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    It was so sad. I will never be at peace until I know that Jio banged Ruby or not.

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    <-- just finish the series and extremely mad at the BS ending.

    I feel like punching the author in the face for ruining such an epic series with the lamest ending ever. That last two chapters were probably written in a week. This is the first time the ending makes me regret reading the whole story.
    As people pointed out, the Satan vs Jio was very poorly set. Wtf is that pushing shit? Final battle they just push each other back and forth.
    Another thing I hate is how Jio just throws Zero at the floating head then Bam, that old lady is gone, the ship received new program, Jio turned into Satan. ALL THAT IN 2 PAGES! He murdered the series right there.
    Lastly, the final part is just a big chunk of shit. So many holes. I would rate this as Incomplete because of it. ...why did they have to leave? ...everyone just agree to leave like that? ...what happened to them afterward?'s the world after that? O-Parts? Sephirohs? So many questions. >.< I wanna punch him in the face.

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    I know how you feel. I felt the same way after finishing this series. Or when I finished Shin Angyo Onshi, Chrno Crusade, Shaman King and Death Note. But what can you do. In the east, an ending where the hero dies is still considered a happy ending if he at least also kills the bad guy. I have a western approach to a happy ending so I'm never quite satisfied with some of the eastern happy endings (like in shin angyo and chrno).
    And if the ending is just not there like in Shaman king or if it's just plain ridiculous like in death note, it's always a big let down too.
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    I Agrre with the other... very disaponting.

    Why Jio can't become a dark ruler of the world for a few chapters, and the other kill him to stop the madness. That ends its really weak.


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