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Thread: Your Road

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    Death Road

    I havent totally thought of what the Regalia will do yet (this is probably very stupid and corny.What do you think?)

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    Character Name: Nero Angelo

    Team name: Reign of Chaos

    Team position:
    Flare King


    Scourched Road - Searing past the opponent while leaving a trail of scrouched earth in its wake. To engulf the world in a sea of flames. To tear the world apart one strip at a time. That is the goal of the Scourched Road. A road where one can lose themselves and come to the "awakening" of the burning crusade the Scourched Road leads them to.


    Ignius - Built as what looks like a basic A-T with the exception of one long, curved blade on the heel of the A-T, the length reaching mid-thigh. The front is narrowed to a sharp point while the wheels hold rims that resemble a glaive. The wheels reseble Agito/Akito's alternate(the ones he used when he was first introduced) wheel, with the exception that the ridges are opposite, thus enabling a large amount of friction to be produced creating "bursts" of flame, called "Flares".

    Special Moves:

    Flare Busrt 360 - By going at a blinding fast pace, the user does a full 360 degree turn while sliding across the ground. The outsome creates a "Flare Burst" from the friction and sends a burst of flame in a circle around them, while also causes the users speed to increse when the pressure is applied fully to the A-T's.

    TTT member: Kunigari

    Infinity Atomosphere:

    Infinity Flare: Scourch the Earth Barren - The user splits the legs out to a 90 degree angle and then crouches forward. As the Pressure is applied to the Regalia, the body begins to rotate while the regalia is tranfered around the circle. Speed picks up soon and the Regalia excelerates to the point where the "Flare" is constant. After a sudden stop, the Regalia shoots the user forward while they are surround by the flare at an unbelieveable speed. All that is caught in its way is set ablaze while everything left behind it is scourched and the regalia user is burned by a large amount of first degree burns and a decent number of second degree burns. A thrid degree burnn is not uncommon.


    This is my road.

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    sore wa himitsu desu!


    something like fire/fang road combined.

    I like to work hard and look...stylish, and since I use my legs a lot and have a habit of fighting a lot, mix of both would suit me ^^;

    what would that be? Demon road?

    ^ awesome description O_O
    insert random death note yaoi comment here

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    SO the Flare King has joined Stop Tazmo eh? Nice to see you again DeathGuise. Welcome.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tousen View Post
    Please don't bother. Simple rule: If it wasn't in the manga, it doesn't count.

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    Haha.... I love these types of discussions
    Fatal Road

    -Similar to the Sonia Road. Allows full motion of the body, beyond its breaking point. The difference is that the user doesn't feel anything until they've finished.
    -Allows quickening of all reactions, causing one to seem out of control, when he's just thinking faster that you.

    -Without the feel of pain, the user does not know how much strain and damage, one does to their body, causing a chance to do Fatal Damage to their own bodies (Hence, the Fatal Road)
    -Intense quickenings requires immense strain on not only the body, but the mind. Which may lead to problems if done to such lenghts.
    -Loss of Feelings, and inability to know how far is far enough.
    -Quite high (about 55%-65%) possibility that user takes more damage than its victim.

    -Uses the power of the user and amplifies its potential to 2.5 times its output, creating instant strain of the body, but allows full blast of short, or long distances.

    Without the Regalia
    -Cool Burn
    -User, for a short time, creates an inifite atmo, which allows for short bursts of Power. This allows the user to do onslaughts of tricks and abilities, but without the regalia, the user recieve massive damage by the move itself.

    When Using Regalia
    -Rush of Darkness
    -Exert all energy into on leg thrust, causing the shadow to seem like the leg of the shadow was torn apart. This allows Incredible increas of speed, but it causes massive damage to the user's leg.
    -Mark of Shame
    -Using the regalia, the user burst in full speed and does a flip massive enough to create a break in the wind and a forceful shear of gust to its victim, rendering him with cuts. This allows massive damage to the victim, but also created wounds for the user.
    -Path of the Beserk
    -Utilizing the full action of the Regalia, the user increases its output to the max and creates an infinite atmo which allows to a set amount of painless time for the user. In this time, the Regalia is on max pressure and the user has lost his/her mind by now. This allows tremendous, and lethal damage to the victim, but renders the User almost dead.

    I enjoy the Sonia Road, and would be glad to take the pain equal to that of my opponent, but it seemed to constricted and didn't give that beserk feeling i wanted and adorned. Think of it like Rock Lee's Forbidden gates, except take out the pain until his moves are done. Being in that intense zone, where your so beyond your limit, your body can no longer react, is... Fun.
    (And no, I DON'T have a Problem, LOL)
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    ...It's My Job....

