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Thread: Your Road

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    Ja˘ urashima is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    neon road

    dive in the sky and leave neon traces at it's length like an aurora,

    the night sky road.

    regalia: neon regalia

    infinite atmosphere: ultimate aurora

    SR: J.V.

    team: fusion
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    kawaiibaka is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Default Glacier Road

    My AT's would be primarily made to make subzero temperatures, causing to freeze the water droplets in the air. and possibly shape them to shoot ice arrows and spears at people. It would cause instant freezing, and a great difference in temperatures of the ground and the AT's causing a barrier to form, allowing me to float, even a little giving the look that i am skating. At high speeds, becuase there is no friction!

    (in real life i can't skate worth squat)

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    magnaemperor is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    for me it would be the swarm road the beelsebub regailia

    basicaly riding on the wind created by swarms of insects.
    locusts probably because they swarm in the millions and their body temp would mave the air super hot and would lift things up like thermals

    -the A.T send out high fequency clicks that attract the bugs to you
    -the wheels open up and are dimpled like a golf ball so that they constantly acellerate with even the slightest wind (that is how golf balls work)
    -once you start moving fast enough whistles on the side of the A.T send out a super high signal that causes the swarm of millions to devour anything that gets close to you

    the infinity road causes bugs to graph onto you body in an armour that vibrates so quickly that it brakes up light particles that reflect off you making you invisible.

    it almost perfect i'll post pics of all my A.T this october on deviantart look for omegar112
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    ironmankanchome is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Rhythm Road

    Tempo Regailia

    I wear large head phones at all times and am always lisening to music.I change the track depending on what the situation is.If I need really fast and fierce attacks I put something past and heavy on.If I need to calm down and think I put something slow and soothing on.Also I can hear other peoples Rhythm's and it helps me to see what type of person they are.A move my character likes to do alot Attacks the opponents chest and his aims for his rib cage then saying "Do,Re,Mi,Fa,So,La,Ti,Do"I hit the opponent in diffrent ribs and at the last hit it makes a sound.


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