sky or however it was he put it.

Spitfire seems to be resigned to the fact that he has to use force to bring AT back to how it was when he first joined and created his team. He brought it up again a couple of chapters ago about how he intends to have this be his last tournament (Gram Scale) and then pass the Flame Road legacy on to Kazu. Thus why you are seeing more fighting.

The Parts War is a system that allows people to do many things. From winning parts to territory to fame and most of all influence with the AT world. Which is why characters like Spitfire involve themselves in fighting when its probably not something that they enjoy as much as ATing with their friends, but they have no choice if they wish to change it to one they feel is better. The fighting is a means to the end.
Ringo mentioned something like that in a monologue on the way to the Kintetsu bulls vs Agito battle. "very few ppl are in it to battle[..] a turn a jump bla bla bla" i do agree that it has been focusing on battling as of late, but you have to remember guys, this is the same author of tentenso there is gonna be some orientation towards fighting