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    The Cloud road

    This road gives you the ability to "float" (ie seemingly weightless)

    Gives you control of 99.9% of the atmosphere yes clouds can be that high

    The AT is built with a normal wheel at the front and a big wheel at the back which turn against each other thus to move on the ground, only the front wheel can be touching the ground(the plus side is that you can go in reverse using the big wheel, it can also be used to absorb the bigest imacts that may damage other tpes of wheels)

    Other than this it can create a mist while moving on a body of water(sea, lake, puddle)

    Because of the way you actually ride this the base turning point in your body becomes your ancles(sonia road uses hips and normally we use the knees) this gives you less balance and can dodge any attack(remember you are

    elusiveness and suddeness of clouds that is my road

    "humans are but puppets playing on a stage.........I just like to cut the stings"

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    I got: STATIC ROAD
    Rider: Ban
    Regalia: Laicram

    abilities are created by the fact that you have custom bearings and output points in ur AT taht let you exert static zaps from ur at
    This can be used defensively or offensively...Static guar surrounds your body with a metallic charge which slices anyone who comes close with electroshock between cells creating the split...

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    I have a few ideas, the first kinda being a debo off of my avatar:

    1) Vista/Mirage Road- Use extreme speed and dust trails/water particles in air to create after-images, and confuse distance perception. Good at disorienting enemies and attack evasion. Infinity Atmosphere: Expending AT batteries to supercharge the air, enhancing floating particle's light reflectivity and create increadibly long and detailed after images that follow actions. EM field powerful enough to substantiate particles, and make the afterimages feel solid, giving the appearance of numerous "real" bodies. Name of Inf. Atmosphere: Unlimited Vista

    2) Luminescient Road- Wheels lined with powdered/stripped magnesium, so heat from wheels' friction ignites trails of blinding light; appearance to observers would be of simultaneously riding and revealing a road of light. Attack could be discharging waves of ignited magnesium at enemies, with the appearance of waves of light being shot from a kick. Close proximity to the magnesium causes blindness, hearing loss. Infinity Atmosphere: Damaging oneself by releasing massive clouds of magnesium around an opponent, effectively locking them in a world of light. Name of Inf. Atmosphere: Solar Shell.

    3) Melodious Road- Requires sense of rhythm and style, effectivelly allows Stormrider to create musical pitches using wheels of AT's, and enhances rider's tricks by lending a sense of "Dance" and "Flow" to them. Very loose, fun road. The music created by the AT's can be used to affect opponents. Regalia has special grooves and indentations for direction of wind when passing through. This combined with ground contact, friction, and angle of wind flow change the pitch, tone and inflection to simulate nearly any sound, including voice. Music has quality of live experience, i.e. being in the same room as where the music was recorded. Infinity Atmosphere: Haunting melody taps into subconcious, and shuts off control of body. Essentially, user can control an opponent's body against themselves or their allies though the music. Name of Inf. Atmosphere: Eternal Rhapsody.

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    I got: STATIC ROAD
    Rider: Ban
    Regalia: Laicram

    abilities are created by the fact that you have custom bearings and output points in ur AT taht let you exert static zaps from ur at
    This can be used defensively or offensively...Static guar surrounds your body with a metallic charge which slices anyone who comes close with electroshock between cells creating the split... i got all this but then it came to me...rumble road can use illusions.....this static can create afterimages + leave damage in a still field everywhere i've infinity atmosphere...Butterfly Step!!

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    I already began writing down a fan novel on Air Gear and the main character is a teamless and unknown king/queen who goes by the alias Amaterasu. She also has a personal tuner who goes by the alias Uzume. Both of them live in a house trailer called Ise-Jingue where they keep all their AT-stuff.

    Name: Amaterasu
    Title: Illustrious Goddess

    Team: None but volunteered to be a substitute member for Kogarasumaru if and only if a member of the team was physically unable to do their duty.

    Road: Shining Heaven Road
    The Shining Heaven Road is a mysterious road that combines both speed and style. In essence it is a road that leaves the ambience of a midsummer morning sun, warmth and brightness.

    Regalia: Sun Mirror
    The regalia covers up to the knees with synthetic material known to be composed of the same material as neon lights and house mirrors. The whole foot and front side of the regalia is patched up with light-weight durable alloy. The wheels are designed specifically so that the production friction heat can be controlled at a level similar to the Fire Road. Wheel rotation also charge the small lights throughout the regalia generating even more heat as well as emitting a blinding light. Excess kinetic energy created allows boosts in speed and increases air time by being vented out in tiny exhausts at the heels.

    The disadvantage of the regalia is the heat abosorbed into the legs by the user. This can easily tire the user's legs as well as damage the regalia itself if used for long periods. Long term problems made by the regalia are rashes, dehydration, muscle spasms and first degree burns.

    Uzume is currently working on a way to implement a cooling system on the regalia.

    Special Moves:
    Solar Corona - No description yet. Just think Psycho Crusher....

    Warm and Fuzzy - Pressure is placed on the hind wheel enough to create the right amount friction heat as well as light heat. This heat is then dispersed by riding around in an area. The end effect is an outdoor sauna that swelters anyone.

    Solar Axis Rotation - The user spins around in place at high speeds to quickly generate a lot of frition heat. When ready, the user does a flagging dance with the light streaks from the feat as flags, alternating the raising of one leg with the other while doing continuous 360 spins with hops and crouches.

    Have You Seen The Light? - When enough energy is stored in the regalia's motor, rather than venting excess, all of the energy is used to generate a blinding flash of light that can induce blindness. Depending on the light's intensity, this move can cause short-term to long-term temporary blindness.

    Best Move:
    Black Hole Sun - Has no description as of yet, but I've already written the move name down in the fan novel.
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